Slippery Delivery Ariana Marie

Ariana Marie’s Slippery Delivery

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Ariana Marie in a bikini

This is what I’m looking for… a bikini beauty!

Hi friends, today we’ll consider Naughty America VR’s latest release, Slippery Delivery, starring the beguiling brunette, Ariana Marie: alongside reliable alpha, Charles Dera.

So, what are we looking for in this present Ariana Marie outing?

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking for a slender strumpet who sports a bikini in the following fashion!

Thoughts About This Ariana Marie Slippery Delivery VR

Okay, if you like young, skinny beautiful women: here you go.

This very upright cowgirl—pictured below—works well in VR as the woman’s close: yet, still fully visible.

Ariana Marie upright cowgirl

Ariana hits a fella with a very upright cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl can be tricky, but I also find it’s best when upright, pictured below.

The reverse cowgirl with the woman leaning towards the man’s feet does not work for me.

Ariana reverse cowgirl

Ariana reverse cowgirl

I’ve many times reported that missionary’s a difficult position to VR shoot: often feeling small. And, as earlier mentioned, I like the NA hybrid workaround a lot.

The Ariana Blowjob footage here, thankfully, was also properly close, wide and big.

Notice in this picture how low Ariana’s mouth magic is pulled in the frame. This is how it’s done, son!

At some points, Ariana’s pulled even a bit lower: which, in my opinion, is even better.

There’s lots of great stuff in this release…

…like this bent-over blowjob immediacy:

Bent over blowjob Ariana Marie

I think I’m in love

Some gals look best bent-over. That’s just the way it is…

Missed Opportunities cont.: well, the major miss was…look…they had Ariana in a SEXY BIKINI…looking SO DAMN BIKINI SENSATIONAL!

And, not nearly enough time was spent with Ariana bikini footage. Like I mentioned to the Czech boys: bring the close-up, bikini cameltoe glorification, man!

This ain’t esoteric terrain. I ain’t saying, “This movie sucked because Ms. Marie didn’t make wee-wee into a purple Dixie cup, man!”

Fellas, universally, love bikinis! It’s built into the universe’s design.


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