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Megan Sage VR Porn

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It might sound funny, but if there’s one thing I truly appreciate in life—and, I know I’m not alone here—it’s a beautiful, female face.

I’m a guy, honestly, who really enjoys simply looking at—and appreciating—a woman’s beautiful face.

Megan Sage's face close up

Hi Megan Click for bigger Megan

So, Megan’s a beauty. And, perhaps more importantly, on film she fucks naturally: giving the viewer the impression he’s not watching a porn performance. This is a good thing.

And, this movie permits the viewer entry into a fantasy: that he’s a porn, casting director: who beautiful, young women are all dying to please.

Oh man, I want to apply for that position!

And, in future releases, I’d mainly like to see NA get the doggy and missionary footage more immediate feeling with roving close-ups. And, of course, more VR kissing action.

Nonetheless, the technical VR aspects in this release seemed mostly correct: allowing Ms. Sage to shine like that rainbow that you can’t put into words… no matter how hard you try.

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