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Shimmy With Cheerleader Violet Starr

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November 2017 Update: Real Teens VR is unfortunately finished. They were so high-quality-horny while they lasted! I was a fan, man!

We’re now recommending WankzVR for fellas looking to get their teen VR on.

We’ll keep the article below for historical purposes.

September 26, 2016

Hi friends, today we’ll consider Violet Starr in a recent Real Teens VR release.

Violet Starr cheerleader with pom poms

Shake those pompoms Violet baby!

What is it about a pretty gal shimmying pompoms that’s enough to make my man mind go mushy.

And, what sort of odd word is pompoms?

And, shimmying seems like an odd word, also. Speaking of shimmy

There’s some captivating, shimmy sequences: such as Violet pumping her pompoms pictured below:

That’s yet another example of something that VR sparkles that would be mostly uninteresting in 2D.

Ass thong violet star

Oh, gosh… this brings back memories

So, Violet’s VR was released a couple weeks ago, and I’m adding this review now because it’s a standout that deserves some analysis. And, the historical record, man!

If we miss a release here, it’s a rarity to go back a few weeks and cover it.


Violet Starr as a legal teen cheerleader

Violet Starr as a legal teen cheerleader

Because, there’s new stuff coming out all the time.

But, the future generations of men folk will want to know Ms. Starr! They’ll be curious about her shimmying pompoms, man! It’s all about science and history, man!

All right, I’m off to a bad start. What’s new?

As previously discussed, Real Teens VR uses a simple, winning formula.

They put a beautiful, teen gal in a no-frills scenario: no plot, no fancy set, no distractions

Violet Starr cheerleader

Smiling cheerleader Violet Starr looks innocent… but… she’ll reverse cowgirl you like a professional hooker!

Just straight to the action.

And, that’s what we get with Violet Starr. They slapped a cheerleader uniform on the callipygian cutie, put some pompoms in her palms, stepped back and let her VR instincts take over… HORNY!

And, Violet was brilliant. Why? Well, for a few reasons, but the main one: she was having genuine fun.

Violet wasn’t faking it and just going through the motions. It was obvious: she truly enjoyed teasing and grinding. This young lady is an authentic, professional porn star.

Insanely horny footage of Violet reverse cowgirl in cheerleading uniform

Insanely horny footage of Violet reverse cowgirl in cheerleading uniform

And, what’s cool about this release is you get a solo girl part and a hardcore sex part. This, too, is a winning formula.

The reverse cowgirl was rather winning also…

And, I don’t know what it is about reverse cowgirling in a cheerleader costume, but it’s one thing that universally makes mesmerized, man motors murmur in overdrive.

It seems like real-life gals are rarely this much fun. You ask one of them to put on a cheerleaders outfit, fake eyelashes, blonde wig, excessive make-up and a

Violet Star naked floor show

Violet put on one hell of a floor show

dog collar: and, the gal looks at you like you’re King of the Pervs or something!

Anyway, there was so much competently-executed positioning/camera placement in this 43 minute release, I’m afraid I’ll leave something out.

You have to be flexible with these reviews. And, sometimes the movie’s uniqueness forces you to restructure your review format. Such is the case here.

Here is a list of the excellent positioning:

Violet Starr panty pussy

Doggy across chair

1. Opening cheerleading tease: great work Violet!

You know, other gals who are about to VR should watch this movie.

Violet Starr doggy style

Violet doggies

2. Floor show: Ms. Starr rolled around into a variety of positions.

3. Doggy across chair: this camera angle got very close to Violet. Excellent.

When they shot the doggy style sex, it felt slightly distant.

4. Cowgirl: amazing in this movie. Why? The immediacy. And, the whole intensely pervy CFNM thing…

Violet Starr cowgirl

Great cowgirling in this one

The reverse cowgirl, as mentioned, also rocked.

5. Ms. Star also displayed her creativity with the rarely-seen, sideways cowgirl with a twist.

6. Bent over blowjob: great stuff. Simply see pic below. These bent-over blowjob angles seem to work particularly well in VR.

