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Merry Christmas From Czech VR

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Katy Rose and Kattie Gold in a free Christmas VR from the good folks at Czech VR

Katy Rose and Kattie Gold in a free Christmas VR from the good folks at Czech VR

Hi friends, I’ve got some spectacular news: the good pervs at Czech VR are giving away a free VR porn movie as their Christmas gift to you.

Thank you Czech VR! You guys understand the Christmas spirit, man!

You see, this isn’t some cheap-o 45 second trailer!

No, sir!

Full length free VR featuring Katie Rose and Kattie Gold

 This is a full-length, high-quality 32 minute VR porn movie featuring some primo pieces of Euro gal: in the form of blonde beauty, Katie Rose, and the ravishing redhead, Kattie Gold.

Oh, Katy baby!

Katy Rose in a Christmas cowgirl

Katy Rose in a Christmas cowgirl

 Oh, Katy and Kattie babies!

Katy Rose Kattie Gold doggy style pussy pose

Oh man… Katy and Kattie in a Santa inspired Christmas doggy pose… I think I’m in love

They’re young! They’re hot! They’re doing horny stuff in front of a high-tech VR rig!

I ain’t using all the exclamation points to be some sort of douche who keeps hitting the exclamation point key trying to get another fella to click something dumb.

I’m telling you, getting this video for free is plain-and-simple pretty fucking awesome, man!

A gorgeous redhead… a gorgeous blonde. Some close-ups. Some lesbian action. Some good ole fashion, hiding-the-candycane Christmas FFM boinking

Let’s do this thing…

Katy Rose sucks finger

Santa, baby…

Czech VR 109 – Katy Rose & Kattie Gold: Free Christmas VR Specs

Studio: Czech VR
Title: Czech VR 109 – Katy Rose & Kattie Gold: Free Christmas VR
Release Date: December 20, 2016
Stars: Katy Rose, Kattie Gold
Length: 32 minutes
Main sex positions: Santa outfit teasing, coy antics, doggy style posing, lesbian stuff, facial close-ups, blowjob, simulated missionary facial close-ups, handjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl
Formats: Oculus, Gear, Vive, Cardboard
Genre: Hardcore sex VR porn, lesbian, FFM
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7
Software used: Deo VR and Milk VR

the faces of Katy Rose and Kattie Gold

One thing every fella loves is two beautiful female faces right up in his grill!

More Thoughts About This Katy Kattie Christmas Freebie VR

Okay, look… Czech VR has got the technical side dialed-in: their image is crisp; the scale feels right; the 3D effect’s pronounced; the lighting’s good; the color’s fine; the camera gets close…

And, the women are young and gorgeous. And, there’s lesbian stuff along with heterosexual cowgirling. Along with plenty of poignant pootanannie posing as seen in the two pics below:

Doggy style pussy

I like what my eyes are beholding!

What’s this findvrporn term “truncated missionary”?

And, probably my favorite part is how Czech VR is now doing what I call a truncated missionary position.

What do I mean by truncated missionary position?

Okay, so here’s the thing. I could imagine this explanation running long, but let me see if I can be brief. I know you got gifts to buy, pies to bake, etc…

All right, so… when you’re having missionary sex with a gal and pumping and bucking and leaning towards her and putting your scary face close to her delicate gal face…well, when you’re doing this in real life, there’s a certain perspective that your eyeballs have…

More Kattie fucking on her back camera in face

I consider this to be accurately simulating a real world missionary

In a VR porn movie, simulated missionary, in my view, most accurately recreates this perspective by truncating the field of view and getting the rig up-close in the gal’s beautiful face.

To illustrate this, check how the FOV (frame of view) is rendered in the picture above.

So, the 2D pics can’t recreate the 3D experience, but I think you can get the idea from those pictures. I don’t know if I explained this well…but, I tried, man! I really tried! Hell, just download the free video and see for yourself!

Interesting configuration

Interesting configuration

And, in addition to all of that: this video gives you some interesting configurations!

Merry Christmas CzechVR and Findvrporn readers!

Check it out. Merry Christmas! Thank you Czech VR…

So, go grab your FREE Czech VR Christmas movie…you’ll find a bunch of other free, full-length VRs there also!

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