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Keisha Grey VR Porn Review

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Thoughts About This Keisha Grey VR

Keisha Grey: Well, Keisha’s a pro. And, I’ve seen a lot of forum folks demanding Keisha VR.

Keisha Grey reverse cowgirl

Keisha Grey has a nice ass…no doubt about it

I see her appeal. For starters, look left and see that reverse cowgirl bubble butt style!

Works for me!

Additionally, she has a sexy and natural sort of girl next door quality.

And, she brings the passion. And, she just sort of seems like the type of sexpot who’d be friends with your sister.

And, who’d be over at your house, shaking her ass around, getting a fella all sorts of horny before he dashes to the shower for some afternoon wank relief.

Showering in the afternoon?

Uh, yea… um, was feeling kind of grimy. I… um… mowed the lawn last week.

Keisha Grey doggy style

Oh, you doggy beauty

Sister’s Friend theme: As suggested earlier, this taps into primal man memory in many men who remember desperately wanting to mambo-jambo with their sister’s amiga; although, rather ending-up making imaginative whoopie on their man pillows.

Scaling: Good enough… realistic enough to be horny, but—to these eyeballs—just slightly narrow at points and the BJ/doggy felt a bit distant.

At this stage, it’s pretty much guaranteed that cowgirl segment will have immediacy, proper scaling and the desired closeness.

Keisha Grey happy cowgirl

Here’s a happy cowgirl

Just being straight with you.

NA, for me, can feel distant on doggy, missionary and blowjob sometimes, but they almost always nail the cowgirling.

And, NA has perfected things where there’s no scale warping at the upper frame. Occasionally the woman’s head will slip out of the FOV, but this isn’t a deal breaker…

Keisha cowgirls

Keisha cowgirls

I find the cowgirl is horniest when the woman is either upright or leaning forward. Others may feel differently on this point.

The star position, for me, was the missionary: with Ms. Grey holding her heels. That’ll get you saying, “Oh, Keisha baby!”

Keisha Grey heel grab missionary sex

Love the heel grab missionary in VR

And, that was the segment I found myself rewatching. It was necessary to watch it repeatedly so I could write this review, man!

It’s all about the readers. I didn’t watch that missionary segment in a repeating loop for any other reason, man!

Keisha is quite a panty model

Keisha is quite a panty model! Loved all the panty changing craziness

Keisha as panty model

I believe I’ve been requesting this for a while. And, the opening with Keisha trying on bra-and-panty-combos is a goldmine dropping from heaven and crash-colliding right on your perv head!

VR at it’s best!

But, it’s also another example of what I mentioned earlier. I must remember not everyone’s a panty perv. But, that’s kind of like being a guy who won’t fight for his country, damn it!

Other possibilities: Well, personally: I’d have featured more close-up shots on the opening panty modeling section. I’d have even lengthened that section.

Additionally, I think there’s room to consider pre-sex, male dialogue. And, as I’ve previously mentioned, I also feel there’s room to experiment with moving cameras.

And, finally: to my eyeballs, the scale here works. But, personally: I’m partial to the scale I saw in the Sara Jay effort…

Keisha Grey covered in cum

Oh, Keisha baby!

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