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Anissa Kate And A VR Porn Scale Discussion

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Hi friends, today we’ll consider Anissa Kate in License To Fuck just released by the BaDoinkVR boys.

Let me tell you something about this movie: it inspires a discussion of VR porn scale. We’ll get to that.

Next week, I see the BaDoinkVR boys tapping into a fertile fantasy which forever lingers in the man mind: the sexually-unrestrained sorority ho!

I remember the time I saw a coed twerking her hiney from the balcony of the Pi Beta Ho Bag sorority house. Oh, long live the liberated, sorority sister!

But, back to today’s release…


Studio: BaDoink VR
Title: Licence To Fuck
Release Date: October 13, 2016
Stars: Anissa Kate
Length: 29 minutes
Main sex positions: clothed teasing/interrogation, tit play, blowjob, female masturbation, bent over close-up, bent-over blowjob, cowgirl, doggy style, missionary
Formats: ; Mobile LQ 1.3GB; Mobile HQ 2.7GB; Vive/Oculus HQ 6.1GB; Samsung HQ 3.3GB
Genre: Hardcore sex VR porn, spy fantasy porn
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7
Software used: Milk VR and Deo VR

Official Movie Synopsis:

Voluptuous babe Anissa Kate is a spy with the mission of obtaining a program you’re hiding.

She’s captured you and tied you up, but you don’t say a word. She searches all through your body, till she finds it in your underwear. The transfer to her computer, though, takes about 45 minutes; so she’s inspired by something else she felt down your pants to kill time.

Get your VR goggles on and watch her play with her gun (and yours!), rubbing it all over her body; her huge natural tits bouncing as you fuck the shit out of her.

By the time you come all over that pussy, the program will be the farthest thing from your mind…

All right, the good folks at BaDoink getting rather detailed with that synopsis, man!

This Anissa Kate VR will appeal to fellas who:

1. … are fans of Anissa Kate and/or pretty, brunettes with absolutely bodacious boobie bouncers
2. … are looking for a VR with a spy/suspense sort of theme
3. … are looking for a well-shot, competent VR porn with professional production values…
4. … are looking for scaling that feels right: big and wide in the right way…
5. … are looking for some up-close, tight footage along with horny novel positioning, such as the bent-over blowjob section…
6. … are looking for VR missionary that feels intensely real

Okay, so before us today: a spy-themed porn with a gal swinging a gun in addition to those crazy, chest knockers… such possibilities there… if you’re really willing to push it.

Now, let’s get to it. The most noteworthy aspect of this release is a dramatically-improved scale.

I don’t think I’m tripping.

Then again, one never knows: science boys say the stuff never totally leaves your system. Even after a decade, man?!


Things feel all around better: solid and more tangible. But, in particular: wider in a good, realistic way.

And, that makes such a difference: in particular, with BJ, missionary and doggy footage.

For instance, when Anissa doggies (pictured below), it just feels more proportionally–and, depth-wise—correct.

The width and depth just feels right.

As I’ll repeat, it can be difficult to describe this, but as seen in the Anissa missionary pictured below, the scale/size/width/depth of things is starting to feel so damn correct and real.


And, although I don’t always discuss this: depth is damn important.

A shortcoming of many VR movies—to my eyes—is excessive depth.

In other words, the VR recreation of the woman’s size and positioning simply feels further away than it realistically should when your brain automatically calculates your position in relation to the woman…

For instance, in my experience, VR cowgirl—for whatever reason—seems easiest to realistically recreate in VR. However, I’ve noticed that things like doggy and BJ—for whatever reason—somehow feel unrealistically distant.

But, in this release, I’m seeing a positive development. To give one example, the Anissa blowjobbing—pictured below—felt more immediate and realistically close.

And, that’s what you want: the sense that the woman’s head is the right size and distance from your own torso. I think this gets into what athletic trainers refer to as your proprioceptive sense: but, we’ll save that aspect for another time.

I hope that makes sense… this stuff can be challenging to discuss because—when it comes down to it—a lot of the viewer’s impressions are based on feelings.

Anyway, this release marks a step forward in virtual porn realism: again, at least to my eyes.

Okay, so we’re discussing a viewer’s visual perceptions of virtual reality: depth, width, scale, etc.

