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Up today is a My First Sex Teacher VR release (Naughty America VR) starring Ms. Romi Rain. Oh, this is going to be good! First, though, let’s drop a ton of pictures here to improve your general happiness a bit.

Romi Rain stars in Naughty America's VR sex teacher series

Romi Rain stars in Naughty America’s VR sex teacher series

Romi Rain huge tits

Oh, Romi baby! I need some teaching!

Romi puts man cum in her mouth

Yep Yep

Romi eats cum


Oh, teacher lady… teach me Carnal Knowledge 101

Romi Rain leg-up horny reverse stand-up action

Romi Rain leg-up horny reverse stand-up action

Romi Rain reverse cowgirl

Romi hits a fella with her reverso

Romi Rain missionary sex Looking good Professor Rain[/caption]
Romi getting jiggy with some toys

Romi getting jiggy with some toys

Romi Rain cowgirl

Every fella’s dream looking up to see this bouncing woman

Romi Rain bites finger

Ms. Rain is your teacher… and, she’s also… sorta… um… a whore… my kind of teacher!

romi rain with dildo

Oh, Romi baby!

Romi Rain sucks cock

Oh, Professor Rain!

Romi Rain cowgirls

Oh, Romi baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh gosh... the lesson's heating up

Oh gosh… the lesson’s heating up

Romi Rain with dildo

Now the teacher’s teaching me about the art of dildo-ing her teacher lady funspot

Thoughts About This Romi Rain VR

Ms. Romi Rain: Okay, about Romi’s looks… Do I need to say anything here?

I mean… a pretty-faced, brunette gal with enormous boobie bouncers: who’s already established her professional bump-and-hump game in many previous releases…

Let’s talk about the acting.

Bottom line: Ms. Rain nails the sex teacher role. I ain’t just saying that. Her dialogue delivery rocked pretty hard, for example:

“There’s nothing that a pussy likes more than a nice hard cock.”

“I want more. Do you want more? The key is to wait until you just can’t take it anymore.”

“Fuck me like you want to fuck me.”

Ah, great stuff.

Scaling: The width felt more correct. This is a good thing. I’m also digging the Deo VR software as it allows easy tweaking.

The truth is if you’re VR porning on a Gear VR, get Deo VR.

Cowgirl: Scale was good. The lean forward/hover was hot. The lean back part not as good for me.

Reverso: The upright part was good. Again, I don’t enjoy the lean-away as much.

VR Missionary: Horny! This had more immediacy plus more width than usual. Oh man, the increased width makes such a difference.

I hope that NA wrote these settings down, man!

Reverse Stand-up: Whether you call it reverse stand-up or standing doggy, it’s horny when performed by Romi.

And, it was better in this instance because the depth didn’t feel excessive. And, once again: it felt wider and better than usual.

Romi’s also looking back at you while saying horny things. Nice touch.

Theme: So, the teacher/student dyad porn theme taps into a deep recess of the man mind.

In my opinion, its horny power comes from male memory of unfulfilled horny from adolescence.

In other words, many fellas were, at some point, hot for teacher. And, that desire went unfulfilled. Additionally, it’s rather transgressive (you ain’t supposed to shoot your ink into the teacher’s desk).

And, you add the unfulfilled sexual horny with the morally transgressive horny… and, you’ve got yourself a powder keg jam-packed with horny.

That’s what’s intriguing about this set-up. As I’ve discussed elsewhere, NA is insightful about social relationships.

Missed Opportunity: There could have been more close-up time spent on Ms. Rain’s face. Without a doubt.

Additionally, I’m still hoping NA introduces the body scan. In other words, flash the text on the screen: Introducing the teacher, Ms. Rain. Then, a slow moving (Czech VR style), close-up body scan of Romi dressed in her professional teacher outfit.

I know many viewers want this. And, this technique wouldn’t work against the existing NA brand. It would just introduce some salacious novelty.

And, as I discussed the other day, if the silent male convention holds, then there are possibilities that can’t be realized. This sort of sex teacher/student dyad has a lot of dramatic possibilities if the script allowed for two-way dialogue.

And, the last element I’d add would be a close-up-camera sequence of Romi doing a horny dance on top of her desk. Because, why not? That would be unexpected and fun…

All things considered, an exciting release that, for me, showed some scale/technical improvements.

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