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VRcosplayX and Horny Stella Cox In A Fancy VR Porn Scene

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Alexa Tomas cyborg whore cowgirls

Alexa Tomas as robot/cyborg whore in an earlier VRcosPlayX effort

Stella Cox Porn

If you just can’t get enough of Stella’s tits…and, I know I can’t…then check out Stella’s Porn-Star page for a lot more. Also, check out Porn-Star’s list of their Top 100 pornstars.

Stella Cox VR Porn

Hi friends, so it feels like yesterday we took our first look at VRcosplayX, but it was actually over a month ago.

The concept of time is truly a mystery of the most intensely baffling nature.

I remember the first time I saw Back To The Future. If only I had that silver car, man.

If only I had an older mentor like the white-haired bastard who gets gunned down by the bad guys.

If we’re honest, couldn’t we all sort of use a Doc Brown for guidance and nurturing?

back to future car

Couldn’t we all use a time machine car and a weird old mentor man?

The experience of time can really get bizarre.

Bipolar, OCD, etc. can do that to a fella… I quit smoking and man that really screwed up my concentration.

Ah, hell’s bells…this is the VR porn thing I’m supposed to be writing…

Stella Cox tit squeeze

Have a squeeze

I hate the way Hollywood portrays OCD as some cute and intriguing eccentricity (eg. Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets).

The other thing I hate is how in a stupid movie like The Perks Of Being A Wallflower the high school characters are so ancient and unrealistic and everybody’s been molested and every football jock is in some sort of sexual identity crisis… and everyone’s so damn cool and witty with such white teeth…

perks wallflower

I don’t know why this picture is here

All right, stay focused...

It can be so damn challenging in life to get back on track. Take the gym: you miss one workout and next thing you know…

Stay focused, man!

I’ve subsequently watched all the VRcosplayX movies. And, some of the special effects really work for me. From the start, I appreciated the artistic opening, title graphic.

There was a nice sprinkling of special effects in this release

There was a nice sprinkling of special effects in this release

And, I’m going to say right at the top: I’d like to see a lot more of these special effects.

VRcosPlayX will really carve out their own domain here if they combine the competent, technical work with horny costumes and attention-holding, special effects work.

There’s one part where some sort of creepy-weird apparition is hovering by my dear Stella.

Let Stella suck you creepy-weird ghost lady thing!

Take me to VR Cosplay X

And, I’ve got to tell you something…

The recent VRcosplayX with one of my faves… boobie bouncer beauty Ms. Carly Rae Summers as Holecalibur’s Ivy Valentine… oh, Carly and Ivy babies!

So, going into my review of the VRcosplayX work, this was my thought: “It’s being shot by the BaDoink boys, so I know what to expect optically. My main curiosity concerns the costume, cosplay and narrative/story-telling aspect.”

Fancy VR Porn Special Effects

And, sure enough: the visual quality looks good. Furthermore, as mentioned, the BaDoink boys are getting jiggy with some fancy special effects.

Stella Cox blowjob with special effects

Can’t a gal just suck a cock without getting harassed by some creepy, other-worldly entity?

My BaDoink experience has been good.

And, if you’re skeptical of what you read online…hey, I am too, man!

If you ain’t skeptical…you’re doing it wrong!

So, look…I’m going to give you fellas my opinion of VRcosplayX by discussing, in particular, horny-gorgeous gal Stella Cox in Harry Pudder in the Gryffin-Whore.


Let’s do this thing

Scene Specs

Stella Cox blowjob action in Harry Potter themed porn

Stella Cox blowjob action in Harry Potter themed porn

Studio: VRcosplayX
Title: Harry Pudder in the Gryffin-Whore
Release Date: January 27, 2017
Stars: Stella Cox
Length: 34 minutes
Main sex positions: cosplay/clothed teasing, masturbation, blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, missionary,
Formats: Android Cardboard Smartphone (60fps and 30 fps); Oculus/Vive (high and low quality versions); Samsung Gear; 2D.
Genre: Hardcore sex VR porn, costume porn, cosplay VR
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7
Software used: Deo VR and Milk VR

Official Movie Synopsis:

Let’s see how the VRcosplayX boys describe this latest costume horny stuff:

Hermione has found a time turner in the office, and investigating the reasons behind this forbidden offense is making her very stressed.

Stella Cox cowgirl

Keep riding

She just needs to relax, she claims, and thinking what you had poured into a cup was tea, she mistakenly drinks veritas serum.

This liquid honesty works almost immediately, too, and Hermione suddenly opens up about her crush on you, the love letters she never sent you, and just how horny you’ve made her feel all these years.

Don’t worry, Ron doesn’t have to know about this; this is your little secret.

All right, so I have no idea who Hermione is so… Wikipedia… she’s a Harry Potter character and something about getting saved ” from a mountain troll in the girls’ toilets”… but, man… THOSE BOOBIE BOUNCERS! Can I just come out and say that I love and worship and adore Stella Cox’s huge tits? Well, I do!

More Thoughts About This Stella Cox Harry Pudder Cosplay VR

Stella Cox missionary VR

Great and realistic missionary

Stella Cox: she’s a young and slender beauty with Goddess boobie bouncers! I mean… if a gal’s got boobie bouncers like that… what I’m trying to say is have you seen those beautiful things!

Additionally, love the accent. Love the horny little things she says.

Scaling: Realistic and little to no distortion in the upper frame. Things felt spatially-correct.

Close-ups/immediacy: The cowgirl felt right, which is often the case.

The real achievement here is the tight and immediate footage of doggy, missionary and blowjob. To put it simply, in my view, VR porn sex scenes are max horny when it feels real: close, scaled properly, etc.

Stella Cox doggy style

Oh to doggy Ms. Cox!

And, you get that here.

Love how the missionary felt:

And, we know doggy is challenging in VR. And, here it felt realistic:

Theme: So, if you’re into the whole Harry Potter thing, here you go. As for me, I don’t know much about Harry Potter. But, I do know I like Stella Cox in these horny costumes and CFNM stuff.

Missed Opportunity?

Missed Opportunity: Basically, this one breaks new ground with the special effects. But, it’s just a light sprinkle of the techno magic (eg. as seen in the moving poster, magic wand and apparition.)

Carly Rae cowgirl

Carly Rae!

I’d like to see the VRcosplayX gang incorporate much much more special effects stuff.

Because, what’s apparent with this release… seeing the opening animations, music/sound and special effects… VRcosPlayX is leaning towards a professional type cinematic aesthetic… and, this is great! I’d love to see it pushed even further that direction.

And, I’d like to see some exercise/spandex superheroine type stuff! Bring on the superheroines, man!

I watched the subsequent Carly Rae Holecalibur cosplay, and that is absolutely, positively HORNY!

Very good and horny work, Stella.

Take me to VR Cosplay X

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