Cali Carter’s Sexcursion

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Cali Carter

I ask you this…what guy doesn’t find Cali HORNY!!!!!!

Oh, Cali…you horny, blonde beauty!

Download freebie Cali Carter VR porn preview

Hi friends, today we’ll consider BaDoinkVR’s latest release, Sexcursion, starring porn luminary, Ms. Cali Carter.


Here’s an embedded preview of Cali’s video:

Let’s do this thing


Cali Carter naked legs open

Cali relaxing

Studio: BaDoink VR
Title: Sexcursion
Release Date: April 13, 2016
Stars: Cali Carter
Length: 25 minutes
Main sex positions: clothed teasing, female masturbation, handjob, blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, missionary.
Formats: ; Android Cardboard Smartphone (HQ, LQ); Oculus/Vive (high and low quality versions); Samsung Gear; Playstation; Daydream
Genre: Hardcore sex VR porn, vacation
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7
Software used: Deo VR and Milk VR
Synopsis: You’ve surprised your beautiful girlfriend, Cali Carter, with a special trip to Japan and being in a new exotic land has made her unusually horny.

She can’t help but notice the way you’ve been staring at her tits and it’s making her want to jump on your cock right in the middle of the park!

It’s time to show Cali your more adventurous side by dabbling in public sex without getting caught for indecent exposure.

Thoughts About This Cali Movie,
BaDoinkVR and… Life

Okay, so my friend told me yesterday he’s nervous these days to turn on the news. Oh, man. I sense a lot of this these days. Well…

Pornography’s a good distraction. I mean, behold:

Cali Carter shows pussy


All right, friends, so it’s Cali Carter.

You folks don’t need me to say much about Cali. See for yourself: beautiful blonde, banging body, bodacious boobie bouncers and a bunch of brilliant adjectives beginning with “b”.

As we often say, there’s a reason some women make it to porn’s pinnacle. And, looking like this on all fours is a big part of the reason:

Cali Carter doggy style

Cali Carter with some beautiful shoes… haha

The general optics: so, in my view, even more important than the woman is the optical/technological competence of the VR work.

And, as we’ve been reporting for a while now, the BaDoinkVR boys deliver a top-notch VR porn experience: scale, color, sound, sense of spatial correctness, 3D effect, etc.

I report what my eyes see, and since the Zoe Doll beautiful experience with BaDoinkVR in February 2016, there’s been a consistent sense of heightened-horny.

Cali Carter reverse cowgirl

Reverso from Cali Carter

Now, there’s much reason to be skeptical of this world. I know that’s true.

Hey man, it’s tough these days: there’s taxes, healthcare, gum disease and life’s fucking expensive, man. Sometimes you got to be choosy. I get that…

And, people naturally wonder about Internet articles, “Is this info on the level, man?” It’s good to be critical.

It seems to me that BaDoinkVR’s mention on those trusted sites should give a potential consumer some confidence.

Here’s the thing.

The pornography market, of course, is intensely competitive. And, there was a time when the BaDoinkVR visuals were ahead of the field, in my opinion.

Britney Amber pulls panties off pussy

Britney Amber pulls her panties down for BaDoinkVR

Now, I ain’t looking to piss anyone off or make anyone happy. But, the truth is that some other studios caught up technologically and are bringing a visually-accomplished horny in varied ways.

The decisive consumer factors for choosing among these topnotch studios is really genre, narrative preferences, women and pricing.

So, you know…it depends whether you want straight hardcore with famous stars; European amateurs; facesitting; top-tier MILFS; young, top-tier skinny beauties; and etcetera, etcetera.

Because, when studios have the technological aspects of VR on-point, then the decision is quite similar to selecting a 2D porn subscription: What content do you want?

Smother cowgirl Cali Carter

Smother cowgirl Cali Carter

So, with BaDoinkVR, the content tends to be narrative-light; traditional, heterosexual hardcore scenes (tease, BJ, cowgirl, reverse, doggy, missionary, you get the idea…) with 1.) extremely renowned American gals like Cali Carter, Abella Danger, Natasha Nice, Megan Rain, Harley Jade, Adriana Chechik, Britney Amber (pictured below), Katie Morgan, Tori Black, Riley Reid, Kylie Page, Katrina Jade, et. al. or 2.) traditional hardcore scenes with top-tier, European stars like Daphne Klyde, Angel Piaff, Blanche Bradburry, Kristy Black, Paula Shy, Alexis Crystal, Gina Gerson, Vinna Reed, et. al.

Cali leans back during this cowgirl segment

Cali leans back during this cowgirl segment

And, you get this at an extremely competitive price (especially if you opt for a year).

Now, in this Cali release, unsurprisingly, the optics look good. Only complaint is—even though outdoors—to my eyes the lighting could have been a bit brighter: the shadows were a little odd to me.

We’re always interested in the somewhat subjective perception of accurate scaling and sense of spatial correctness. Which really means: does it look

Cali Carter reverse cowgirl

Some good reverse cowgirl from this young lady


This part gets tricky because although people tend to have somewhat similar experiences with a studio; your mileage definitely may vary from mine. There just ain’t no way around that. The distance between my pupils is 58 mm. And, I’m not going to change that, folks!

So, the best-scale, SOSC, realistic/horny segments were the cowgirling: which, as pictured

Cali Carter missionary

Oh, Cali!

below, used the effective cowgirl variable distance technique.

Smothering above, lean-back below… providing this changing cowgirl distance creates a good effect.

The reverse cowgirl was bigger and more realistic than usual. Often reverse cowgirl doesn’t work for me, but this instance felt right:

This Cali missionary felt properly big and wide

This Cali missionary felt properly big and wide

immediate, like you could reach out and grab Ms. Carter’s wonderfully rotund reverseness.

Likewise, the (difficult-to-shoot-in-VR) missionary position was properly big, wide (this is key), and real for me. HORNY VR MISSIONARY! I consider this the movie’s best segment.

The blowjob felt a bit distant.

Cali Carter blowjob

Mouth magic with Ms. Carter

And, the doggy could have been a bit more immediate for me. Across all studios, personally, I’ve found the doggy segments to be hit-or-miss.

Cali Carter doggy style


And, oh yes…the movie opens with some wonderful, up-close face time with Cali. This type of footage seems to be universally desired among VR fellas.

Personally, lately I’ve realized that in VR I really like this perspective—pictured below—where the gal’s standing very close to the camera: and, the FOV incorporates her complete standing figure. The trick, it seems, is to get the woman really close.

Standing Cali complete FOV

Standing Cali complete FOV

So, this was another horny VR experience with BaDoinkVR. In particular, I appreciated the face time, missionary and reverse cowgirl.

I’d like to see BaDoinkVR include a truncated missionary segment (the FOV covers from head to crotch). Additionally, I’m wondering if the BaDoink boys will release an extended-length VR that we sometimes see from other studios.

All things considered, if you’re a dude who likes Cali… or beautiful, young blondes… I mean, what’s not to like here?

And, all that’s left is your declaration:

Let’s go 3D Sexcursion with Cali Carter!! NOW !!!


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