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Vinna Reed Bikini And Spagat …Nuff Said!

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Hi friends, it would be a downright crime against the horny male segment of humanity to ignore a VR in which our friends—the Virtual Real pervs—have put the yellow-haired, heavenly hussie, Vinna Reed, in a hot pink bikini!

Vinna Reed bikini cock

Oh, Vinna! I was wondering if you might not mind marrying me too much?

Yea, I like Vinna! But, what the hell’s not to like! Maybe it’s more like… love. Or, at least love for her naked good stuff!

I enjoyed this video, guys. I actually… um… eh… uh… watched this one several times.

Oh, I love a pretty gal in a bikini, man!

Let’s do this thing

This Vinna Reed VR will appeal to fellas who:

1. … are presently breathing and like women.

Vinna Reed pink bikini

Get over here, Vinna!

You know, the thing about Virtual Real Porn is they’ve shown themselves to have a firm sense of identity.

They were the first real player in the game. And, they’ve just been steadily doing things in the horny VRP style for a while now.

In all honesty, they haven’t exhibited tremendous experimentation or even much evolution.

But, they really haven’t had to. While we observed other studios struggle to get the optics right; the VRP boys had it pretty good right out of the gate.

Wonder how they did that?

And, they then just consistently put a good looking gal in front of the camera and filmed in the VRP style.

This earned them across-the-board accolades in the 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards. And, they’ve just kept chugging along releasing horny.

You’ll like some of their VRs more than others, of course…but, with those cheap fucking prices… what the hell do you have to lose…

Dara FTV girl pussy spagat

FTV Gal Dara demonstrates classical Spagat positioning. I love Dara! I’d lose my mind if somebody shot a Dara VR solo

Oh, man! Spagat!

Oh, goodness. Love spagat. Unfortunately, only about .001% of the female population is capable of…wait for it… getting their spagat on (pictured left)!

Judging by the gals at my local shopping mall, I put that percentage at more like .00000000000000000000000001%. But, Vinna’s from the Czech Republic.

Oh, good Lord what the hell is it about the gals out there! And, how the hell is it that almost all of them—including the seniors, man!—are a bunch of absolute knockouts!

Moving along

Swimming Coach with Vinna Reed and Angelo Godshack

Swimming Coach with Vinna Reed and Angelo Godshack: shot by Virtual Real Porn

More Thoughts About This Vinna VR

So, this had some great visual moments. At my list’s top: Vinna simply standing still, bending over and shoving that beatific backside out.

Vinna Reed naked bends over and gives man a blowjob

Vinna, I want you to stay just like that for a few days, okay?

There’s a natural inclination, it seems, for cinematographers to feel that there must always be action. Stationary close-up angles work. Hold the camera there. Excellent.

Another standout: the spagat section. For me, that had a proper sense of width and gravity. And, this spagat stuff is horny.

Vinna Reed spagat

Oh, I worship your flexibility, Vinna. Don’t ever get old, heavy and inflexible pretty baby!

Cowgirl optics: from a sense of spatial correctness standpoint: there’s so much right here with just a small flaw.

Somehow VRP manages it where the upright cowgirl footage feels immediate while still keeping much of the woman in the frame.

This aspect was just really damn well done.

This is a little hard to explain. And, it tends to inevitably veers into a discussion of eye tracking. And, eye tracking is needed. It’ll take things to the next level of horny: without a doubt!

But, presently there’s not eye tracking.

Vinna cowgirl

Keep bouncing, Vinna! Keep bouncing!

So, we’ve seen other studios produce some excellent cowgirl with good scale optics: but, also a very limited/smothering FOV.

In other words, the viewer sees from perhaps the gal’s hoo-ha to chin. And, the optics might look beautiful, but it doesn’t quite simulate reality.

In reality, though, your vision (with peripheral) takes in the entire woman when she’s upright bouncing.

Now, in VR porn movies, in many cases, when the FOV includes the entire woman: it feels distant to me.

Somehow, with this release—at least to my eyes and viewing experience—VRP somehow managed to include all (or most) of Vinna in the FOV: while still feeling immediate.

Vinna Reed keeps cowgirling

Don’t you stop, VInna!

This is another example illustrating why I had to coin the term sense of spatial correctness.

So, that visual part is off-the-charts brilliant.

The only drawback—again, to my eyes—is slight. There are instants where Vinna’s head (upper frame) elongates just a bit. Not a deal breaker, though.

So, for me this Vinna outing is a total keeper.

In my opinion—and, there ain’t a wrong or right with this—but, in my opinion, I would have featured more close-up bikini time with Vinna. Like, a lot more. Why not have Vinna do an eight minute bikini dance with close-ups?

Additionally, I’d like to see VRP incorporate some more missionary footage that retains the same good optical feel of their cowgirl footage. And, I’d like to see the VRP boys include some big, tight doggy footage.

Nicely done.

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