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Peta Jensen VR Porn – Sexcation

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Oh, man…today we’ll talk a bit about Peta Jensen’s new Naughty America VR scene, Sexcation. And, it features plenty of Peta in a bikini! And, I know I ain’t alone in appreciating that! Before we discuss this…though, really, is there much to discuss? It’s Peta Jensen 3D in a Goddamn bikini, man!

Okay, here’s a ton of Peta pictures from this new Naughty scene.

Peta tits

Oh, those Peta boobie bopper whoppers

Peta resting

Looks like Peta’s taking a little rest

Peta Jensen stars in Naughty America VR's, Sexcation

Peta Jensen stars in Naughty America VR’s, Sexcation

Peta missionary

Peta missionary

Peta Jensen face

Pretty-faced- Peta Jensen

Peta Jensen doggy

Oh, Peta baby

cum on Peta Jensen's pussy hair

Cum on Ms. Jensen

Peta Jensen cowgirl

Peta is quite a cowgirl

Cowgirl VR Peta Jensen

Cowgirl VR Peta Jensen

Peta Jensen blowjob picture

Oh, suck Peta…please…keep sucking!

Peta Jensen on beach in bikini

I love the beach!

Peta topless

Peta Jensen stars in virtual movie, Sexcation

Peta Jensen's tits

Hi Peta

Bikini tits Peta Jensen

bikini ass Peta Jensen

bikini ass Peta Jensen

Peta Jensen bikini ass

Oh, that Peta bikini ass!

Oh my goodness gracious... I'm on the beach when I spot an enormous tit beauty

Oh my goodness gracious… I’m on the beach when I spot an enormous tit beauty

Oh man, the big tit bikini gal's talking to me, man!

Oh man, the big tit bikini gal’s talking to me, man!

Thoughts About This Peta Jensen VR

Okay, so what are we presented with in this release?

A 40 minute virtual porn of a premiere porn star with those beatific and bountiful boobie bouncers barely bikini restrained.

Off to a good start.

Here’s what I’m thinking: if NA gets the scale, color and lighting right… while keeping the camera close… it’s hard to go wrong with Peta being bikini-horny on the beach.

The lighting during the indoor segment was fine, but unfortunately it appeared a bit overcast on the beach that day. I thought the sun was always supposed to be blazing out there, man!


For the folks who enjoy the narrative and fantasy components of porn; this is a fertile setting.


Because the modern beach is a setting of unfullfilled sexual desire: en masse.

What does that mean?

Basically, the beach—almost by design—is the setting where men ogle barely-dressed women. And, in almost all cases, that libidinous desire can never go beyond the longing stage.

Porn fantasy is most powerful, I’ve noticed, when it taps into a poignantly unrealized sexual yearning.

So, this is another way of saying: putting the VR camera on Peta while doing bikini stuff on the beach was a damn good idea!

Shit, I thought we were trying to be brief here, man!

So, how was Peta?

Peta rocked the horny dialogue. I always salute a VR gal who can maintain a stimulating chatter. Additionally, does she ever look amazing in a bikini, man! And, almost needless to say with Peta: her sexual performance was enthusiastic… and… horny!

I mean, I don’t think that point requires much explanation.

The missionary was horny and immediate: particularly when Peta pushed forward. If it were up to me, almost all VR missionary would be push-forward style. And, I also favor a moving camera recording a facial close-up for a segment of the missionary sex.

The doggy style felt a bit closer, but as you’ll see when we discuss the just-released Sara Jay VR, the Naughty boys are definitely improving with scale width (at least to my eyes).

I’m looking forward to discussing the Sara Jay VR for this reason.

During Peta’s lean-forward cowgirl segments: that’s as good as VR porn gets. When she leans back, a bit of immediacy is sacrificed: though, you do get a fuller perspective of her gal glory.

In my opinion, it’s good for cowgirl to be shot both ways: but, I favor the emphasis put on the lean-forward style.

So, how were the technical aspects?

Okay, NA’s VR movies have beautiful clarity when the camera is close to the woman. As the distance increases, the clarity breaks down.

Fortunately, the movies provide close-up footage. And, that type of footage here worked well. When Peta was far from the camera, ocean dancing, the present limitations of VR become evident.

The sound was competent. I mention that because the sound of the ocean… man, you can zone out to that wave sound and forget the world. And, isn’t that kind of the goal of all this stuff?

I was thinking there could be a virtual movie of the ocean that could get a fella pretty tranquil.

The scaling here was good, but as mentioned, in the next release—with Sara Jay—we get a ground-breaking scale shift.

Missed Opportunity: This release gave us some close-ups of Peta and her parts. And, a good job was done with that.

If you read this site, you know the refrain is almost always a request for more close-ups.

Additionally, the beach bikini segment would have been ideal for a slowly-moving, VR bikiniscape: where a camera close-up scans Peta’s bikini glory.

As mentioned, personally I’d like there to be a close-up shot on the woman’s face for part of the missionary position section.

I also believe there’s room to switch between 1st and 3rd person POV a bit in a single release: with the majority being 1st person. I’m wondering when we’ll see a studio do that.

All things considered, there’s a lot to like in this release. I mean, this ain’t complicated: they got a bikini-clad Peta Jensen doing sexy stuff in front of high-quality equipment. What’s not to like?

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