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Nekane Is Your Lingerie Model

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Oh, Nekane, baby!

Nekane porn star download

There’s a lot to like about a horny brunette beauty in VR..

Nekane naked

To hell with modeling lingerie… let’s get naked!

Nekane's tits

Oh, those luscious Nekane boobie boppers!

Nekane's panties

Oh, Nekane!

Nekane models lingerie in a BaDoinkVR virtual porn movie

Oh man, Nekane: will you model lingerie for me… Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nekane virtual missionary sex

I think I’m in love

Nekane missionary

Loving it

Nekane missionary position sex

Can’t get enough Nekane missionary!

Nekane masturbating

Nekane getting down with her bad self

Nekane doggy style

OMG…. to doggy Nekane!

Nekane banging doggy

Nekane banging doggy: little bit distant

Nekane lingerie

Lingerie on a beauty

Another lingerie costume change

Another lingerie costume change

Nekane trying on lingerie in BaDoinkVR scene

Nekane trying on lingerie in BaDoinkVR scene

Nekane lingerie

Liking this outfit

Nekane models lingerie

Lingerie model, Nekane

More Nekane lingerie modeling

More Nekane lingerie modeling

Nekane leans towards the camera as your personal lingerie model

Nekane leans towards the camera as your personal lingerie model

Exotic beauty, Ms. Nekane, begins the lingerie demo

Exotic beauty, Ms. Nekane, begins the lingerie demo

cum on Nekane's tits

What a beauty

Cum Nekane mouth

Open up Nekane

Nekane cowgirl

Tight, leaning-in footage of Nekane cowgirling

Nekane blowjob

Nekane mouth magic

Nekane's thong ass

Once again: Oh, Nekane!

Previously on this website, we’ve discussed the work of beautiful women like Zoe Monroe, Nikki Delano and Peyton Coast: to name a few. These gals are conventional beauties.

And, ain’t nothing wrong with that! We like conventional beauties!

Nekane, though, I’d deem an exotic beauty.

I like both, man! And, you should too! I mean, that whole saying about how life’s like a box of gummy bears or something like that…

What I mean is… that saying about variety being salty or spicy or something.


For me, there are two standout sections that make this Nekane release worth the admission price:

1. The opening section with lingerie costume changes. I’d like to see much more of this in VRs: I know I’m not alone. Long live the VR costume changes! The more costume changes the better!

2. The immediate-feeling push-forward missionary sex towards the end. This is damn good stuff! For me, it’s as good as VR gets.

Along the way, there’s some additional horny positioning and aspects. We’ll discuss that below.

We’ll also consider the conventional VR porn notion of immersion.

I’ll suggest there’s space for male dialogue: if executed in a particular way in certain scenarios.

This opinionated critique applies to all studios: it’s just that this

particular costume change section made the idea particularly poignant.

And, I also can’t help but notice that the Oculus/Vive version of this movie checks in at an unusually-whopping 9GB. As a very general rule, I like to see big file sizes.

And, finally, for those many folks who have been hankering for some well-shot Asian VR porn, behold next week’s BaDoinkVR release:
Let’s do this thing…


Studio: BaDoinkVR
Title: Customer Satisfaction
Release Date: September 29, 2016
Stars: Nekane
Length: 42 minutes
Main sex positions: Opening 11 minutes of clothed teasing (this is a good thing!), handjob, blowjob, female masturbation, cowgirl, doggy, missionary, missionary push forward, cum on tits
Formats: Mobile LQ 1.8GB; Mobile HQ 3.9GB; Vive/Oculus HQ 9GB; Samsung Gear HQ 3.7GB.
Genre: Hardcore sex VR porn, saleswoman fantasy porn, clothing teasing VR
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7

This Nekane VR will appeal to fellas who:

1. … are fans of Nekane and/or pretty-faced brunette gals with a slender body type and exotic sorta vibe
2. … are looking for VR clothed teasing, lingerie, panties, and costume changes! Oh, Hallelujah! All clothing, CFNM types, panty pervs: rejoice!
3. … are looking for some well-shot, immediate-feeling missionary VR
4. … are looking for professional quality VR porn with solid scaling and production values
5. … are looking for a porn fantasy featuring anonymous sex with the sexy sales gal

Official Movie Synopsis:

Let’s see how the BaDoinkVR boys describe this latest Nekane effort:

When you’re buying sexy lingerie for your girlfriend, it’s hard to get a good idea of how it’ll look on her.

