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Some Meta-Riffing With India Summer

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All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

1. India Summer: Well, friends… take a look at her. Concerning her appearance: enough said.

India Summer pussy shove at VR camera

India shoves her honeypot at you… this movie gave some close-up looks at Ms. Summer

Now, India’s in a small group of porn gals who actually has some dramatic skill. And, that’s evident in this release.

Additionally, India has good VR instincts.

It’s become apparent that directors can only do so much. And, when a woman VR sparkles, it’s because she intuitively understands (and imagines) how her performance will appear to the actual consumer.

It’s my impression India was clearly visualizing how her performance would be experienced as a final product. That awareness makes all the difference.

Additionally, just like Layla London last week, India maintained a stimulating dialogue with the viewer.

I’m generally not much for porn plots… if I’m being painfully honest, that’s because the plots and acting are often a bit subpar…

But, when a clever plot meets a porn actress with dramatic talent… then, bring it on because that can be a lot of fun…

India jerks cock

India gave us a horny performance with some nice camera engagment

2. Scaling: I like NA’s scale which I’ve often described as big in a good way. My criticism has been that it can skew sometimes at the upper frame. There’s a sweet spot which they often find.

3. General clarity: As always, the close-range footage is crisp and clear. And, the clarity degrades as the distance from the camera increases.

4. 3D, sound, color, light: Fine

5. General story line: We get a clever riff that has a lot to do with a Reddit VR porn subreddit. And, this also taps into the fan fantasy porn genre.

And, I mean… which of you fellas doesn’t want to… um… explore India, man! Oh, man… I like her skinny Milfiness… A LOT!

6. Positioning: All right, we get what’s expected here. And, it’s done well. The noteworthy aspects: India understood to periodically lean in to kiss the camera. Excellent. This should be a staple of these movies.

VR porn kissing with India Summer

VR kissing seems to be suddenly getting more prevalent with many VR porn studios. This is a good development

Additionally, there’s a segment where India shoves her hoo-ha at the camera and discusses how you’d like to lick and do things to it.

India understood that her movie will ultimately be in a VR headset with a consumer man. And, that allowed her to make an unusual connection that one doesn’t often see in these VR porns.

Seriously, job well done.

Given India’s skill making a VR connection, I think a missed opportunity was the lack of missionary.

In particular, what would have really sizzled is if they offered India in missionary sex while having the camera very close to her beautiful face for an extended period.

India Summer's pussy and black stockings

Hi there Ms. Summer! I’m your biggest fan!

Also of note, NA seems to be closing the doggy style distance better these days. And, I’ll be honest with you: the gal looks all sorts of fine down doggy!

However, I’d like to see a VR porn studio get the camera really, really close to the woman so the FOV ranges from the back of her head to her lower back. Then, pull back, perhaps, to a slightly greater distance.

The regular cowgirling felt close. I think for reverse cowgirl they should have had India lean back further towards the camera lenses.

And, I really enjoyed the opening segment where we see India in her green dress talking to the guys. It’s just this sort of stuff that shines in VR! Man, is she ever a looker!

There’s also a great segment where India’s wearing some intensely horny lingerie/bra/panties… whatever it’s called… it’s awesome!

I would have liked more close-up footage of India in that outift. Additionally, this plot set-up would have allowed India to stand stationary as the close-up camera truly revealed her: as if the fan was examining her.

All things considered…

Very good stuff.

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