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Layla London VR Porn Solves The Distant Doggy Dilemma

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For porn fans of Layla London, there’s a lot of her porn on the Internet. A good source that I recommend is Porn-Star. There’s a lot of Layla over there. What caught my eye was her I Know That Girl pictorial. Can we all just agree that Layla has a beautiful ass? Okay, not that we’ve got that out of the way…

Now, for fans of straight-up Layla London VR porn, getting her two Naughty America VR scenes is mandatory.

Pros And Cons Of This Layla London VR Porn Scene

Let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement.

1. Layla London: Well, friends… this is a case where I’m choosing my words carefully. Why?

Layla London holds a clock

Boss Layla haunts your dreams

Because, Layla did a spectacular job in this movie… and, I must be careful to give her accomplishment the credit it deserves.

For starters, let’s get the obvious part out of the way: Layla’s got a pretty face, huge tits and a spectacular ass.

About every fella in the world would jump at a chance to plant his pudwacker in that London garden. Here’s a ton of Layla pictures from this scene:

Oh, Layla baby! Panty teasing in VR

Oh, Layla baby! Panty teasing in VR

Layla London missionary

Hi Layla

Layla London eyeglasses

In last week’s release, Layla London also showed she has great VR instincts: understands how her performance will look to the consumer…

lean forward cowgirl VR Layla London

Here the hot boss smacks you with a lean-forward cowgirl

Layla London cowgirl


But, what’s most noteworthy is how Layla maintains a nonstop, stimulating dialogue throughout the entire thirty-nine minutes. And, her monologue didn’t get tiresome. The gal knows what she’s doing… That takes talent. I ain’t being facetious, folks. Not many porn gals successfully pull this off.

And, whether real or acted, Layla felicitously conveyed an intense—almost desperate—sexual passion and need. Well done!

She also positioned herself in a creative and previously unseen manner. We’ll get to that…

2. Scaling: The Naughty America scale generates some debate. And, a Naughty America representative has said that they’ve got about two more movies to go before we see their new scaling.

Layla London missionary push forward

Layla London missionary push forward

As I’ve repeated, for me personally, I enjoy the present scale which I find slightly big in a good way. I ain’t bullshitting you folks when I say that… I like it.

For instance, as seen in the pic below, when Layla performed her push-forward missionary, the scale on such up-close footage simply feels right. And, as I’ve mentioned, in my opinion, this push-forward method is a great way to shoot that position for VR.

I think the more valid criticism is that the vertical FOV in Naughty’s VRs is a bit too short. At times, the woman’s head can slip beyond the field of view… and, occasionally I find that there is some warping in the upper frame.

Layla bent over blowjob

Layla bent over blowjob

None of this stuff detracts enough to be a deal breaker.

Additionally, this is an inexact science because of the different VR equipment and varying facial structures.

So, your experience could differ from mine.

However, what we’ve discovered is that—even given all the variables—people seem to have surprisingly similar experiences with various studios.

Anyway, I like the big scale Layla in my viewfinder. HORNY! My criticism would be to increase the vertical FOV. I think that—for me at least—that short-changed the horny on Layla’s captivating bent-over blowjob: a great VR position, by the way!

Layla shoves ass out

Oh, Layla!!!!

3. General clarity: Very nice: as seen in this crisp Layla doggy pose:

4. 3D, sound, color, light: Also nice. I’ve noticed NA gets these things right. And, they seem to struggle less with lighting issues than other studios.

5. General story line: Well, if you’re digging on the whole fucking your horny bitch boss fantasy: here you go!

6. Positioning: Okay, I’ve previously criticized Team Naughty for some things that they’ve corrected in this movie.

Let’s start with what was horniest in this present movie. That would be Layla’s lean back doggy style.

I can’t help but wonder why we haven’t seen this before.

Layla's pretty flexible

Layla’s pretty flexible

And, if we have seen it in other movies… there sure hasn’t been much of it. I don’t want to sound too insane, but this lean-back doggy should be a staple of every movie. As should five minutes of facial close-up time, push-forward missionary, immediate feeling cowgirl and flat-footed lean-back reverse cowgirl along with stand-up bent over blowjob in pink bikini.

Amazingly, this movie did all those things (except the pink bikini part… damn it!). I didn’t time the face close-up time, but the good camera man stuck his high-tech tool in Layla’s pretty face a lot.

But, it was the lean-back doggy that makes VR porn history in this case. This solves the distant doggy dilemma. You’re part of history, Layla!

Behold: lean-back doggy.


No better way to solve the distant doggy dilemma than Layla London's innovative lean-back doggy

No better way to solve the distant doggy dilemma than Layla London’s innovative lean-back doggy

That lean-back crazy stuff really engages a man’s eyeballs, Layla!

Many have complained about a lack of positional immediacy in VR porn. That’s to say: it doesn’t feel close enough.

That wasn’t a problem here.

All the cowgirling was immediate. This movie featured excellent reverse cowgirl. It’s best, in my opinion, when the woman’s feet are flat and her back’s upright.

And, the missionary was shot correctly. They used pillows to prop Layla forward. This is how it should be done. Additionally, Layla pushed herself towards the camera. That’s how it’s done, son!

I know I’m getting repetitive, but to summarize. This is what’s good: lean-back doggy, lean forward/upright cowgirl, flat-footed lean back reverse cowgirl, push-forward missionary, standing bent over blowjob in bikini…

Keep doing it like this…

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