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Sarah Vandella Gets Revenge

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Hi friends, today we’ll consider “V for Vandella – An act of revenge” featuring Sarah Vandella.

Thoughts About This Sarah VR

Sarah Vandella: I mean… c’mon. Look at the pic directly below.

What’s not to like here?

Sarah Vandella legs spread

Looking good, Ms. Vandella.

A young, gorgeous blonde beauty with a touch of the girl next door vibe…and, a touch of the Victoria Secret goddess quality also.

I mean, she’s the type of gal who can make man minds go mush with a simple tug on her robe.

As this movie has a tricky, heavy theme: perhaps the better question concerns Ms. Vandella’s acting abilities? Does she sell the wounded lover seeking revenge aspect?

Acting: Sarah has some acting skill. I think she faced the same challenge that other women in VR porns have attempted to overcome: monologues are tough.

It’s difficult, I imagine, to not get any verbal feedback to riff off.

But, her monologue was pretty believable. And, I absolutely loved the ad lib dialogue she maintained while fucking.

Sarah Vandella doggy style

The doggy footage was also pulled very low

Theme: Well, some folks love the fantasy elements/narrative. This one will please fellas who are looking for a little vengeance to spice up the horny.

This offering checked a lot of the boxes I look for: close-ups, scaling, clothed teasing, multiple positions, etc.

One factor I’ve been wondering about is whether there’s room to push back against the silent male convention.

I find myself thinking these days that a talking male (while maintaining 1st person POV) could really enable a lot of very horny possibilities.

For instance, Sarah did a fantastic job of dialogue while actively fucking.

Sarah Vandella pussy close-up with stockings

I love you, Sarah

What if Damon also spoke a bit about what a stupid bastard the boyfriend was for losing access to a Grade A piece of pootanannie, etc. etc.

You see where I’m going with that?

It’s food for thought.

Also, there’s a huge market for lingerie fetish.

And, this movie touched upon that. But, what if Ms. Vandella came over with a bag of horny outfits which she modeled for Damon (the movie itself could show this with quick cuts that get straight to the action).

While this movie provided a lot of fine close-ups; there could have been more on Sarah’s face: along with much, much more VR kissing.

And, I’d like to see NA at some point do some body scans.

Finally, as I said earlier, I ain’t Stevie Spielberg; but, with that said, I think there could have been more contrast between Sarah’s light features and the background (a light-colored floor and couch).

All things considered, a beautiful outing from a passionate, gorgeous gal and the reliable Mr. Dice.

Sperm on Sarah Vandella's face

Ms. Vandella gets a little gooed up

And, all that’s left is your declaration:

I want some VR porn! NOW !!!
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