Roses on a piano with Bella Rose

The Right Distance With Bella Rose VR Porn

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Hi friends, Happy New Year’s Eve to you good folks. 2017 is almost upon us!

And, we’re going to be looking at a bunch of Bella Rose VR porn pictures in a minute. This beautiful blonde is a fine way to bring in the New Year. And, if you like her as much as I do…and, I’m sure you do! Then, you’ll want to check out her porn collection at Porn-Star. I particularly like the pink bikini pictures!

Bella Rose VR Porn With BaDoink VR

Bella shows off those beautiful nipples

Bella shows off those beautiful nipples

Bella Rose thong

Oh, Bella’s cute little ass

Bella Rose shorts, tank top, nipples

Oh, man… sit on the piano bench with your teacher man!

Bella Rose rubs her pussy

I think I’m in love

Bella Rose

Hi there Bella… how about a duet?

Bella Rose panty pull

Bella Rose demonstrates a beautifully executed panty pull in her award-winning BaDoinkVR release, Roses on a Piano.

BaDoink VR branded goggles
Bella Rose in panties

Love the horny panties

magical bella rose

Bella Rose kiss

Oh, Bella baby! I’d take a year off my life for one kiss with you…

Magical Bella Rose at a magical distance

Magical Bella Rose at a magical distance

Bella Rose's pussy close-up

Here’s Bella’s hoo-ha in the “sweet spot”

Bella Rose legs spread

Um, this is my kind of piano lesson!

Bella Rose legs spread

Keep those legs spread baby

Roses on a piano with Bella Rose

Here’s Bella Rose in a BaDoinkVR release that is tied for my fave VR porn movie of 2016

Bella Rose doggy style panty pose

Bella Rose doggy style naked

Oh, Bella baby!

Bella Rose being cute

Oh, she’s a cutie

To my eyes, 2016 brought considerable technical improvements to VR porn.

A number of studios upgraded equipment and refined their shooting techniques. The result, in many cases, was an increased realism.

Speaking of which, check back in a few days for FindVRporn’s Second Annual 2016 VR Porn Movie Awards: where we’ll discuss the year in great detail.
Don’t forget about FindVRporn’s 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards, either.

Over the past year, that 2015 Awards page has received over 100,000 visits, so… I ain’t saying that to brag, but I’m just saying that if you participate, you will be heard… 2015 VR porn movie awards header image

The 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards was a good time and perhaps even extremely informative to folks wanting more VR porn knowledge

And, it’s still not too late to vote on the 2016 results. It would be good to get some more feedback in the comments along with some more voting. Update: Yeah, it is too late, but you can read the results here.

So, as 2016 wraps up, I’m left thinking that the present consumer-end technology is what’s limiting progress.

The studios have certainly improved shooting methods, editing and, in some cases, gotten rather creative with their scripts. And, the studios will certainly adapt to the latest tech as it becomes available.

Hopefully, in 2017 we’ll see a further improved visual clarity…and, more importantly, eye tracking. Friends, it’s eye tracking that’s needed. Eye tracking is going to take this game to the next level of horny! Trust me… Eye tracking!!!

All right, so…

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This website has offered a lot of reviews and analysis. And, sometimes the articles can get involved.

But, when it comes down to it: what’s wanted is intense realism! It’s really that simple…

And, that’s what this post’s title references: the right distance is the distance which feels real. We’ll discuss that below.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Today, we’ll consider Roses On A Piano (Solo) featuring Ms. Bella Rose.

Look, one of Bella’s nicknames is Cupcake Barbie. I’ve got to say, what a perfect nickname for Bella. Oh, I love those cupcakes, baby! Oh, Bella you bodacious thing!

The BaDoink boys let this one loose on December 29th.

And, here’s my honest opinion: when a solo gal VR is shot properly (that’s to say, technically correct, the right woman, the right distance, the right performance), it can’t be topped by anything.

Yes, that is highly opinionated. Of course…

I try to evaluate and match the VR to its audience.

And, for solo gal fans: this is your fucking movie. Trust me.

This is in my personal running for best VR porn movie of 2016.


A number of reasons, but mainly because of… that’s right… the distance, man!

Oh, blonde solo gal… I wanna fill you up, let’s have a party.

Still not funny

Now, while I enjoy traditional hardcore porn and other genres: solo gal VR is my favorite.

Now, with 2D: it’s different!

In my opinion, solo performances are simply made for VR porn. It’s like melted butter on a lobster. Or liars on the evening news. Or idiots on a talk show. Or pervs on this website. You get the idea, man!


