Stella Cox in Money Shot review

Stella Cox VR Porn Review – Money Shot

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Stella Cox stars in a 2017 Wankz VR release, Money Shot

Stella Cox stars in a 2017 Wankz VR release, Money Shot

Hi friends, today we’ll think about male hands in the visual field.

That’s to say: when watching a virtual porn movie, do you want to see man hands doing manly stuff to the gorgeous, gal lady?

And, Stella Cox…oh, damn is she ever gorgeous, man! And, Stella Cox VR porn is something to see! Oh, those BOUNCING TITS!

Beautiful Stella Cox

Beautiful Stella Cox

Now, since VR porn’s start, a convention developed that championed max-minimization of man parts.

That’s to say…fellas would passionately advocate that the guy’s hands be hidden.


After all, it’s called virtual reality.

It seems sensible that the man’s obscured so the viewer can imagine himself in that active role.

I’ve long suspected there was room to challenge this.

Stella Cox with her tongue out in WankzVR Money Shot scene

Stella Cox

After all, if this is the ideal, why not just eliminate the fella all together and mount dildos to the bed and wall?

Be sure to add one of those motorized, thrusting gizmos to simulate missionary also.

Maybe not a bad idea

As mentioned, I’ve read many critiques that can be summarized:

No man hands!

Get the damn fellas hands out of view!

So, that brings us to WankzVR’s recent 47 minute fuckfest with sumptuous starlet, Ms. Stella Cox.

Stella Cox fucked from behind

Great from behind stuff

Man, she’s a little piece of heaven in this degraded existence!

Seriously… beautiful face!

And, these SBS pics can sometimes seem a little unusual in 2D, but trust me…the close-up, pictured below, is exactly what you want to see in your viewer.

And, as I watched this last night, I noticed the Wankz boys have the camera placement and angles dialed-in to 10 on the horny scale.

That’s a slightly different conversation, but very nice… particularly 11:32 to 14:23 (pictured below). If it were my choice, that perspective would be mandatory in every release. And, I’d extend it to a five minute duration.

Stella Cox gets her tits squeezed

Can I get next squeeze?

But, let’s get back on track.

This is about… MAN HANDS!

So, as discussed elsewhere, the Wankz boys consistently do a fine job with the optics: close, clarity, etc.

But, as I was watching, I thought: “This is a bit more horny-charged/horny-electric… horny/energetic… horny/horny than usual.

Then, it clicked.

Stella Cox aggressively getting fucked standing up

Getting hands-on with Stella Cox

This alpha was using his hands much more than we usually see in VR porns.

This guy had his man mitts manhandling my sweet Stella! He was rough with those bountiful, boobie bouncers!

The no-good so-and-so was aggressively yanking her gal hair; gruffly groping those gargantuan, gal globes; and tugging her willowy waist into his bucking bumper.

And, it was… HORNY!

If I had to conceive of the main difference between hands/no hands…it’s that, it seems, the use of hands allows

Stella Cox on her back fucked missionary WankzVR scene

Extreme elegance Stella style

for more male aggression: which is, of course, really a very natural expression of male sexuality.

I think there’s room to push back against the minimized, male convention.

I even think there’s some room for a complementary, aggressive male dialogue during the man-handling action.

It’d be cool to see someone give it a try.

Why not?

We live once and then we’re probably dead and gone forever.

Why not try anything?

Stella Cox tongue out while getting fucked in VR porn scene

Love you sexy horny beauty Stella

I’d still like to see a genuine hybrid that uses many switching camera shots that each run for a few minutes: eg. 1st person POV sexual positions with no hands and then hands; 3rd person POV of different positions. A movie that really switched things up a lot; often changing distance, angle, perspective and POV with camera cuts; …WITH an extended facial close-up as the gal talks to you for a full ten minutes.

Anyway… this Stella movie is worth it. You will want to be the lucky lad pumping and yanking her heavenly hair.

Love you, Stella. STELLA!!!!!!!! (couldn’t resist)… job very well done.

I ain’t gonna lie. I watched this one a few times. In particular, the sections I discussed above.


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