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Introducing Virtual Real Cams

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Hi friends, I wanted to let you know about a brand new, VR porn live streaming site, Virtual Real Cams: brought to us by the good pervs at Virtual Real Porn.

Presently, this service works with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

And, they’re kicking things off with Armana Miller (I think that’s Armana pictured below). And, I like Armana… A LOT!

Virtual Real Cams homepage screenshot

Here’s the home page image from Virtual Real Cams.. I think that’s Armana pictured there

So, for folks following virtual porn and considering its future: Are we now glimpsing it?

Well, no doubt, VR porn’s future involves increased realism; more sophisticated haptic gizmos (those are the things that simulate touch); augmented reality (that’s when the virtual illusion gets layered over-top of your actual reality… so, you could have Pamela Anderson on your bed in her Baywatch suit); and, of course, live, interactive…um…chatting in a VR environment.

Of those things, real-time interactions with porn stars in our headsets is—as you can see—the most immediately doable.

Misha Cross face virtual porn

Pictured above is Misha Cross: a gal who’s starred in many Virtual Real Porn movies

There have been some early attempts. VRP, for instance, tried something with Misha about a year ago.

So, it has been a bit since they’ve pursued this.

And, I’m curious to see how VRP does now.

Now, I ain’t pretending these live streams are my expertise. They’re brand new, so I’m learning as we go along…

I mean, the point of this post is to let you know that the VRP boys are launching this tomorrow, March 16, 2017 at 12:30 PM PDT.

Pay attention to that PDT part: it stands for Pacific Daylight Time. That same link will also convert your time to PDT.

So, to recap:

Virtual Real Cams is an interactive, 60 fps, VR porn streaming service developed by Virtual Real Porn that works with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. And, tomorrow at 12:30 PDT, Armana Miller stars in their pioneering endeavor.

Armana Miller pulls her panties down

Oh, Armana, baby!

What else do we know about Virtual Real Cams?

Well, it’s being described as, “the world’s first Stereoscopic 3D VR webcam show in 60 fps!

And, they provide these additional details under the What Do You Need header:

Oculus DK2 or Oculus Rift with Oculus Runtime 1.3+
HTC Vive compatibility using ReviveInjector (Oculus Home required)
Windows PC
Internet connection
VirtualRealCams app

What’s the pricing?

Well, the homepage says, “PREORDER NOW AND SAVE 34% OFF.”

It also says, “Enjoy the ultimate live sex experience completely free for a limited time.”

So, to be honest, I’m not quite sure.

I can tell you that I’m interested.

At some point, these VR chats will displace the presently popular Skype with pornstar services.

And, when the VR chats become augmented with some added haptic sophistication: the dream becomes real!

So, that’s what I’ve got at the moment, folks. More info coming…

You can visit the Virtual Real Cams site for yourself, take a look, get on their mailing list, etc.


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