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Ariana Marie’s Slippery Delivery

Hi friends, today we’ll consider Naughty America VR’s latest release, Slippery Delivery, starring the beguiling brunette, Ariana Marie: alongside reliable alpha, Charles Dera.

Ms. Ariana Marie stars in Slippery Delivery for Naughty America VR

Ms. Ariana Marie stars in Slippery Delivery for Naughty America VR: released April 15, 2017

And, for fans of Stella Cox and Lana Rhoades, note the upcoming April 17th release of Sugar Daddy.

Sugar Daddy VR big graphic

On April 17th, Sugar Daddy will be released

Now, is it my imagination or has Ms. Cox been…um… VRfucking a lot lately?

Stella Cox stars in a 2017 Wankz VR release, Money Shot

Stella Cox stars in a 2017 Wankz VR release, Money Shot

Stella Cox in her recent VRcosplayX release

Stella Cox in her recent VRcosplayX release where she has a magic wand and there’s a creepy apparition, also…

So, what are we looking for in this present Ariana Marie outing?

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking for a slender strumpet who sports a bikini in the following fashion!

Ariana Marie in a bikini

This is what I’m looking for… a bikini beauty!

Besides that, what are we looking for in this release?

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking for a horny honey with a liberal, bikini removal philosophy

Ariana removes bikini top

Ariana could you please slide your bikni top to the side?

All right, so I’m still not funny

Okay, about what we’re looking for…

Bear in mind that folks experience these virtual movies a bit differently. And, there just ain’t no way around that.

With that saidpersonally, I want to see if the Naughty Boys can fully replicate the Richelle Ryan VR optics for my individual virtual experience: in particular, the wonderfully-wide-width along with the intimate immediacy.

Richelle Ryan stars in the latest Naughty America VR: Fan-Fucking-Tastic

Richelle Ryan stars in a recent Naughty America VR: Fan-Fucking-Tastic, which may be the best I’ve seen thus far in 2017

Richelle’s release, for me, is in the running for best VR porn of 2017 thus far. Why?

Well, as mentioned: the gravity and sense of spatial correctness was Dyn-o-mite.

Richelle Ryan special graphic

Richelle must be pretty special to get this graphic designed for her!

That’s a wordy way of saying, “It felt real, man!

Richelle Ryan doggy

In the doggy style segment, the width and overall VR gravity were pretty much the best I’ve seen

While watching subsequent NA VRs, I remember Richelle’s work…and, I’ve kind of been chasing the doggy.

And, to be honest, the subsequent 10 releases delivered good visuals. I ain’t saying they weren’t good, man.

Naughty America recent virtual porn releases 2017

Naughty America recent virtual porn releases 2017

In some cases, the visuals were fully fantastic (looking at you, Audrey)—but, none of them quite completely matched Richelle’s movie for me.

Audrey Bitoni poses like a slut

Audrey Bitoni’s recent VR was rather fantastic, also…

So, this is all one man’s take.

And, this man has pupils that are 58 mm apart. Although that might sound strange to say, it’s a major factor in VR perception.

While people tend to experience a studio in a fairly similar way, I’d be misleading a fella if I didn’t always state that your experience may vary.

This is the inconvenient truth about VR porn.


Let’s do this thing

Ariana Marie pulls bikini bottoms down

Oh, let’s keep this bikini removal process flowing


Studio: Naughty America VR
Title: Slippery Delivery
Release Date: April 15, 2016
Stars: Ariana Marie, Charles Dera
Length: 40 minutes
Main sex positions: bikini teasing, solo posing, blowjob, female masturbation, blowjob, doggy, missionary/cowgirl hybrid, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, close-ups, footjob.
Formats: ; Android Cardboard Smartphone (60fps and 30 fps); Oculus/Vive (high and low quality versions); Samsung Gear; 2D.
Genre: Hardcore sex VR porn
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7
Software used: Deo VR and Milk VR
Synopsis: Ariana Marie is expecting a package from your delivery service today, but what she’s not expecting is for you to show up in her backyard as she’s swimming naked!

But hey, it happens. And when it does, it happens for a reason — meaning she wants to see your package, too!

You’re due for a break anyway, so why not have a seat at the edge of the pool and get a blowjob from sexy Ariana?

