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We Now Recommend 18VR For Legal Teen 3D Horny Stuff

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Last updated: October 1, 2018

Ladybug cowgirls for 18VR

I’m a fan of Ladybug.
But, hey: what the hell’s not to like man!
Ms. Ladybug flew right into my man heart and… she’s staying there, man!

Update: For a bunch of free 18VR.com videos to watch on your monitor or stream, see this page: 18VR Free Previews To Download.

November 24, 2017 tldr Summary: Real Teens VR is paused as of October 2016. And, a year later: it’s still paused.

Lola Bambola naked

Oh, Lola Bambola I’m so happy-dola that you’re a 18VR.com gal!

But, with that said, if you’re hankering to get your TEEN VR PORN on…I can in good conscience enthusiastically recommend 18 VR.


Because it’s horny.

Can you expand on that?

Sure, it’s produced by the BaDoinkVR crew (BaDoinkVR overview page), so you get that same level of quality concerning 3D, clarity, color, etc.

Additionally, they’re filming some youthful hotties, man.

Like who? Well, below’s a quick screengrab off the 18VR website:

18VR.com catalog

Here’s a portion of the 18VR.com catalog

Well, so far here’s just a few of the gals they’ve done:

  • Gorgeous Katy Rose who gets all men folk ooooooh soooooo horrrrrny
  • Morgan Rodriguez
  • Belle Claire
  • The gorgeous and vulnerable-seeming beauty-horny Lola Bambola
  • Anny Aurora
  • The VR porn prolific Ms. Vanessa Decker
  • Hottie-whore Alexis Crystal
  • Katrin Tequila
  • Gorgeous gal Nathaly Cherie, whom I’ve previously seen go full 3D horny with the CzechVR gang (pictured below in her CVR horny release)
  • Lola Bambola: oh, sooooooo horny for Lola!
  • Lady Bug
  • Natalie Cherie dildo doggy style

    Oh, that Natalie Cherie there’s a lot to like about you!

  • Cassie Fire
  • Gorgeous Kattie Hill
  • Naomi Bennet
  • Jenny Manson
  • Cayla Lyons
  • Amanda Esteca
  • Vany Ully

You know…what the hell is it about this cosplay stuff? I like it…

So, if those particular gals and the teen niche appeal to your VR sense of horny, the technical quality won’t disappoint.

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