Let’s do this thing…


Title: Violet Starr | Age: 19 | 43 mins

Bent over blowjob is a particularly good VR position

Bent over blowjob is a particularly good VR position

Release Date: September 11, 2016
Stars: Violet Starr
Length: 43 minutes
Main sex positions: plenty of clothed teasing (bending over etc.), cheerleading routine, female masturbation, blowjob, bent over blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, missionary, various close-ups.
Formats: ; Android Cardboard Smartphone (60fps and 30 fps); Oculus/Vive (high and low quality versions); Samsung Gear; 2D.
Genre: Hardcore sex VR porn, solo teasing VR, cheerleader VR
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7

This Violet cheerleading VR will appeal to fellas who:

Violet Starr as cheerleader in outfit in virtual porn

Hi Violet

1. … are fans of Violet Starr and/or pretty, brunette teens
2. … are looking for a VR with a cheerleader theme and/or a fantasy involving a cheerleader doing horny stuff to them
3. … are looking for a well-shot, competent VR porn with professional production values…
4. … are looking for some clothed/cheerleader teasing
5. … are looking for immediate/close feeling cowgirl and the reverse cowgirl in this was spectacularly shot
6. … are looking for a VR porn that offers both a solo gal section (tease, masturbation) with a hardcore sex section.

Reviewing Method:

These reviews are based upon three main factors:

1. The woman: Most viewers want a VR gal whom they find pretty, passionate, authentic,

Violet Starr sideways cowgirl

Here’s an unusual sideways cowgirl… so very horny

etc. Generally, the man viewer wants it to at least appear like the gal’s into the sex.

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? Generally, the viewer wants a real-life feel.

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Close-ups are much-desired. It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions. Eye contact is also considered critically important by most.

Now, there are other factors: many of which mainly get mentioned when there’s a problem with them.

In this particular review, we want to see how well Violet projects the teen aesthetic. And, one must also evaluate her cheerleading finesse.

I mean, you know: they’ve got big contests with a bunch of gals kicking their legs around. Let’s be honest: it’s just a glorified panty show, man!

More Thoughts About This Violet Starr VR

Violet Starr masturbating

Violet Starr getting down with her bad self

Violet Starr: Okay, so Violet’s pretty obviously a gorgeous young woman. I don’t think I need to argue that point.

But, what’s noteworthy is Ms. Starr’s embodiment of the teen cheerleader role. Oh, those shimmying pompoms in my man face.

I wonder if she cheerleaded during her school days? She certainly convinced me! And, as mentioned: she was having fun with the role! A real pleasure to see her teasing, smiling, laughing and, pictured below, the insanely horny manner she executes the cowgirl yell!

Violet Starr cowgirl fucks in a cheerleader uniform

Oh, Violet.. you’re one in a billion

Honestly, there’s a special psychology behind this cheerleader porn: which also explains its popularity. Trust me, as long as there’s pornography, cheerleader porn will occupy a popular niche.

Why? Do you really want to know?

Porn themes—in some cases—gain great power when they tap into an unfulfilled sexual fantasy from adolescence. Those memories have a particular poignancy that can never be replicated.

This accounts for why the whole my friend’s mom genre enjoys such popularity…and, for that matter: the legal teen cheerleader stuff.

Violet Starr ass

Interesting angles in this VR

Your average adolescent fella ain’t fucking his friend’s sexy mom or the bodacious, cheer bimbo.

Instead, he’s in the shower pummeling his pudwacker: while imagining the mom and bimbo.

And, hey: it’s a fantasy: put the mom and bimbo side-by-side and tango down the line.

Hey, I didn’t design the universe, man!

The point: the unfulfilled horny doesn’t disappear… it just ends up getting semi-buried in adult miseries and car payments and microwave dinners…

You folks know what I’m getting at… I’m trying to say that this cheerleader stuff is HORNY! And, Violet Starr perfectly plays the role.

Violet Starr naked with legs spread

Violet in the solo section of this release

She teases and shimmies her pompoms at your man face.

Additionally, something very right about this movie is the costume change! There’s absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t see a lot more of this in these VR movies. I mean… why not?

Scaling: The scaling is mostly good. It seems the FOV has been extended vertically, but sometimes I doubt my own perception on this. I wasn’t getting much skewing on the upper frame.

During the end, during the stand-up doggy things went wonky: at least on my Gear VR. The camera placement was off: meaning, too much of Ryan was in view.

Additionally, Ryan’s body was skewed and rather spindly in appearance. Thankfully, this was just for a brief segment at the end.

Theme: You know: an aggressive, legal teen cheerleader with braces and a Goddess ass… what more do you want?

Violet Starr cum on face and tits

Oh, Violet baby!

Missed Opportunities? Well, it’s hard to complain about this one because it provided the solo gal plus hardcore.

And, they had Violet cowgirling with her cheerleading uniform on! I mean, c’mon now!

I would like to see many more costume changes in each VR release. And, I do believe that my desire is consistent with many VR porn consumers.

I’d like to see Real Teens VR release many more VRs that use this exact cheerleader template.

I bolded that, because… I mean it, man!

Keep using this cheerleader format as a template!

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