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September 2016 Real Teens

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November 2017 Update: Real Teens is finished. That’s a real fucking bummer because some of those RTVR scenes are fucking great and horny 3D.

Violet Starr cowgirl fucks in a cheerleader uniform

Violet Starr, pictured above, in a September 2016 RealTeensVR feature

We’re now recommending 18VR for fellas looking to get their teen VR on. Additionally, I recommend you take a look over at VRporncom they got a ton of legal teen VR porn.

BUT, if you want the actual Real Teens VR scenes…and, I truly feel that a few of these scenes are completely wack-worthy… yes, even in 2022 I still think a few of these old scenes are totally fucking horny-wackable: in particular the Violet Starr scene (pictured above) and the Liza Rowe Goddess ass scene… well, you should still be able to get these Real Teens VR scenes with a Naughty America sub.

Just pull those damn sexy Victoria Secret horny pants down already!

Liza Rowe shows off her Goddess ass in a 2016 Real Teens VR release

We’ll keep the article below for historical purposes.

Also, by all means, also see findvrporn’s full-fledged Real Teens VR review.

Hi everybody, with September just about wrapping-up, let’s review what RealTeensVR has done this month.

Yesterday, we looked at the wonderfully pervy Violet Starr cheerleading effort

Well, RealTeensVR released other 3D videos this month which also deserve discussion.

I think my favorite thing about a typical RealTeensVR release is it usually combines an opening solo gal segment followed by the hardcore portion.

So, today we’ll peek at the Peyton Coast, Iris Rose and Shane Blair VRs.

What do they all have in common?

Well, for starters, these gals know how to shove their best assets at a fella. Iris Rose demonstrates this in the pic below:

Iris Rose thong up ass

Iris Rose VR ass shove

Not to be outdone, Ms. Shane Blair joins the fun:

Shane Blair shoves ass and pussy out

Hi Shane

And, Ms. Coast also knows she got it going on:

Peyton Coast ass

Peyton Coast junk in the trunk

Let’s state the obvious: these women are gorgeous.

The truth is…if the RealTeens VR squad points a camera at a gal: that means she’s a stunning, grade A specimen of youthful, gal goodness. I mean: just look at the pics.

Let’s do this thing…

Peyton Coast face close-up

Peyton Coast gets that beautiful face close to the camera. Just what so many viewers want


Titles: Peyton Coast | Age: 19 | 36 mins
Iris Rose | Age: 19 | 35 mins
Shane Blair | Age: 19 | 33 mins
Release Date: September 2016
Stars: Peyton Coast, Iris Rose, Shane Blair
Length: 33-36 minutes
Main sex positions: plenty of clothed teasing (bending over etc.), handjobs, female masturbation, panty pulls, blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, missionary, various close-ups.
Formats: Android Cardboard Smartphone (60fps and 30 fps); Oculus/Vive (high and low quality versions); Samsung Gear.
Genre: Solo girl VR, Hardcore sex VR porn
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7

Shane Blair teases in a RealTeensVR feature film

Shane Blair teases in a RealTeensVR feature film

These legal teen VR movies will appeal to fellas who:

1. … are fans of Peyton Coast, Iris Rose, Shane Blair and/or sexy young women
2. … are looking for a VR with a no-nonsense approach to porn. No elaborate plot, no narrative, no set-up, etc.
3. … are looking for a well-shot, competent VR porn with professional production values…
4. … are looking for some clothed teasing
5. … are looking for some awesome, immediate cowgirl footage that feels right concerning position and scale
6. … are looking for some legal teen, virtual porn
7. … are looking for a VR that combines a solo gal and hardcore segment

Peyton Coast fondling cock

Passionate Peyton

Official Movie Synopsis:

Let’s see how the RealTeensVR boys describe these latest efforts:

100% REAL 18 and 19 Year-Old Teens Only!

Well, that’s pretty succinct, fellas! This is the Real Teens VR way: their ethos eschews the superfluous, man! That’s a fancy way of saying these movies are pure teasing and sex action.

