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I Want To Be A Tennis Instructor! Riley Reid and Melissa Moore For NA VR

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Before getting to the review, let’s just drop a ton of screenshots from the 2016 Balls Deep by Naughty America VR starring Riley Reid and Melissa Moore. That’s quite a combo!

Both of these women are about as famous as porn gals get. And, I encourage you to watch this VR porn scene.

Chances are you’ll want more. If so, you can check out more Riley Reid at Porn-Star where you’ll also find a bunch of Melissa Moore porn also!

Balls Deep VR Porn Screenshots

tennis porn

Oh, gosh… this is what’s called “tennis porn stretching”

Riley gets thumped doggy

Riley gets thumped doggy

Riley Reid hits us with a patented pouty cowgirl

Riley Reid hits us with a patented pouty cowgirl

Kissing Mellisa Moore Riley Reid

Oh, gosh oh golly

Riley Reid Melissa Moore header pic

Melissa and Riley in a tennis-themed VR porn from NA

You could see that Riley and Melissa were having a genuine good time making this movie

You could see that Riley and Melissa were having a genuine good time making this movie

Some eager tennis students

Some eager tennis students

Riley and Melissa double blowjob

Yep yep… this is the moment when Buddy Hollywood is thanking God

Melissa Moore and Riley Reid as tennis players

I wanna play some tennis too, man!

Melissa Moore cowgirl

Oh, Melissa!

Some great threesome cowgirling lesbian kissing

Some great threesome cowgirling kissing

Gorgeous tennis students

Gorgeous tennis students

Some absolutely brilliant camera work in this Naughty America feature

Some absolutely brilliant camera work in this Naughty America feature

Double doggy madness

Double doggy madness

Balls Deep Naughty America promo graphic

Balls Deep promotional graphic

Riley Reid and Melissa Moore VR Porn Review

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

1. Riley Reid and Melissa Moore: Well, friends… let’s consider Riley first. She’s one of the most famous, premiere porn stars in the world…

Let’s talk a bit about Melissa…

Oh, man. She’s also a spectacular porn actress who understands how to connect to the camera.

I’ll be honest with you fellas: I’m a sucker for a beautiful face. And, damn! Does this girl ever have a perfect face.

Man, she’s the type that could so easily make a man fool out of me.

In my view, there just ain’t nothing on earth more powerful than a woman’s beautiful face.

But, here’s the thing: with Riley and Melissa it’s not just about the beauty. They are naturals at porn performing. They understand the intricacies of man libido.

2. Scaling: NA scale seems to be much discussed: and, in some cases, debated. I’ll again state my honest opinion.

And, I want to emphasize: I’m being straight with you fellas. In the past, when I experienced problems with Naughty’s scale (particularly upper frame warping), I clearly stated that.

I ain’t saying I’m speaking for the world. But for me, this is the truth. I loved the moments when Riley and Melissa’s big faces filled the viewfinder.

Now, FYI: A Naughty America representative says there’s 3 more scenes to release before their movies have a new scale, which he indicates “brings the girls down to correct scale.”

These things get complicated because there are many factors. For instance, as mentioned, the consumer’s VR equipment and facial structure are big variables.

Furthermore, scale preference is also highly subjective. For my part, I find that a slightly large image—while perhaps detracting from realism/immersion—actually heightens the experience.

At any rate, we’ll discuss the developments here when the time comes.

3. General clarity: Good.

4. 3D, sound, color, light: For me, NA almost always seems to nail the color and lighting. I mean… it just looks… right.

5. General story line: Ah, this is golden. The tennis instructor fucks his two beautiful pupils. Ha ha. Great stuff.

The first four minutes which featured Riley and Melissa stretching (clothed teasing) and playing tennis: that was surprisingly fun stuff.

I didn’t expect to feel this way, but I wouldn’t have minded if that went on for an additional four minutes. Riley and Melissa… they just made it really fun.

6. Positioning: All right, this movie gives a lot. Including what you’d expect: blowjobs, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl.

But, what positioning made this movie spectacular?

For starters, beautiful girls teasing in tennis outfits. I ask you: what’s not to like?

Then: all the various close-ups on the women’s faces. Golden! And, this was done creatively. For instance, one gal cowgirling while the other shoves her face at the camera.

There’s a section of Riley kissing the camera. Brilliant. And, an intense close-up of Riley and Melissa kissing each other. For that, see 25:17 to 25:36. That was also brilliant. And, groundbreaking in its own way…

But, I’ll tell you what: rather than lasting just 19 seconds… I hope next time the Naughty boys have such a segment run for three minutes. Or five minutes, even.

In my view, go ahead and either cut (or greatly reduce) the blowjob footage and instead put that time towards the actress kissing the camera.

Additionally, for blowjob VR, as a general rule: I think the camera needs to get much closer to the woman’s face.

There was some doggy footage. Good stuff, but as usual: I’d like for the doggy sections to have a greater immediacy.

The cowgirl footage in this movie was tight-immediate-smothering in your face horny. Well done.

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