Arya Fae's pussy close-up

Arya Fae’s Horny VR Moments

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Let’s Talk About The Spatial Optics of this Arya Fae VR

All right, friends… so, a sense of being spatially correct gets applied to the entire movie as humans change distance/depth.

Arya reverse cow

You’ll notice in this reverse cowgirl, Arya’s ass is closer to your view than her head. The question becomes: do her ass and head seem to be in the correct size/proportion?

But, the basic idea is evaluating sizes/scale at distances and whether everything remains convincingly congruent as people move through different depths of space…and, are visible with body parts stationary at different depths (eg. leaning backward).

And, while that sounds like a mouthful, it translates to this: Do things look right? Do they look really right?

To illustrate this, you’ll notice in the reverse cowgirl picture below,  Arya’s beautiful ass is much closer than her head. Sometimes it can be challenging to maintain the illusion that her ass and head are in the correct size proportion to each other. Often, what’s more distant seems too small.

And, these days I’m drawing primary focus to SOSC because, in my humble conclusion, it’s the key to unlocking the highest level of  horny.

To give just one example, before I started using sense of spatial correctness, it was a bit befuddling how the close-up portion could be correctly scaled and the more distant not so… And, that example shows a shortcoming to the scale metric.

Because, for one example… there could be a shot where the gal’s leaning back pushing her hooha at the camera lens (pictured below) …and, her pelvic region can look optically correct; yet her head and face (two feet further back in 3D space) can look too small and feel too distant to maintain the illusion…

Arya Fae pussy hole close-up

This is an intriguing angle on Arya Fae

So, how do you evaluate the scale in that scenario above? What do you say if the pelvis region is scaled horny proper but her face is too small?

The truth is its scale is good and bad. From a sense of spatial correctness standpoint, though: it’s simply flawed.

And, at first glance this might seem too excessively analytical.

Here’s the thing:  this provides a framework to discuss whether and why the movie feels right.

So, with that said, there are 5 main positions to evaluate.


Because most of the movie’s footage will be in one of these categories and during these segments different parts of the woman’s body are at varying depths.

1. Facial close-ups
2. Cowgirl/reverse
3. Blowjob
4. Doggy
5. Missionary

Julia Ann pulls her panties down

Julia Ann is a fairly tall woman I’ve learned…

And, across all studios, I generally have the same criticisms (positive and negative) of each position.

Okay, so let’s think about the Arya movie in the way detailed above. And, let’s compare it against last week’s Julia effort: which I thought was spatially quite good.

So, here’s another significant factor: the size of the woman. This doesn’t always get mentioned, but it should.

And, Arya stands a petite 5’2″ while Julia Ann reportedly is 5’8″ with wider hips.

Arya caught in an enthusiastic cowgirl

Arya caught in an enthusiastic cowgirl

Now, I know women can be sensitive when talking about their size, but some gals are taller than others! Some have wider hips: and, dudes find this very horny! Ain’t nobody knocking nobody! And…

…all of this matters. Arya’s going to look smaller! Because, she’s smaller! You don’t say, right!

And, this is a highly subjective matter of taste, but it’s been dawning on me lately that women who have a bit more of a horny brick shithouse thick in a horny way look about them might come off better in VR… at least to my eyes.

blowjob vr

Mouth magic

Visually, I’ve been realizing lately, I think they just have an advantage in the medium. Their more substantial bodies just pop in 3D space a bit more…

All right

So, let’s get the cowgirling out of the way.

Naughty generally does a very horny job with forward-facing cowgirl. Optically, imo, it’s at it’s best when the gal’s upright. And, it’s truly at its supreme horny when the gal’s leaning in and kissing at the camera (as discussed above).

Spatially, I was happy with the look of it when Arya leaned in. And, I only wished—as mentioned—that it would have lasted longer.

Now, in some shots it felt like the Naughty boys were cutting a bit lower than usual. That part is hard to explain, but if you watch this you’ll see what I mean…

For me, the blowjob felt too distant here.

Stand up

Stand up

The from behind action felt more immediate with a better spatial optics in the Julia Ann release (at least to me).

Pictured below, Arya felt a little far on the stand-up.

Julia Ann from behind felt to have a more proper gravity to me.

But, there were some well-scaled, horny additional close-up shots in this one: such as Arya’s doggy:

Great shot of Arya's ass

Great shot of Arya’s ass

So, for me… and, your mileage certainly might vary, but for me last week’s Julia Ann release hit an optical pinnacle of horny-proper with some of the sexual positioning: particularly the doggy and blowjob stuff, which is often challenging to nail in VR. 

And, for me the optics and gravity of Julia’s release felt all-around  better and properly bigger. Now, to be fair, Julia Ann is a taller woman. And, another caveat that I should mention—though, I don’t think it’s relevant—is that I just noticed I reviewed the smartphone version of Julia and the Gear version of Arya.

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