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Katie Morgan Knows How To VR

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Hi friends, today we’ll consider Katie Morgan in Afternoon Delight: just released by the BaDoink VR boys. Here’s a bunch of pictures from this latest scene.

Katie Morgan wants cum

Katie wants cum. Katie desperately needs cum in order to function. That’s the sense she gives the viewer in this movie.

Katie Morgan fucks in her thong

Oh, me oh my

Katie Morgan wide leg reverse cowgirl

Here’s another example of her unique Katie style in this very wide-legged reverse cowgirl

Tight camera perspectives on Katie's cowgirling

Tight camera perspectives on Katie’s cowgirling

Katie Morgan VR masturbation

This movie provided considerable close-up masturbation footage

Katie Morgan styled doggy style

Katie Morgan styled doggy style

Katie Morgan blowjob

Ms. Morgan mouth majesty

Katie Morgan legs up fucked

Katie Morgan shoves her ass out for the BaDoink cameras

Katie straight leg fucking

Oh, Katie: I love what you do with your legs during missionary thumping

Katie Morgan cowgirl

Cowgirl me baby

Katie Morgan cowgirl

Katie Morgan’s glamour cowgirl for BaDoinkVR

horny Katie Morgan

The devilish blonde needs man

Katie Morgan legs spread in panties

Oh, Katie baby! Love you Katie!

Katie Morgan jerks a cock

Katie Morgan master cock jerker demo

Katie Morgan black dress

Katie Morgan is beautiful… plain and simple

In this movie, the viewer gets the sense that Ms. Morgan authentically loves cock

In this movie, the viewer gets the sense that Ms. Morgan authentically loves cock

Katie Morgan grabs cock

The business lady’s grabbing my man meat now!

Katie Morgan coquette picture

Ms. Morgan does the coquette as well as anyone

Katie Morgan horny in business attire

Oh, let’s roleplay Katie baby! You pretend to be my horny secretary and I’m a billionaire business asshole… okay?


Studio: BaDoink VR
Title: Afternoon Delight
Release Date: December 1, 2016
Stars: Katie Morgan
Length: 29 minutes
Main sex positions: clothed teasing/stripping, blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, missionary
Formats: ; Android Cardboard Smartphone (HQ 2.7 GB and LQ 1.3 GB); Oculus/Vive HQ (6.1 GB); Samsung Gear VR HQ (3.6 GB); Playstation VR HQ (2.7 GB).
Genre: Hardcore sex VR porn
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7
Software used: Deo VR and Milk VR

Thoughts About This Katie Morgan VR

Katie Morgan: It’s very clear that Ms. Morgan is a blonde beauty. But, if we’re being totally honest: there are a lot of blonde beauties in the porn world.

She’s got the whole coquettish horny hypnotic eyes inspiring instant man boner thing down as well. But, a bunch of gals have got the whole coquettish horny hypnotic eyes inspiring instant man boner thing down.

What sets Katie apart?

As mentioned earlier, she brings her unique Katie style to everything. And, she has her panties pulled aside while doing all sorts of horny stuff, man!

For a VR performance to be spectacular, the woman must intuitively understand the difference between 2D and 3D. The 3D virtual performance requires a higher level of direct engagement with the camera.

It’s really that simple. VR contains the inherent potential for a deeper, more connected experience with the woman. So, naturally: that’s exactly what the VR porn consumer wants…

And, it seems obvious. The VR porn consumer wants a real life experience simulated. It really is pretty simple.

I mean…why wouldn’t this be the case? It seems so damn obvious. I mean… it’s called virtual reality!

Yet, if I’m being honest, not all of the gals get it.

Well, Katie understands this to the exponential power of horny.

And, that’s what makes this spectacular. I mean, I could list specific things like her ongoing, direct dialogue and eye contact. Sure.

But, there’s also a je ne sais quoi element to Katie as well. That’s a fancy, French way of saying there’s an intangible aspect about how Katie projects her sexual being… and, it’s hard to verbalize. And, you’re left simply saying: Katie Morgan knows how to fuck in a 3D porn movie.

And, you can try to name specific things to support that opinion: her passion; monologue; camera engagement; incessant projection of a desperate and insatiable libido; reluctance to remove her panties…

But, that’s still not really capturing the specialness of her performance: because it’s a horny totality beyond the sum of its parts.

As mentioned, you’re just sort of left saying: this gal knows how to fuck. And, while that may not be an elaborately satisfying way to express the idea: there’s no more straight-forward and honest way to say it.

Ms. Morgan knows how to passionately hump, pump, moan and chatter for a 3D camera: connecting with the viewer like a juicy jumper cable jimmied to his johnson.

This movie would make a suitable reference for a woman who’s about to shoot a VR porn movie.

Technical competence: All of this, of course, is for nothing if the VR technical competence is subpar. Fortunately, the BaDoink boys have got the scaling, clarity, lighting, color and (crucially important) camera positioning on point.

As I’ve reported on many other occasions: the BaDoinkVR scale works for me. There are tight, convincing facial close-ups. My only complaint is things can sometimes seem a tad narrow: but, all things considered… beautiful scale.

Getting close to Katie: Because, if we’re being honest, what the consumer wants is to be close to Katie. Really close! And, the BaDoink boys got close to her face, boobie boppers and hoo ha. What more do you want?

I was happy to see that they pulled her lower in the frame during the doggy and missionary. This is a good thing that creates a more realistic experience.

What do I want to see?

I want to see BaDoinkVR—for brief intervals—go roving camera (Czech VR style) during the woman’s missionary and doggy footage. To be more specific: I want the camera to rove to close-ups starting on the woman’s face and then roving during those positions. I’ll emphasize: for brief intervals.

There were some smothering cowgirl moments (pictured below) that so effectively simulated a sexual experience:

As seen in the picture above, the camera was tight on Ms. Morgan. And, 2D doesn’t accurately convey the 3D experience, but you can get the sense that this positioning has an intense realism.

There was then some repositioned cowgirl, that still stayed desirably close.

With the blowjob footage, I’d like for the BaDoink boys to instead try repositioning the camera to a non POV and extremely close positioning.

The missionary footage was good. Katie gets so creative with her leg configurations!

Oh, man: how does a fella last more than three seconds with this gal?

In conclusion: THIS MOVIE WAS HORNY!

And, honestly… I shouldn’t be surprised that pointing a high-quality rig close-up on Katie Morgan’s gorgeous gal stuff is just incredibly HORNY!

This movie is in the running for best VR porn movie of 2016.

Yea, I liked this one, man! I ain’t gonna lie. I like Katie! A LOT!

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