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Jill Kassidy VR Porn

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All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

This movie offered horny sex—in multiple positions—with a beautiful young woman that was competently VR filmed.

My main criticism concerns the actual story.

As mentioned, what makes the set-up horny is that the sexual scenario shouldn’t happen.

It’s akin to the other templates where you’re fucking your best friend’s mom or your friend’s wife, etc. Society’s got this silent sort of rule that the married, old guy ain’t supposed to bang the babysitter.

Jill Kassidy knows how to fuck

Hi there Ms. Kassidy… Um, I need to hire a babysitter every night for the next year…

Just bear with me…

Well, VR porn has a bias—loudly demanded by many—that the male actor say nothing, hide his hands from view, etc. The idea is that folks celebrate virtual porn’s potential for immersiveness.

And, it’s easy to understand why many feel that way.

So, the idea is that all you want from the porn fella on camera is literally a silent, stunt cock.

This has been the majority pattern from all VR porn studios.

So, if that pattern is to hold, option one can’t happen. If the guy can’t talk, then you can’t have him verbally seducing (overcoming resistance) from the babysitter.

Jill Kassidy legs spread fucking in virtual reality

And, she likes to spread her legs

Thus, the Naughty boys put Jill in the novel and interesting role of ingenue seductress. However, since again, the male can’t talk, this didn’t give her dialogue any room to expand or any conflict to overcome.

As a result, the dramatic horny potential was reduced.

In my view, in either scenario some dialogue is needed from the fella if it’s to work.

Remember, it’s possible to have the guy dialogue in the opening and subsequently shut-up for the fucking. In other words, it’s not a mutually exclusive situation.

So, to summarize… I would have developed one of two conversation scenarios that ceased once Jill’s mouth

Jill Kassidy lean back cowgirl

And, she likes to lean back with her cowgirl

hole engulfed Preston’s beanpole.

1. Preston must verbally convince Jill that it’s okay for his dad doodle to defile her guileless, gal glory.

2. Jill must verbally convince Preston that his wife’s a no-good twat and it’s okay for his dad doodle to diddle her donut.

Either scenario requires dialogue from Preston.

And, I ain’t faulting the scriptwriter, because if the writer’s to work within the silent male guidelines: then all you can do is have the female deliver an implicitly-limiting one-way dialogue.

But, for those who favor the silent male… Is that one way dialogue actually immersive? Well, good folks can disagree on these things…

Jill Kassidy eats cum

And, she likes man sauce

Now, with all that having been said… this movie offers well-shot, well-scaled, horny 3D footage of beautiful Jill getting doggied and cowgirled and missionaried and so forth.

I want to be clear about that. This article mainly considered the story: and, when the VR porn’s getting everything else right, it’s easy to write a review that focuses on just the story.

This is horny stuff with Jill… Oh, you sexy babysitter, baby! Come take a shower over at my crib!

So, don’t get me wrong. I’m humbly suggesting how the plot may have possibly hornied-up the context a bit, but what most folks are looking for… good VR porn: that’s to be found between Jill and Preston here.

If you’re a Jill fan… or simply a fan of beautiful babysitters cowgirling in VR: then this movie’s for you.

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