Let’s do this thing


Title: Roses On A Piano (Solo)
Release Date: December 29, 2016
Stars: Bella Rose
Length: 24 minutes
Main sex positions: Many solo poses such as legs spread, doggy, masturbation, dirty talk, etc.
Formats: ; Android Cardboard Smartphone 60fps 2.3 GB and 30fps 1.1 GB; Oculus/Vive 5.2 GB; Samsung Gear 3.3 GB; Playstation VR HQ 2.3 GB.
Genre: Solo VR
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7
Software used: Deo VR and Milk VR

Official Movie Synopsis:

Let’s see how the BaDoink boys describe this latest Bella effort:

You’ve been hired by Bella Rose’s parents to give her piano lessons, but this spoiled brat does not want to do her class.

Fortunately, Bella is willing to play other things for your viewing pleasure.

And honestly, who wants to work when you can watch this gorgeous petite blonde play with her perky tits and tight little pussy?

Oh, man… blonde Bella’s enough to make this fella become a piano teacher if I could… um… play the piano. Still not funny.

Moving along

BaDoink VR branded goggles

More Thoughts About This Bella Rose VR

Bella Rose: Oh, goodness gracious! I love you Bella! That’s all. I mean…this is one of those gals who can so easily steal a fella’s heart away…

I mean… I really think it might be love this time!

All right, look… Bella’s a beauty. It’s not necessary to elaborate on that. You got eyes, man!

The teacher/pupil theme is a good match for Bella: as she’s got the whole ingenue thing going on.

Additionally, the color and lighting are fine. There’s a huge amount of natural light flooding through the prominent posterior windows.

And, I’ve noticed that when the BaDoink boys bombard the camera with natural lighting (eg. the Zenda Sexy release), the optics are beautiful.

Sound: I don’t always mention sound, but Bella’s piano playing showed that the BaDoinkVR sound equipment performs well.

Technically, the scale works for my eyes and feels right. Now, scale (how big things look) gets mentioned a lot on this site, and I like to list the factors that affect how a movie’s scale can appear differently to different people.

Factors affecting individual scale perception:

BaDoink VR woman headset picture
1. VR equipment used: (eg. Oculus, Gear VR, Vive, Cardboard, Homido, etc.)
2. Video software used: (eg. Milk VR, VR Player Pro, Deo VR, Whirligig, MaxVR, etc.)
3. Facial structures: (in particular, Interpupillary distance aka IPD)
4. Natural preferences: this can be overlooked. You see, it’s possible two people are seeing the same scale, but one simply prefers it more than the other…
5. The woman’s size: Although obvious, this gets overlooked sometimes. Some women are simply taller than others, and this, of course, affects the virtual experience!

The Distance: This is the main aspect that deserves further discussion. A lot could be said about this…as in: a hell of a lot!

And, I think it’s worthwhile to give this some extensive consideration.

I’m listing this immediately following scale because the two things are very interdependent: like an engine and gasoline…or Joanie and Charles “Chachi” Arcola.

Still not funny

So, here’s the thing: this is all one man’s opinion. Your mileage may vary. But, it seems to me that there is a VR porn sweet spot distance.

What does sweet spot distance mean?

To my eyes, there’s a very narrow distance range in which things just feel so very right. That’s to say, where the viewer has an intense sense of realism (often called immersion).

Now, I’ve never been on a VR porn shoot, but if I had to guess, I’d say the sweet spot

distance is in the ten to twenty inch range. Now, the woman’s head also, of course, has a depth to it: so, it really is a narrow range.

For me, at least, that’s where VR can suddenly attain an almost magical feel. Now, this isn’t easy to demonstrate with 2D pics, but here are a couple of screenshots from the movie at points where the distance was beautifully perfect.


Now, if you read forums/message boards and such: you’ll see a lot of fellas passionately demanding more close-ups in VR porn.

Close-ups give the greatest clarity and realism: so, this makes sense.

With that said, I think it is possible to get too close. To some in the “VR porn community,” that’s almost a blasphemous statement!

But, honestly…after watching a few hundred VR porns, I really believe that. I remember a while back a Czech VR rep mentioned about getting too close, and I thought he was mistaken. He wasn’t. He was right.

For me, there’s that distance where the woman’s face is about a foot away from the camera: and, as I mentioned, it just feels sooooooo right.

So, why am I going on about this?

Well, earlier I said that this Bella release is in the running for best VR porn of 2016. And, that’s because for extended periods the BaDoink boys kept Bella in that sweet spot distance. And, just kept her there: talking horny talk and doing horny things…

Just a beautiful blonde floating in that VR sweet spot. This, my friends, is what VR porn’s all about.

VR ain’t 2D.

And, it really needs to be shot in its own particular way. For me, this type of solo effort with a beautiful, naked woman floating in the VR sweet spot as she rolls through a solo gal dialogue and routine is brilliant!

Missed Opportunity I wanted more Bella clothed teasing with a roving camera getting about a foot away and scanning her entire body. This isn’t just my desire. A lot of folks want this.

Also, it might be good to reference the Real Teens VR formula: which often incorporated half solo gal/half HC sex in the same VR movie. That formula has the advantage of appealing to both audiences.

All things considered. I loved this one. On the level, wonderful job, Bella!

BaDoink VR woman headset picture

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