Moving along…

Shane Blair ass

Shane Blair’s looking good

Reviewing Method:

These reviews are based upon three main factors:

1. The woman: Most viewers want a VR gal whom they find pretty, passionate, authentic, etc. Generally, the man viewer wants it to at least appear like the gal’s into the sex.

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? Generally, the viewer wants a real-life feel.

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Close-ups are much-desired. It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions. Eye contact is also considered critically important by most.

Now, there are other factors: many of which mainly get mentioned when there’s a problem with them.

In this particular review, we need to consider the teen aspect in various ways. After all, RTVR’s entire selling point is their focus on the teen niche.

Now, it’s much easier to sell the teen angle when you follow NA’s approach and use actual teens. These ain’t 30 year old gals in pigtails and checkered skirts. They really are 18 or 19 years old.

Peyton Coast reverse cowgirl

Reverse cowgirling teen style

More Thoughts About These Teen VRs

Okay, it’s good to consider several releases from a studio in one review. It allows you to find patterns.

What patterns does one find with RealTeensVR releases?

Well, for starters: these movies all feature a beautiful, legal teen gal being filmed with high-quality VR equipment overseen by the well-established, professional porn studio, Naughty America (with RealTeens VR being a sub-brand, to avoid diluting NA’s existing, brand aesthetic).

Pretty Peyton knows how to work the camera

Pretty Peyton knows how to work the camera

So, off the top: I’m expecting some high-quality work.

And, that’s what you get: the production values, scaling, sound, lighting and general quality is good.

Full-sized promo graphic for Julia Ann in the July 2016 new Your Friend's Hot Mom VR porn release

Example of a common, transgressive theme in Naughty America porn. You’re not really supposed to be fucking your friend’s mom…

To my eyes, I do think there’s room for improvement with the color. And, there are moments when things feel just slightly narrow.

So, I ain’t saying things are perfect. But, all things considered, the quality is good.

All Action: As discussed, in stark contrast to Naughty America’s other work, these movies mostly skip the plot, set-up, narrative, etc.

I’ve noticed that Naughty America’s releases quite often use plot to heighten the taboo of a sexual transgression (eg. adultery, doinking your best friend’s mom or his girlfriend, etc.)

In one way, the plot set-up isn’t needed in RTVR movies because, for many slightly older porn consumers, the very sexual act with a legal teenager is implicitly transgressive.

In other words, if you have a 35 year old accountant who’s porn-fantasizing about dipping his pen into the inkwell of an 18 year old, recent high school grad: well, for such a guy; transgression already profusely emanates simply from the youthful appearance of Iris, Shane or Peyton in relation to his middle-age status.

Plot ain’t needed much for set-up or intensification.

Coupled with this, the implicit innocent vibe of these young women in contrast with their hyper-aggressive, sexual behavior only magnifies the transgressive level.

Peyton Coast pussy

Hi there

And, the level is yet raised further by a set that’s almost a cliche template of a girl’s bedroom… or, in other cases, a replica of a dorm room’s sparse aesthetic.

Additionally, do some of these gals actually have braces? Talk about realism, man!

Opening Solo Tease Section: Here’s something these TeenVR releases do correctly. They feature an opening segment where the VR viewer gets some one-on-one time with the teasing teen gal: before a stud appears with his prodding poker.

Iris Rose clothed teasing

Iris Rose with some nice clothed teasing… Iris is also pretty adept at the ole dirty talk

And, RealTeensVR seems partial to clothed teasing/CFNM stuff… and, what red-blooded fella doesn’t get a bit stupid when a beautiful gal in skin-tight yoga pants shoves her gal glory his direction!

Oh, I love Shane and her yellow Spandex!

Oh, I love Shane and her yellow Spandex!

Personally, I enjoy the clothed teasing. And, these releases give you plenty of it. For example, with Iris you get about 10 minutes…

Blair provides about 8 minutes of an intense, yellow-spandex-pervy-overload…

Shane Blair hits a fella with some clothed teasing

Shane Blair hits a fella with some clothed teasing

And, with Peyton you get about four minutes: including some lingerie action.

