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Hi friends, is occasional constipation interfering with your… Zoinks! Wrong tab! This is the VR porn blog!

Still not funny

Findvrporn.com 2015 VR porn movie awards header image

The 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards was a lot of fun and also informative and fair/democratic… and go vote in the 2016 awards voting at Reddit!

So as many of you know: The 2nd Annual FindVRPorn.com 2016 VR Porn Movie Awards will be presented the first week of February.

And, by all means: please go vote and comment, man! It’s the high amount of participation which made the 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards worthwhile.

If not for the participation: we’ve got nothing. Just a 400 pound guy on his bed blogging about his personal… Nevermind….

All right, so… I’m getting somewhat excited about our upcoming movie awards. And, I see the AVN boys just finished up their awards ceremony.

So, what’s the point of this article?

Well, it’s truly not necessary, but then again…is any of this?

But, why post this article?

Well, there are at least two reasons:

1. It’s a porn blog, man! We talk about porn…stuff!

2. I thought it might be interesting to consider their big boy results and see how they relate to our beloved, junior mamby-jamby.

Riley Reid cinematic view VR

This was Riley in her Holo VR … I like the pic

Now, unless I’m mistaken, it doesn’t appear the AVN has any VR porn specific awards???

I almost feel like I must be wrong about that; but, looking at the awards page, I don’t see any specific VR designations.

Anyway, the AVN result that draws considerable interest is Female Performer of the Year.

And, the winner was Ms. Riley Reid. Riley also won the 2016 Favorite Female Performer Fan Award.

DVD cover for Virtual Real Porn's The Rehearsal with Harmony big tits Reigns

Virtual Real Porn’s movie, The Rehearsal, made an unusually big impression, it seems, in the VR porn world as people are still raving about this 2015 movie

Interestingly, Ms. Reid is presently leading in the 2016 VR Porn Movie Awards voting for her WankzVR release.

Hey, guys…we’re in synch with the mainstream.

Now, it’s my job to fairly and accurately report the results.

And, another interesting thing this year is that Virtual Real Porn’s 2015 Harmony Reigns’ The Rehearsal is also kicking ass! An argument could even be made that it’s in first.

And, well… it’s from 2015, but it’s getting a lot of votes! And, thus it will absolutely be recognized. It’s only fair.

Harmony Reigns in VR

Harmony: you’re so loved that your 2015 release is kicking ass in the 2016 awards!!!

And, maybe the other studios should go back and watch that Harmony VR because there’s clearly something about it that made a serious impression. Well, I can think of at least two things…

Well, let’s just see what the voting looks like come 12:01 A.M. February 1st, 2017.

All right, moving along

Kendra Lust won the Milf category for both AVN and the fans.

Penny Pax virtual sex

Penny Pax, there is something special about her porn acting! Really…

Although she’s not getting mentioned much in our voting, Kendra has received tremendous praise online for her Naughty America VR porn work.

So, this sort of lines up also…

Additionally, certainly not to my surprise, Ms. Penny Pax won Best

Misha Cross face virtual porn

Last year, Misha did great in our awards!

Actress for her role in The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries.

You may recall I brought special attention to Ms. Pax in the 2015

Awards for her off-the-chains horny-acting skills in her KinkVR release.

I see that AVN’s Female Foreign Performer of the Year was Misha Cross. And, while she’s not being mentioned much this year; she was the 1st place winner in our 2015 VR awards. So, that kind of lines up also.

All right, enough of this… go vote and comment, men!

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