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Hey, Ladies! It’s Virtual Real Passion!

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Lucy Heart warms up to the stranger pretty quick

Virtual Real Porn’s Lucy Heart getting her cowgirl on…

Hi friends, so… we’ve been covering the horny VR porn getting released by the Virtual Real Porn boys for a while now.

Here’s some examples.

I know you good folks love examples!

Who the hell is anti-examples, man!

One thing that Virtual Real Porn’s movies have in common is that—for the most part—they’re designed for a male, heterosexual audience.

Now, listen…I know there’s exceptions to this.

Ivana Sugar cowgirl

Ivana Sugar cowgirls for Virtual Real Porn

For instance, perhaps…

…I don’t want to sound like an ignorant bastard, but…perhaps, some lesbian viewers might enjoy the movies: because, after all, they do feature beautiful, naked women.

But, here’s the thing: the movies have been basically designed for a male, heterosexual sexual sensibility…that’s to say: what gets dudes horny (as pictured below).

Virtual Real Porn collage header

Collage of Virtual Real Porn movie covers that demonstrate the male sexual sensibility of the movies

Here’s the big news:

Virtual Real Passion is also compatible with Kiiroo and Lovense

Virtual Real Passion is also compatible with Kiiroo and Lovense

Team VRP just launched a site that makes VR porns for a female audience. And, it’s Lovense/Kiroo synchronized.

You hear that ladies!

We give you Luke Hotrod, ma’am!

As mentioned, these made-for

Virtual Real Passion tongue

Virtual Real Passion is here

-female VR porns are being shot by the VRP boys.

So, one knows the high-quality tech aspects seen in Virtual Real Porn’s videos should—it’s safe to say—carry over to these releases.

I ain’t just saying high-quality in a whimsical way. 2015 VR porn movie awards header image

Virtual Real Porn swept the first and second awards in The 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards

You might recall that Virtual Real Porn did extraordinarily well in the Oculus NSFW public voting that determined the 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards.

So, it is important to recognize that Virtual Real Passion is a Virtual Real Porn project.

My next thought: Well, how can I say this in a brief way?

Okay, it seems to me…and I might be wrong…but, it seems to me that VR porn is intrinsically more appealing to the general, female porn consumer desires.

Virtual Real Passion bodysuit

I believe Virtual Real Passion is using this graphic to show that women are going to find these VRs horny

What the hell does that mean?

Let me try again: Somehow it just seems to me that a lot of women will find VR porn more appealing than 2D porn. And, I really believe that…

But, why do I believe that?

Well, I don’t know how to put it into words exactly. Wait. I think I do know. It might be simpler than I thought.

Because of three-dimensional POV. That’s why. Take a look at the screenshot below of Miguel Zayas chomping on Sienna Day’s lunchbox.

Miguel Zayas eats Sienna Day's pussy for Virtual Real Passion

Miguel Zayas eats Sienna Day’s pussy for Virtual Real Passion

Now, if you imagine this imagery in the headset of a heterosexual, female consumer; one can imagine how this 3D intimate POV would be so much more appealing than the typical thump-and-hump depicted in most 2D pornography.

Just as it does for fellas, POV VR porn intensifies the immersive intimacy of the scene.

It seems to me that offering a female consumer a VR point-of-view of the man’s face, in particular, would really amp up her masturbation intensity.

orgasm face female

Depiction of a gal enjoying Virtual Real Passion

And, we’re all adults here. So, let’s be candid: a significant aspect of porn consumption is the consumer self-diddling.

And, gals will strap on headsets and piddle their fiddles while gazing into Mr. Hotrod’s eyes. And, that’s a good thing! Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

It’s natural! It seems that we’re supposed to find these things shameful: but, there ain’t nothing more natural.

Here’s an embedded video sample of Juan Lucho missionary pumping Sienna Day in Sweet Dreams.

This best illustrates the female POV and how this could be horny for gals in a way 2D porn could never achieve.

I imagine there will be gals saying, “Oh, Juan, baby!”


Download: Sweet Dreams trailer video

So, it appears thus far Virtual Real Passion is a pay-per-clip dealio: with clips at 2.95 Euros or about 3 bucks American.

I’d say that’s a good way for a gal to get her toes wet without taking the full plunge.

There are a number of Virtual Real Passion movies available for individual purchase

There are a number of Virtual Real Passion movies available for individual purchase

And, some of the stars include Luke Hotrod, Juan Lucho, Miguel Zayas, Rob Diesel, Chris Diamond, Victoria Summers, Anissa Kate, Misha Cross, Amirah Adara, Sienna Day, Onix Babe, Amarna Miller, Amber Nevada, Gala Brown and others…

All right, so there you have it. A website with VR porn designed for women. This stuff just continually stays interesting.

Take me to Virtual Real Passion

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