Now, one can easily argue—as I have many times—that scale is the most important variable in VR porn movies.

Scale perception is also thoroughly subjective and determined by factors which inevitably vary from viewer to viewer.

So, it’s little surprise that we’ve seen all the studios struggle with scale since the beginning.

What do I mean by VR porn scale?

Short answer: It means how big the woman appears in your VR porn headset.

Longer answer: VR porn’s horniest when it creates a convincing illusion that the gal is actually there with you. People often refer to this illusion as immersion. It’s about tricking your mind.

So, the illusion is most effective when the VR porn studio creates a real world scale. Anissa’s bouncers, pictured below, looked very real world and beautifully enormous in my viewer.

To complicate matters further for the studios, a consumer’s scale perception varies depending upon what VR viewer and software are being used.

And, a further complication: the individual distance between your eyes—known as IPD—also affects your sense of scale.

So, you soon realize it ain’t easy to create an optimal experience for everybody.

But, the studios have been trying. And, we’ve documented that here.

So, concerning the present Anissa VR: I feel it’s the best scale I’ve seen yet from BaDoink (or any studio for that matter). The Anissa cowgirl, for example, was off the chain horny.

And, VR cowgirl is always best when the gal leans towards the male pornstar’s face (pictured below). In my view, this is how VR cowgirl should mainly be shot.

Now, as mentioned, scale is intensely subjective, and while giving my opinion, it’s hard to say much more than: it just feels right. Meaning the size, width, depth is beginning to feel more real.

And, if you’re following me, you realize that while this is true for me, it might not be so for you.

That’s just the way it is… ain’t no way around it.

What’s helping these days is the DEO VR player now available for Gear VR: which finally provides a way to tinker with zoom, stereo separation and tilt.

These settings help eliminate the IPD (pupil distance) variable.

However, this doesn’t mean studios can now just shoot willy-nilly because the software can fix it.

No, it definitely doesn’t mean that.

To achieve a horny, final product; it’s still absolutely necessary to continue using the shooting techniques discussed here: in particular, the close-up footage.

The software settings simply allow for some fine-tuning in pursuit of a perfect experience.

Now, in this particular release: interestingly, the default DEO settings worked fine. And, it looked very similar in Milk VR. That indicates to me that the BaDoink boys really nailed the technicalities on this one.

I hope you wrote those settings down, boys!

All right, so with all that said… what, in my opinion, are the three main factors for a successful VR porn movie?

1. Realistic feel/scale: can’t overestimate the importance of this…
2. Good color and lighting: this can make or break the movie also…
3. A tremendous amount of close-up footage: this is an absolute MUST to receive a favorable review here…

You may notice that the woman and story aren’t on the list.


Baywatch bathing suit

Oh, Pammy baby!

Because I don’t care if you’ve got a 20 year old Pam Anderson in her red, Baywatch suit doing intensely, horny stuff: if she’s ain’t scaled right with close-up footage… nothing else matters.

That will be discussed further below.

Additionally, I’m tempted to say the clarity is also improved: but I’m not sure if it’s just the lighting, color, saturation and those sort of aspects.

Speaking for myself, the clarity looks damn good. The best I’ve seen from BaDoink in that respect. I hope this same method becomes the standard.

Final Thoughts About This Anissa Kate VR

Anissa’s a beauty. And, we’ve thoroughly discussed the scale improvements in this movie.

The spy theme will probably appeal to some fellas. As for me, Anissa doing horny stuff with technical clarity and realistic scale suffices.

This release is a keeper. And, as mentioned, I really do feel it displays the best VR porn scale I’ve personally seen. And, I’m hoping this is the de facto method BaDoinkVr uses going forward.

I usually complain about a lack of close-ups, but this movie actually got close to Anissa a good bit.

The only changes I’d make would be an extended close-up focus on Anissa’s face during the missionary: with the camera then pulling back to a slightly wider shot. I have been advocating for this for a while now.

And, I would have thrown in a close-up body scan section. I’ve also been suggesting this for a while.

I would like to see BaDoinkVR continue shooting using these settings and post-processing techniques, etc. I would like to see this real-feeling, push forward missionary in every scene.

I’d like to see the doggy footage feature a section where the camera gets very close to the woman’s shoulders, head and back.

All things considered, I consider this a breakthrough VR.

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