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Rachel and The Rock Starr – Naughty America VR Scene Review

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Rock Starr big promo graphic for NA

Rachel Starr is the star of Naughty America’s VR porn release, Rock Starr

Hi friends, today we’ll consider Naughty America VR’s March 19, 2017 release, Rock Starr.

This movie features porn luminary, Rachel Starr, alongside Van Wylde. This is some great stuff. I’m going to dump a ton of pictures below so you can see for yourself.

Rachel Starr thong


Rachel Star doggy style

Rachel Starr doggies higher in the frame



Rachel Starr smothering cowgirl

Here, Rachel leans further in and the camera FOV gets tighter in this smothering cowgirl

Rachel Starr in a fine upright VR cowgirl

Rachel Starr in a fine upright VR cowgirl

Rachel Starr holds a sign for the rockstar

Look, that’s a pretty sexy/horny groupie holding a sign for the rockstar

Rachel Starr spandex pants pulled down

Oh, groupie gal get those pants down, now!

Rachel Starr spandex ass

Oh that hot groupie ass getting strangled by horny spandex

Rachel Starr as rockstar article header image

Rachel Starr legs spread

Looking good, Rachel

Rachel Starr panties around ankles

Well done Rachel Starr

Rachel Starr panties bra lingerie

Oh, wow… I like the groupie outfits

Rachel Starr bra and panties with her legs spread

Oh, gosh… this is getting better and better. We got a horny groupie, guys!

Rachel Starr as groupie in limo

Oh, man… I like the looks of my groupie!

Rachel Starr bends over in thong

Rachel Starr bends over in thong

Rachel Starr That Ass promo graphic

Rachel starred in NA VR’s That Ass, which was released just the other day

So, Rachel last made a NA virtual appearance on March 5, 2017 in That Ass.

Rachel’s many fans are no doubt happy with this quick return.

More Thoughts About This Rockstarr VR

Okay, if you’re a Rachel Starr fan…or a guy who likes brunette beauties, you’ll get your horny on.

Axl and Stephanie Seymour

Axl and Stephanie Seymour

If you’re digging on the rockstar easy-doink-groupie fantasy, you’ll like this: because Rachel truly embodies the groupie whore!

Oh, man…Axl Rose and the like…life must have been nonstop sunshine and rainbows and happy stuff, man! …And, ultimately a dandy-doinkfest with supermodel Stephanie Seymour (pictured below).

Below’s a better pic of Ms. Seymour. And, also a visual display of why so many young dudes have rockstar dreams.

Stephanie Seymour bends over in a white bikini

Oh, Ms. Seymour!

So, here’s a chance to indulge a sexual, rockstar type fantasy with a beautiful brunette.

It provides a close-up view of Ms. Starr, some captivating twerking, cowgirl and missionary. And, a chance to see some of Ms. Starr’s charming, dramatic ability.

But, mostly…it’s her charming cowgirl that held my attention.

I mean… movies have a way of turning out pretty horny when you’re dealing with this:

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