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Mia Malkova VR Porn

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Thoughts About This Mia VR

Mia Malkova: Is it really necessary to say anything?

I mean… Mia Malkova, man.

Mia Malkova missionary

Some rowdy horny missionary that felt a bit closer than usual

Any horny, hetero guy who doesn’t wanna gibble her gal gobbers with his man goo ought to… get to the counselor’s office for some psychic adjusting, man!

All right, no need to discuss the beauty part.

Mia’s acting, honestly, was better than I was expecting. She plays the boss lady role effectively. Her dialogue was believable. She sold the fantasy…

And, I think her acting abilities have improved since last time. Or, perhaps this particular script gave Mia more space to sparkle with the boss role.

You see, Boss Mia wants worker Chad to stay with the company. She persuades him through sexual bribery. And, she plays the bribing, boss lady beauty role convincingly.

And, when your cowgirl action looks like this, who the hell cares about the acting!

What struck me most in Mia’s performance today was perhaps the close-up shots of her face. Now, we’ve already stated the obvious about how Mia has a pretty face, etc.

So, what struck me?

Mia Malkova doggy

Ms. Malkova does the doggy thing

It concerns how differently a face comes across in 3D vs. 2D. It’s one thing to state the obvious: that 3D is more realistic. Of course…

But, there’s more to it.

In 3D, the viewer can get a better sense of the individual’s humanity and human vulnerablity. Some might think I’m making too much out of things.

But, seeing the close-ups of Mia with—what appears to be—just a minor amount of make-up… I really got a fuller sense of experiencing her as a person: and not simply an objectified, sexual vessel.

Now, I have no doubt some fellas will think I’m going a bit overboard here.

But, it’s my job to honestly report how I experience these movies. And, what I’ve described above is—to me—the most intriguing aspect of this outing.

Scaling: Virtual porn scaling always generates disagreement. That’s just the way it is…

And, NA, in particular, seems to generate a bit more disagreement than other studios in this regard. Again: I’m just telling it straight.

Over the past year, I’ve said that I find their scale slightly big in a good way. Some have felt it’s too big. And, in the meantime, NA has listened to feedback, got new equipment, experimented with that equipment, gotten more feedback, fine-tuned further, etc.

huge Mia Malkova

Here’s a bigger picture of the Mia header: click to expand

And, all along the way, I’ve never found their output perfect: but, I have absolutely found it horny enough to subscribe and recommend an NA subscription to those looking for good VR porn.

My biggest criticism has been two-fold: a desire for more close-up angles (providing a greater sense of immediacy) and my observation of elongated scaling in the upper frame. None of those is a deal-breaker for me.

Interestingly, this release corrects both of those issues for me. If I had a remaining criticism, it’d be the missionary and doggy feels just a bit narrow.

Now, I notice that some have had additional criticisms of this effort’s optics.

But, again: I can only report my experience with the movie using a Gear VR, Galaxy S 7 and with—of course—my particular facial structure (which affects how VR appears to me).

So, again: people have different experiences with VR. That’s just the way it is… And, your experience can definitely differ from mine: while both of us can still be telling it straight.

For example, while some seem to feel that this wasn’t up-to-par with some of NA’s previous VRs: to me, it was actually, as mentioned, a drastic improvement in the upper frame.

I mean… when the upper frame, cowgirl head elongates (like SNG’s Whorf), I say so in these reviews, man… But, to my eyeballs, this release fixes that. And, no better time than with Ms. Malkova!

In terms of camera positioning (and perhaps post-processing work), I also saw a marked improvement.


Look, I ain’t Stevie Spielberg.

I don’t know much about cameras, VR rigs or any of that stuff. But, I can tell you that as a viewer the sexual action had a great immediacy than usual for NA: which is a frequent criticism.

Mia Malkova cowgirl

The Mia cowgirling felt right

And, I probably can’t accurately say why. But, I can try… it might have something to do with using a chair: which changes their physical angles/positioning.

Now, in my experience, NA usually gets the cowgirl right: unless they spend too much time with the gal leaning back towards the man’s feet.

And, in this one: doggy, missionary, and BJ had the man more cut-off: which means, the woman was brought lower in the frame. This was particularly evident in the missionary footage: and, I think this allows for greater immediacy.

That’s a good thing. It means the action feels more realistically on top of you.

VR doggy footage rocks hardest when the gal’s upright and leaning back towards the man (as pictured below):

Mia’s enthusiasm makes blowjob footage unusually engaging:

My whole analysis explaining the “why of it” could be flawed, but my conclusion is firm: the BJ, missionary and doggy was much hornier in this one… at least to my eyes.

Missed Opportunity

As you can tell, I consider this one a keeper.

I’d just try to widen the scale a bit. I would have added some more VR kissing.

And, in the opening, I would have—Tarantino style—flashed on the screen the words: Meet the Boss: Ms. Malkova.

Then, I’d have had the camera do a moving, up-close body scan of clothed Mia. I’d even spend a full two minutes with that section.

All things considered, very horny VR.

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