Peyton Coast in jumper

Peyton Coast: she’s a cutie all right

Peyton then performs a chair routine for a bit and before you can say, “Woops, next time I’ll last longer,” she’s thrusting her doggy your direction.

In my opinion, all this teasing is brilliant.

Cowgirl: As sure as God made little hamburgers, the teens are going to cowgirl.

Peyton Coast cowgirl

Peyton Coast screaming cowgirl

And, RealTeensVR/Naughty America has become skilled at filming the cowgirl position in a tight, immediate manner.

Iris beautiful cowgirl with blonde hair draping at the VR viewer

Iris beautiful cowgirl with blonde hair draping at the VR viewer

On the level, watching tight footage of Iris, Peyton and Shane VR cowgirl is alone worth the admission price.

Shane spandex cowgirl

Shane spandex cowgirl

Close-ups: Additionally, another thing done very right is the facial, close-up camera work.

And, a bit of VR kissing was sprinkled about: demonstrated by Peyton in the picture below.

Peyton Coast VR kissing

Beautiful blonde coming in to kiss a fella in VR

A frequent refrain in these VR porn reviews is that—although the close-ups offered are fantastic—there should be even more of this tight, camera work.

In my opinion, this is the most enjoyable aspect of these movies.

Iris Rose shoves her pretty face very close to the camera. This is exactly what so many VR porn enthusiasts have been demanding

Iris Rose shoves her pretty face very close to the camera. This is exactly what so many VR porn enthusiasts have been demanding

And, I’d like to see these releases spend even more time in segments where the woman’s face fills the screen. This is another example of the implicit differences between 2D and 3D porn.

Missionary: I want the RealTeensVR squad to close the distance with missionary even a bit further.

Peyton spread eagle

Peyton spread eagle

And, I believe many VR porn consumers would like it if a more roving camera was employed during missionary footage: that spent some time on facial close-ups, etc.

Iris Rose missionary VR

Iris Rose: boots up, baby!

Doggy: There will be doggy. And, how couldn’t there be? After all, it’s been bringing joy to humans since like forever, man.

Shane Blair doggy style fuck

Shane Blair doggy action

The doggy footage was enjoyable, but, as mentioned, I’m always wishing it felt just a bit closer… and, to my eyeballs, it needs to be a bit wider.

Peyton Coast doggy style

Peyton doggies

Hopes For Feature Releases: Well, friends, if you made it this far in what has turned out to be a somewhat lengthy article, you’ve read a number of favorable things about these three Real Teens VR releases.

Of course, there’s always room for improvement. And, Naughty America is a company forever fine-tuning.

So, what would I like to see?

All right, let me just repeat and summarize here…

1. Closer, more immediate camera angles on the doggy style and missionary footage. I’d love to see them put the camera very close to the woman’s face for part of the missionary portion. Then, it would be awesome if the camera pulled back a bit.

Likewise, I’ve seen all the studios struggle in getting the doggy segment optimal. I’ve said elsewhere that I’d like to see an experiment where the camera is put close to the back of the woman’s head for a portion of the doggy segment.

And, these releases feature plenty of clothed teasing. That’s a good thing! I would like to see the camera really zoom in for close-up action (even scanning) during the clothed teasing sections.

I am certain that the horny level of the clothed teasing segment can be raised.

These releases also offer face close-ups. This is also good and much desired by many. However, there could be even more.

2. Scaling: Naughty America has done a lot over the year to improve their sense of scale. And, believe me: VR scaling is very complicated. I’ve discussed that at great length elsewhere.

Using my viewer—and, with my particular IPD—the scale’s looking good. However, in these releases it felt just a bit narrow.

3. Costume changes: This desire is a rather subjective critique. I’d like to see them use many more costume changes in each release.

So, I believe this article should give you a good idea of Real Teen VR’s work.

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