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A Free Wank For The Ladies

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Hi friends, although we rarely discuss this in polite society, it’s probably safe to say that if you see a human with hands: you’re seeing a human who wanks.

Hey, man…the facts of life aren’t all daisies, rainbows, fluffy clouds, and pizza slices topped with little pineapple pieces!

Just your average vagina picture that most men have on their computers

Just your average sort of vagina picture that most men have on their computers (sometimes in great multitude)

Most VR porns released are geared towards dudes dreaming of doinking beautiful women. There are quite a few dudes out there dreaming those sort of dreams. It’s a big market!

As sort of a thought experiment: imagine two scenarios:

1. A 22 year old dude who’s got a hard drive filled with 500 GB of porn movies and 2,000 pictures of big, naked boobie bouncers and various vaginas.

2. A 22 year old gal who’s got a hard drive filled with 500 GB of porn movies and 2,000 pictures of big, naked dicks.

a dick

An example of a dick picture

Maybe this reveals a mental prejudice, but somehow the first scenario seems totally natural: almost like I’d be surprised if that weren’t the case.

And, somehow the second scenario seems a bit odd. It makes me wonder: What’s going on with that gal?

So, maybe I’m just exposing that I’m an ignorant bastard. I don’t know. But, I try to be honest here: and that sometimes creates the risk of revealing flaws in your thinking.

Virtual Real Porn collage header

Collage of Virtual Real Porn movie covers

I mean… I ain’t saying there’s anything wrong with the gal having thousands of dick pics! Load up that hard drive, baby! Get your groove on and pursue happiness!

But, it’d still make me say to myself, “Hmmmm… there’s Jenny: the gal with thousands of dick pics on her laptop. Wonder what’s up with her?


Here are a few more recent examples displaying the general characteristics of most VR porn output. Hey, we like those characteristics, man!

Otto fucking in BaDoink VR female pov movie

Otto pumping in a female POV released by BaDoinkVR a while back

Here’s another example. Again, it’s not surprising most of the porn has been along these lines: fantasies about a fella fucking his daughter’s 18 year old barely legal friend and such…

So, the truth is that the overwhelming majority of VR porns—to this point—have been created for hetero male enjoyment. There have been a few exceptions along the way. But, those have been outliers. There’s at least one small studio that does less common stuff. But, again: this is more the exception than the rule. Added: VRP does have dedicated sites for gay and transsexual content.

A while back, BaDoinkVR gave us one where you’re the gal getting plowed by ole

Mating Game VR

Here you get both points of view from male/female


And, the BaDoink boys also gave us an unusual set of offerings: a sexual scene that featured a male and female POV version.

So, we’ve been watching the VR porn market rapidly expand. And, as I’ve been saying, during this early period of development the VR content has catered predominantly to mainstream, heterosexual male desire and fantasy.

Natalie Cherie looks at nipple

If I remember correctly, I think this early Czech VR—starring Natalie Cherie and Vinna Reed—was an exclusively lesbian offering

Although, I have thought several times that some lesbians could potentially enjoy heterosexual content with a male POV.

Additionally, there have been a number of VRs with explicit lesbian content. If I remember correctly, this early Czech VR—featuring Natalie Cherie and Vinna Reed—is an example of such a movie.

In many cases, the lesbian content is a segment in a FFM (BGG) threesome. In other words, a movie made for heterosexual fellas that features a dapper dude dipping his ding dong in two damsels. For instance, this Wankz release, which features gals getting fucked, also has the gals kissing each other.

The Zombie Slayers release from Wankz VR

The Zombie Slayers release from Wankz VR features some major gal kissing

Even in such cases, though: you can see that the lesbian content is being geared for the horny male gaze, as they say…

However, what about porn that’s designed specifically for heterosexual women?

You know… the many gals out there who quite naturally and normally love cock. You know, the gals with all the dick pics on their Mac Book Airs…

Because, this is what it comes down to…

Men wank to porn. That’s not breaking news that will shock anyone.

Examples of sex toys designed for women

Examples of sex toys designed for women

But, gals wank too.

Now, this doesn’t seem to be a topic which gets discussed much. But, looking at the range of sex toys for women… well, it’s pretty clear that gals wank too.

Oh, man… you look at that toy selection, and you can only conclude: Hell YEA! GALS WANK TOO!

I mean, the variety these gals got! They got vibes in a lot of categories, man! I mean, some of the categories include Rabbit, Clitoral, G-Spot, Beaded Clitoral, Fingo Nubby, Power Bullet, Luxury, Strap-on and a whole insane range of dildo options, man!