Unless, of course, the super hot (and helpful!) store employee is willing to model it for you.

Watch Nekane’s Sweet perfect natural tits bouncing in virtual reality, as you fuck her all over the dressing room. She’s definitely earning her commission…

Oh, good golly. I want to help Nekane earn her commission. I’m going to the lingerie store so some babe will model for me. Because, you know, I need to get my girlfriend a gift. Well, first I better get a girlfriend.

Seriously, there’s a reason why the global lingerie market should surpass 82 billion dollars this year.

Because men love lingerie! That’s why. These gals aren’t going through all this trouble exclusively for themselves.

I’ll be honest: I love lingerie, stockings, horny panties, garters and all that stuff. And, I know that this taste inevitably gets reflected in these reviews.

It’s important to me that I’m not just praising some esoteric fetish. If that were so, the reviews would have limited relevance.

I’m trying to say that I like thongs and bikinis and pink, lacy bras… and, you do too, damn it! Most men like thongs and bikinis and skimpy panties.

Reviewing Method:

These reviews are based upon three main factors:

1. The woman: Most viewers want a VR gal whom they find pretty, passionate, authentic, etc. Generally, the man viewer wants it to at least appear like the gal’s into the sex.

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? Generally, the viewer wants a real-life feel.

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Close-ups are much-desired. It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions. Eye contact is also considered critically important by most.

Now, there are a lot of other factors considered. Many of those will be mentioned, in particular, when there’s a problem with them.

And, in a given review, all manner of stuff occasionally gets discussed: up to and including speculation about the wanking patterns of cavemen. In this particular review, we’re going to discuss the notion of virtual porn immersion in much greater depth than usual.

And, some aspects are unique to a particular movie: so, there is flexibility, of course.

For instance, this particular movie must be evaluated in how well the clothed teasing was executed; after all, that occupies the first 11 minutes.

However, the major considerations are the woman, scale and positioning. When those three aspects are wired, things tend to go right.

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

1. Nekane: Well, friends, appearance-wise: just look at the pics. She’s got the slender, exotic, booby bouncy body from outer space: along with the titillating accent, lingerie, panties and disarming smile…

Nekane got it going on!

And, she did a fine job with the costume changes, chatter and clothed teasing.

Mainly, she just does a great job with the costume stuff.

Love it.

I want to see more of this in VRs. The relevant question: Is there a significant portion of the VR consumer market who wants a lot more of this lingerie/clothed stuff? I’m pretty sure…

2. Scaling: It looks good. This is my general experience with BaDoinkVR.

BaDoink’s definitely got a sweet spot distance that exudes maximum hornyness: and, that would be when the gal’s approximately two feet from the camera lens.

That’s when things really shine! And, they often keep things at that two to three foot distance.

As with all studio’s VR porn work, as the distance increases both the clarity and scale break down: with scale losing realism by becoming too small.

Fortunately, the action that matters is filmed tightly.

3. General clarity: Fine.

4. 3D, sound, color, light: Mostly good. There were moments when I felt Nekane’s face could have been lit a bit better.

5. General story line: Excellent. Here’s the set-up: a guy enters a lingerie store to get his girlfriend something horny. He asks the beautiful sales gal for her advice. She models a series of lingerie and panties outfits for him. Then, it’s hump-and-bump good times.

First, this is a good template that should be reused by BaDoinkVR with different models.

In other words, in my view, the BaDoink boys could keep recycling this exact salesgal as impromptu lingerie model scenario with different pornstars.

Moving along…

This movie followed the standard, VR porn convention which has, it would seem, organically developed before our eyes.

Among other things, there are two main elements characterizing the conventional formula:

1. A silent male performer
2. Man’s hands mostly unseen.

Proponents of this formula maintain it enhances immersion.

For those unfamiliar with this idea, the premise is that the virtual reality medium allows one to lose himself in an artificial world: to feel immersed in it.

