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Karter Foxx VR Porn

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Thoughts About This Karter VR

Karter Foxx: All right, you can see she’s pretty with a banging body. I don’t believe you fellas need me to explain that Karter has a special knack for inducing male hornyness.

Karter Foxx yoga pants ass

Who cares about acting!

And, she also has a slightly exotic quality that amplifies the horny-inducing power.

And, if there’s any gal I want to see in yoga pants and thong… changing outfits, etc. Well, Karter’s high on that list.

I mean, what do you call that when a gal’s thong is poking out of her yoga pants… whale tail or something? I don’t know man… all I know is that men like seeing such sights!

Like I said earlier, if you like a bit of clothing in porn… panty-pull and bra-on cowgirling, yoga pants… here you go. And, Karter’s body type is right for this type of stuff.

What about her acting?

Did you see her ass in yoga pants, man! When your yoga pants ass looks like that… fuck the acting!


In this flick, Karter successfully sells the daughter’s friend aspect. Listen, I don’t think the Academy Awards are going be kicking down doors and extending trophies. But, again… those yoga pants!

Karter Fox lean in cowgirl VR

Karter leans in at you during cowgirl and it feels… right

On the level, Karter’s a pretty good fit for the daughter’s horny friend who’s got herself all horny over some dandy, dad dude.

Scaling: The scaling felt better to me this outing. In particular, it seems the NA boys did some further fine-tuning because I didn’t get distortion at the upper frame.

That’s a big development.

Karter Foxx reverse cowgirls Preston

Karter Foxx reverse cowgirls Preston

And, it carries over in horny ways. It allowed for the cowgirl camera angle to be very tight while enhancing the general verisimilitude.

That’s just what the viewer wants: see pic below in which Karter really leans in at a fella and the proportions stay correct. This is EXACTLY the way it should be done.

Reverse cowgirl: is best when upright or leaning back toward the man’s torso.

Clothed close-ups: This movie featured much desired close-up footage of a clothed Karter teasing. I’d like to see this repeated in every release.

Karter Foxx thong ass

Oh, that Foxxxy ass!

VR Missionary: It’s also surprisingly immediate. This is the best missionary VR I’ve seen from NA.

I’d like to see NA film missionary with the camera very close to the woman’s face for a two minute segment. Then, I’d like to see the angle switch to a close-up on the torso region. Then, I’d like to see the camera angle pull back further.

Karter Foxx missionary position virtual reality porn picture

Spread ’em, Ms. Foxx

Doggy: I often lament the difficulties of VR doggy shooting. It generally feels too distant for me.

I’d like to see the studios experiment more and shoot doggy by actually positioning the camera close to the back of the woman’s head… and, then pull the shot back: incorporate some different angles in the same VR doggy sequence.

If done that way, a heightened realism would be created. Again, this is one of those cases where the very thing that would shine in VR would fall flat in 2D.

With all of that said, this doggy footage did feel closer.

Karter Foxx doggy style

Karter gets doggied

Theme: Dad/daughter’s friend. Middle-aged guy with a hot college coed. I mean… enough said. This context taps into a primal and natural region of the man mind.

As long as there’s porn, there will be movies featuring a dad horndogging over his daughter’s sexy gal pal. As it should be, friends!

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