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Happy Valentine’s Day From VRP

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Misha Cross face virtual porn

Early Virtual Real Porn effort with Ms. Misha Cross

Hi friends, so there’s a general consensus in the VR porn community that Virtual Real Porn is worth the money.

Carly Rae Summers article feature image

Hetero fellas tend to go nucking futz over Carly’s beauty droopy oh so Goddess like boobie boppers!


I’ve agreed with this view for quite a while now.

And, from their earlier days with Misha Cross—pictured below—their movies have warranted discussion and consideration.

Hell, to be fair…these fellas are VR porn historical.

Now, while is dominated by porn that hetero fellas find horny (eg. VRP’s Carly Rae Goddess boobie boppers pictured below), it’s important to let folks know that the VRP gang really does try to provide horny for everybody.

For instance, just check out their separate websites which feature varied (and, in VR often hard to find) content: gay; trans; movies created for female, hetero consumers (as pictured below)…

Miguel Zayas eats Sienna Day's pussy for Virtual Real Passion

Miguel Zayas eats Sienna Day’s pussy for Virtual Real Passion. For the female consumer, she can easily simulate that her funbox is being chowed upon by Mr. Zayas

Okay, so the pic above features Ms. Sienna Day having her funbox munched by Mr. Miguel Zayas.

And, that’s an example of a Virtual Real Passion release: which, as mentioned, is aimed at horny gals with VR headsets who are …um… hankering for man banana.

And, those sorta porn-consumer-gals with headset and vibe are out there! Oh, hell yea…they’re out there!

This world’s got some diverse desires…

Like the fellas out there seeking Timmy Treasure.

Virtual Real Gay feature film starring Timmy Treasure

Here is a Virtual Real Gay feature film starring Timmy Treasure

So, I should draw attention to VRP’s niche sites and variety more. And, props to the VRP gang for bringing the horny to everybody.

So, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Oh, Sicilia baby! This picture is also from the free Virtual Real Porn preview being discussed in this article

Men wack to Virtual Real Porn’s Sicilia!

And, some fellas are having their V Day funtime with a headset strapped to their heads.

Because, let’s face it: relationships with actual women have a tendency to end with…um… poverty and cursing. I didn’t say always!

Hey, I didn’t design our legal and cultural structure, man! I just report on life…

So, virtual porn movies have been steadily gaining popularity.


Well, in brief, because men wack.

And, men want the best—let’s call it—wack enhancer.

Ivana Sugar Virtual Real Porn feature image

And, men most certainly wack to Virtual Real Porn’s blonde horny Goddess, Ivana Sugar

And, the 3D video illusion, at the moment, is without a doubt the best wack enhancer! And, for gals: let’s call it the best dildo helper. I don’t know… I have to think about that part further…

So, what the hell am I getting at?

Well, to honor Valentine’s Day, the VRP gang is offering special subscription discounts for all their sites.

That’s to say, whether you’re looking for 3D straight, gay, trans or those innovative movies aimed at straight gals (Virtual Real Passion)…well, here’s the thing: subscriptions to all of those sites are discounted from February 14th to 15th.

So, there you have it, folks.

Virtual Real Porn Valentine’s Discount: for horny dudes who want beautiful 3D gals with bouncing boobie boppers, etc.
Virtual Real Passion Valentine’s Discount: for porn movies aimed at horny women who want to simulate their hoohas getting 3D banged by studs
Virtual Real Gay: 3D porn movies designed for gay fellas
Virtual Real Trans: there’s very little trans-oriented VR porn out there…so, if you’re in the market, Virtual Real Trans should be first on your list!

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    Hi, I watched that yesterday and thought it was pretty good. I definitely do want to review Reagan’s movie. Sometimes things can get difficult because there’s so much stuff released these days. Take care. Thank you.

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