And it doesn’t end with her sucking your cock. She’s going to get every drop of cum out of you after she fucks you silly.

Don’t worry about your other deliveries….delivering the meat is your priority right now!

Moving along…

Ariana Marie doggy style bikini pulled down


More Thoughts About This Ariana Marie Slippery Delivery VR

Okay, if you like young, skinny beautiful women: here you go.

Here’s an embedded teaser from the video that you can refer to:

Here’s the Ariana Marie teaser download link.

So, NA generally does a fine job with the cowgirl segments. And, that applies here as well.

This very upright cowgirl—pictured below—works well in VR as the woman’s close: yet, still fully visible.

Ariana Marie upright cowgirl

Ariana hits a fella with a very upright cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl can be tricky, but I also find it’s best when upright, pictured below.

The reverse cowgirl with the woman leaning towards the man’s feet does not work for me.

Ariana reverse cowgirl

Ariana reverse cowgirl

I’ve noticed that the Naughty boys have—perhaps arguably—kinda pioneered an extremely effective VR position: I call it cowgirl-missionary hybrid, pictured below.

Cowgirl missionary hybrid with Ariana

Cowgirl missionary hybrid with Ariana Marie

I’ve also called this missionary-push-forward, but whatever you call it: it’s horny! Because, the woman is compressed close to the camera.

Doggy style—as mentioned—rocked hard in the Richelle release. Why?

Well, 1.) Being honest…Richelle’s got a big, beautiful backside and is all around breathtaking.

Richelle Ryan doggy style ass

That is, indeed, a heavenly heinie

2.) They pulled her heavenly heinie low in the frame. I think that’s key for proper width.

And, Team Naughty very nearly duplicated this with Ariana. I found the doggy style footage here to be unusually good.

Great doggy with Ariana

Great doggy with Ariana

I’ve many times reported that missionary’s a difficult position to VR shoot: often feeling small. And, as earlier mentioned, I like the NA hybrid workaround a lot.

Ariana fucking legs spread

Push yourself forward, Ariana baby

The Ariana Blowjob footage here, thankfully, was also properly close, wide and big.

Notice in this picture how low Ariana’s mouth magic is pulled in the frame. This is how it’s done, son!

Ariana Marie blowjob

Notice Ariana’s position in the frame

At some points, Ariana’s pulled even a bit lower: which, in my opinion, is even better.

Missed Opportunity

The Naughty boys optically rocked all major sexual positions (cowgirl, missionary, doggy)…at least to these eyeballs. And, not to get crazy-corny, but this doesn’t happen often with any studio.

So, bravo on that.

I’m going to be honest, here. As indicated above, job very well done; but, for me, still not quite at the level of Richelle’s movie. Very close, certainly. Quite horny, without a doubt. But, just not quite…

This ole boy’s still chasing the doggy.

There’s lots of great stuff in this release…

…like this uber-horny, bent-over blowjob immediacy:

Bent over blowjob Ariana Marie

I think I’m in love

Some gals look best bent-over. That’s just the way it is…

Those are often the same gals who look gorgeous naked in swimming pools.

I really do think it’s love this time.

Ariana Marie floating

Oh, this is some mermaid-like beauty gal

And, the viewer’s also treated to a fantasy: with Ms. Marie receiving a package from the delivery guy and then…um…receiving another package from the delivery guy.

The background, realistic howling wind was a fine touch.

Ariana Marie receives her package in Slippery Delivery

Get your package girl

Missed Opportunities cont.: well, the major miss was…look…they had Ariana in a SEXY BIKINI…looking SO DAMN BIKINI SENSATIONAL!

And, not nearly enough time was spent with Ariana bikini footage. Like I mentioned to the Czech boys: bring the close-up, bikini cameltoe glorification, man!

Ariana Marie spreads her vagina

Oh, Ariana baby!

I think these bikini-centered desires are plenty popular.

This ain’t esoteric terrain. I ain’t saying, “This movie sucked because Ms. Marie didn’t make wee-wee into a purple Dixie cup, man!”

Fellas, universally, love bikinis! It’s built into the universe’s design.

So, beautiful stuff. Well done Ariana and Naughty America VR.

Ariana eats cum

Ariana got hers!

And, all that’s left is your declaration:

I wanna deliver my slippery package to Ariana Marie!! NOW !!!

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