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Thoughts About This Phoenix VR

Phoenix Marie: All right, so most fellas will find Phoenix visually appealing. I don’t think elaboration is needed on that one.

cowgirl vr

Hi Phoenix

What’s more interesting is Phoenix shows some acting skills in this wife role. And, she maintains an engaging dialogue that feels very natural.

Actually, Phoenix’s whole performance feels natural and flowing.

You know, there’s good reason she’s a world famous porn star. She doesn’t need my validation.


In your face, immediate: all around, off-the-chain HORNY! The Phoenix cowgirl footage alone makes this one worth the ticket price. Well done.

Only thing NA should watch for—in my opinion and experience—is that sometimes the woman’s head can slip out of the upper frame of view. But, hey: you’re probably too focused on Phoenix’s tits to notice anyway.


I find reverse cowgirl works best when the woman is very upright: or even leaning back towards the fella’s torso.

Phoenix Marie reverse cowgirl

Phoenix hits a guy in reverso mode

Phoenix Blowjobbing

As I sometimes say, blowjob VR generally bores me a bit, but Phoenix has a way of… blowjobbing!

VR Missionary

Again, NA has gotten better at closing this distance. What I’d like to see is the camera pan very close to the woman’s face during VR missionary and then zoom out a bit.

VR Kissing

A little bit sprinkled about. There could have been more.


Still feels a little distant to me.

Wife Narrative

So, in this release there’s a novel twist on the cheating wife fantasy: you see, in this instance it’s consensual. To be more specific, Phoenix’s hubby actually endorses the extra-marital, hump-and-grind session.

And, I was expecting to find this uninteresting. But, I’ve got to say: I watched the whole damn thing. I particularly found the voyeuristic, eavesdropping on Phoenix’s hubby phone chat kind of surprisingly intriguing…

Phoenix Marie missionary fuck

Oh, me oh my.. Milf Phoenix Marie spread eagled as a sort of cheating wife

Missed Opportunity

So, a lot was done right with this release. And, in my opinion, Naughty’s VRs always do a lot of things right. It’s strange to go back and watch their very early stuff: because it makes the point that they’ve been getting a lot right since the start.

With that said: more close-up time on Phoenix’s face. More close-ups on Phoenix when she was wearing lingerie in the bathroom.

Again, although it might bear some consumer risk, I do think there’s room for male dialogue in the actual prelude to the fucking.

And, I think there’s room to question the insistence on a completely silent male in virtual reality porns.

For instance, a two-way dialogue during Phoenix’s seduction of hubby’s friend could have been imaginative, horny fodder.

And, for the actual sex, the fella could have shut up.

Just throwing that out there.

Anyway, that’s enough…

If you’re a VR porn perv and a Phoenix fan, I’d say this is one you’ll want to see.

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