Thus, male dialogue and hands decreases the viewer’s immersive sense.

I understand this position.

It seems self-evident. It’s common sense, right?

After all, if the medium’s essential nature—and selling point—is providing a gateway to a different reality: then naturally you want that new reality to seem as believable as possible. As I said, the position makes sense.

In fact, I’ve advocated for it myself.

And, sometimes certain voices can be pretty loud.

It makes me wonder, though, if there might be a silent segment (perhaps even a majority) who feels differently.

The other possibility is that if you ain’t seen it, you just don’t know.

Just speculating… some food for thought.

And, it makes me wonder if studios have conducted any actual research and polling on this.

Along these same lines, many have wondered—and been surprised by—porn empire Brazzer’s conspicuous absence from the VR porn market.

Well, the Brazzer boys said earlier today that they have their “R&D team working on it.”

I’d like to eavesdrop on those research and development sessions. I wonder what arguments are being made. And, I’m curious about the research.
It’s my impression—I could certainly be wrong!—that hitherto the main guiding forces have been mostly the studio’s visceral sense and online, consumer input.

And, don’t get me wrong!

If that has been the method: it’s basically worked! There have been HORNY 3D movies released by all the studios. They’ve been often praised in great detail right here.

But, everything evolves…

And, what is affecting VR porn’s evolution?

Well, we can’t discount what’s perhaps most important: VR porn, like every other commodity, exists in the marketplace.

And, its still nascent state doesn’t encourage too much experimentation.

My job, though, as I see it, is to contemplate the can it be hornier sort of thing

As for me, honestly, I’m at a point where I can see both sides of this.

And, having watched VR porn since its early stages, I’m now thinking there’s definitely room for new branches to develop: more experimentation.

And, it’s appropriate to discuss this in a BaDoinkVR review, because these folks have been more open to experimentation than others.

For instance, the other day they released the two Joel and Alexa VRs: each one giving a different POV (eg. male and female).

And, a while before that: it was the BaDoink boys who released a rarely-seen, 3rd person POV:

So, these boys are pro-innovation. Without a doubt.

And, I think the VR porn producers and enthusiasts should consider whether male dialogue might enhance the horny.

For instance, what if the male actor in this feature verbally instructed Nekane: told her what to wear, how to pose, etc.

The present immersion argument—which minimizes the stunt cock’s presence—suggests, to me, a few questions worth considering:

1. Many VR porns are shot in a fancy house, legal teen’s colorful bedroom and other settings that don’t resemble mine. So, one’s already being asked to make a big mental leap. This, of course, is supposed to be the magic of VR.

You can submerge yourself in a different world. But, how successful is the illusion?

I’ll tell you, honestly: the real magic for me is when the woman’s face fills the frame. Those are the moments I find most impressive.

2. The VR porn, male performer often has a rather prominent poker, tattoos, 6 pack abs, etc.: let’s face it, immersion is already broken for the average fella with a gizmo strapped to his head.

3. And, perhaps the biggest problem: when the woman’s carrying on the one-way dialogue, is this really immersive?

In other words, as it’s presently done, the woman will say something like, “Do you like this outfit? Yes. Great. Oh, what’s that? You want me to try on the other one. Okay.”

So, in other words, the male actor remains silent, but the woman keeps conversing as if he’s actually responded.

Honestly, fellas… that one-way dialogue don’t immerse me.

It just comes off as… weird.

I remember one other studio’s release—a casting VR I think—and the one way female dialogue was just downright bizarre.

So, I think it’s worth reconsidering the male dialogue part.

And, I also think it’s worth reconsidering camera positioning. This is already running pretty long, so we’ll address that a different day.

6. Positioning: Teasing stuff with lingerie and costume changes, excellent.

Cowgirl, immediate and excellent.

Push forward missionary, immediate and excellent.

Blowjob and doggy, a little distant.

All things considered, BaDoinkVR, in my opinion, gets the positioning perspective more right than wrong.

And, as I’ve discussed, it’s all the clothed teasing stuff that makes this one sparkle.

Next time, I’d like to see even more tight, close-up shots during the clothed teasing!

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