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Audrey Returns

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Hi everybody, very exciting news today as world-famous gal-Goddess, Audrey Bitoni, has just returned for another round of Naughty America 3D. You may recall that Audrey starred in some of NA’s very early—and quite memorable—VR efforts.

Before getting into this scene, I’m going to dump a ton of Audrey pictures here. And, I mean A LOT OF PICS, MAN! BOOKMARK FINDVRPORN>COM!

Sort of a standing doggy or something... we're interested in ass width

Sort of a standing doggy or something… we’re interested in ass width

Cowgirl lean back

Cowgirl lean back

Cowgirl lean forward

Cowgirl lean forward

Audrey Bitoni doggy style

Goddess doggy

tall pic of Audrey Bitoni lingerie

This is a Goddess

Audrey Bitoni cum on her face

stiff leg deadlift pic

I have a hunch that Audrey does an exercise known as the stiff leg deadlift

Audrey Bitoni stars in PSE for Naughty America VR

Audrey Bitoni stars in PSE for Naughty America VR

More of this very horny missionary push forward hybrid action

More of this very horny missionary push forward hybrid action

Audrey Bitoni kissing

Audrey’s kissing you

Audrey sex pic

Fucking spectacular positioning and camera framing during this segment

Audrey Bitoni whore pose

You don’t encounter a gal like this very often

sex with Audrey Bitoni

Audrey’s fucking you!

Audrey Bitoni eye contact cowgirl

Eye contact/expressions of Ms. Bitoni

Audrey Bitoni bucking

Audrey’s fucking you!

Audrey Bitoni naked solo doggy style pose

Audrey Bitoni starred in some very memorable VRs for NA.
I mean, look at that pose above! ZOINKZ!

Audrey doggy style in panties


Audrey Bitoni heels up

In this particular pornstar experience, you get this…

Audrey Bitoni poses in stockings and heels for NA

Audrey Bitoni poses in stockings and heels for NA

Audrey Bitoni poses like a slut

Audrey Bitoni’s recent VR was rather fantastic, also…

Audrey Bitoni tall pic in bra panties

This is one hell of a piece of woman

Seriously, you watch Audrey’s performance here with the sound off: and, just note her facial expressions and camera interaction; you’ll understand her intense acclaim.

It’s the expressions!

You know, it’s so hard to capture this with words.

Narrative part: All right, the narrative/fantasy is an integral component of some porn releases. Here, as usual, they bring the horny through the same cliche transgressive/taboo relationships.

And, sometimes the horny hinges upon an impossible dream scenario.

So, for fellas digging on these sort of porn fantasies: here you go.

Others, such as myself, aren’t intrigued so much by the specific fantasy details… the intrigue centers around that beautiful face and bodacious, boobie bouncers in realistic 3D.

Eye contact: Audrey gets VR. She understands it. Brilliant engagement.

Woman Pulled Down Low In Frame: When I see this, I praise it, because it produces, in my opinion, the greatest realism.

Very good. This is how it should be done.

More Optic Aspects: So, rarely do I criticize the cowgirl optics. NA generally gets the scale, gravity and overall feel on-point.

In this instance, the cowgirl width was better than usual. Without a doubt.

If folks have a complaint, it’s generally that the scale is a bit big.

For my personal sensibilities—as I’ve often remarked—I find the scale slightly big in a good way.

A lot of it—as I repeat—is width. The width must feel…um… properly wide: as it does here. This stuff ain’t easy.

So, there ain’t no wrong or right with that.

If you’re using DEO VR player on Gear VR, you can very easily increase/decrease scale. That’s part of why we recommend that player.

The other positive cowgirl shooting method that’s delivered here we refer to as variable cowgirl distance.

What’s variable cowgirl distance?

It’s a good thing. It means that the gal leans into the camera at points (smothering)…

…and leans back at points…

The changing of distance provides a good experience.

Now again, this gets subjective as hell. And, your mileage may vary. But, I can only report what my particular eyes see.

And, in that Richelle doggy segment: the size, width, and spatial correctness were spectacular. And, the camera positioning was brilliant also.

I’ll tell you, that RR Fan-fucking-tastic—at this moment—is topping my personal list for best VR porn of 2017. This Audrey one’s up at the list top also.

So, in this release, the doggy style looked pretty good. As you can see, pictured above, they pulled Audrey’s gorgeous gal ass down low, and I’ve noticed that’s what makes VR doggy horny…

…and, it was pretty good, but not as good as the Richelle doggy segment.

I think part of the difference might be… that… I think maybe Audrey’s ass might be narrower than Richelle’s!

I don’t know. Maybe the Naughty boys can clarify on that point.

Fatten up Audrey’s ass a bit, boys! Just kidding, Audrey. Love your skinny ass, girl!

All right, nicely done, Audrey.

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