Sara Jay VR

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Sara Jay missionary

What a beauty

The missionary felt realistic:

The reverse stuff, as discussed, rocked:

Sara Jay horny

So horny…

Missed Opportunity? Well, so far this is the technically best VR I’ve seen from NA. So, props. As discussed in other articles here, I’d like to see a hybrid that mixes a little 3rd person POV into a movie that’s majority 1st person.

In particular, it’d be exciting to see a 3rd person POV close-up of the woman’s face during the doggy/from behind sequences: with

Sara Jay reverse standup


the camera then switching to 1st person POV in the very same sequence. We’ve recently seen something sort of like this in a Czech VR release: and, it works!

And, I wouldn’t mind seeing another attempt that incorporates some male dialogue during the pre-sexual dramatic set-up.

That’s about it, man.

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