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Thoughts About This Brooke VR

Passionate Brooke Banner cowgirling

Passionate Brooke Banner cowgirling

So, Brooke’s a beauty… she can act… and, she’s got passion. It’s no surprise she’s a world

Naughty America VR tends to get conventional cowgirl right

Naughty America VR tends to get conventional cowgirl right

famous pornstar.

Scaling: The NA scale is back to how I, personally, love it: slightly big in a good way playing in my Gear VR.

An individual’s scale perception is affected by a lot of factors: including facial structure and VR equipment.

Scale is never a uniform experience. There’s a lot of variables, friends.

It works for me.

Excellent reverse cowgirl

Excellent reverse cowgirl

Fly on the wall, voyeuristic perspective: We get to see Brooke getting ready, putting on makeup, false eyelashes, etc.

This sort of stuff is so much fun in virtual reality. Love it.

Cowgirl: Excellent. In your face.

NA has been getting the standard, front-facing cowgirl footage correct for a while now.

Reverse Cowgirl: Very tight and immediate footage. On the level, the best reverse cowgirl I’ve seen from NA VR.

Great camera work on Brooke's missionary

Great camera work on Brooke’s missionary

When shot properly, this is an enjoyable position to watch.

The real key here, in my view, is just making it feel like the woman is very close to the viewer.

VR Missionary: It’s also surprisingly immediate. Again, on the level, this is the best missionary VR I’ve seen from NA.

All about proximity.

What really helps—as pictured below—is when the gal pushes herself forward.

Doggy: Still too distant feeling for me.

Brooke doggy

Brooke doggy


Then, Brooke closes the laptop and the excellent Brooke sexual performance begins.

Brooke Banner eats cum

Hi Brooke

But, this also, in my view, was the missed opportunity.

Dan shuts up. After a bit, Brooke tells Dan, “Encourage Preston to cum in my face, and I’ll definitely give you another chance.”

Dan encourages. Preston fires. Brooke says, “Just kidding, Dan,” and then closes the laptop.

Just throwing out a scenario that would have entertained me.

But, here’s the real bottom line. This was a horny VR.

Very well done Brooke Banner and also some praise should go to Naughty America’s camera crew because they got this one very right. The NA graphic designers also did a fine job with this movie’s graphic.

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