I mean, if one thing’s clear…if this sort of toy market exists there’s got to be a lot of solo gal self-diddling going down in this world of ours!

dildo panty drawer

What would you think if you discovered a girl you liked had four dildos in her panty drawer?

Now, if I’m on the right track with any of the stuff above… if I’m on the right track that somehow possession of a vast porn collection seems normal for men and somewhat unusual for women: well, it raises an interesting and somewhat paradoxical byroad to consider.

As another thought experiment, imagine two scenarios:

1. A young woman’s got four dildoes in her panty drawer.

2. A young dude’s got four Fleshlights in his closet.


Hey, check out my Fleshlight collection, guys

Now, here’s what I’m thinking.

If a fella found out a gal he was horny for had four dildoes in her panty drawer… he’s thinking: SUPER HORNY!

If a gal found out a fella she was horny for had four Fleshlights in his closet… she’s thinking: Um, Loser?

Interesting, isn’t it?

Anyway, Wankz is giving away some free VR porn movies designed for women. I looked at one of them:

The bikini beauty starts fiddling with her fingers a little bit as the pool guy's in the distance

The bikini beauty starts fiddling with her fingers a little bit as the pool guy’s in the distance


Studio: Wankz VR
Title: The Pool Boy
Release Date: December 2016
Stars: Unlisted
Length: 18 minutes
Main sex positions: female masturbation, cunnilingus, missionary
Formats: Oculus Rift, GearVR, HTC Vive, Cardboard
Genre: Hardcore sex VR porn, Female POV VR porn
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7
Software used: Deo VR and Milk VR

The aristocrat pool owning lady starts groping the pool boy

The aristocrat pool owning lady starts groping the pool boy

Let’s see how the Wankz boys describe this free female POV VR:

You love Sunday afternoons because that’s when the cute pool boy comes by to clean your pool.

Sundays are also when your husband is away playing golf. It’s not by coincidence.

Today, you’re feeling especially naughty wearing your itsy bitsy bikini. You beckon him over to flirt… Oh, you’re such a bad girl!

All right, so… Female POV porn featuring the aristocrat pool-owning lady fondling the proletarian pool boy: here we…um… come.

Let’s do this thing

Reviewing Method:

These reviews are typically based upon three main factors. In this case, I see no reason to change much: except below where it says woman, substitute man.

Actually, this is something to think about… because I have to imagine this from a sort of conventional, female heterosexual perspective.

eat pussy VR

1. The woman: Most viewers want a VR gal whom they find pretty, passionate, authentic, etc. Generally, the man viewer wants it to at least appear like the gal’s into the sex.

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? Generally, the viewer wants a real-life feel.

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Close-ups are much-desired. It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions. Eye contact is also considered critically important by most.

Now, there are other factors: many of which mainly get mentioned when there’s a problem with them.

In this particular review, we want to just explore this whole female POV dealio.

This fella likes to use mouth magic

This fella likes to use mouth magic

Factors that affect a gal’s VR porn watching experience:

1. VR equipment used: (eg. Oculus, Gear VR, Vive, Cardboard, Homido, etc.)

2. Video software used: (eg. Milk VR, VR Player Pro, Deo VR, Whirligig, MaxVR, etc.)

3. Facial structures: (in particular, Interpupillary distance aka IPD)

4. Natural preferences: this can be overlooked. You see, it’s possible two people are seeing the same scale, but one simply prefers it more than the other…

More Thoughts About This VR

Okay, so regardless of whose POV we’re seeing, the technical requirements remain the same.

Missionary from female pov

Keep those feet up, baby

We want a movie that’s properly scaled, well lit, good color, good sound with passion and close-ups.

And, you know: the Wankz boys deliver that here.

For starters, they keep the camera pretty tight on this action. I’ll presume the female consumer wants the same thing men want: an immersive experience that feels real.

So, the gal consumer will—again, I’ll presume—lie back and pretend the fella’s on top bucking away on her.

And, the camera stayed tight for that missionary action. The scale felt right also.

Interesting perspective on this missionary romp

Interesting perspective on this missionary romp

The other main sexual position in this movie was plenty of pussy eating!

This fella went at it like a starving guy at the all you can eat buffet.

What was missing?

Well, how would cowgirl work out from the woman’s POV? That’s something to think about…

Basically, WankzVR is giving away three of these female VRs for free. So, what the hell, ladies… Download and …um… fire it up!

I notice that one of them features Amara Romani and Danny Mountain. The other has Chad Alva as a doting boytoy.

And, if you want to subscribe to WankzVR for their plentitude of horny VR…

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