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Getting Ready For The End of 2017 Retrospective

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Okay, so…

So, why do I go on about Richelle’s release?

Well, the short answer is that it visually just felt right. The sizing, width, light, camera perspective, color levels…all combined to create an intense realism: with an emphasis on correct width.

As many a gal has said: Width is important. For me, no matter the competence of other factors; if the width doesn’t feel properly wide, then it’s a miss.

That’s another way of saying, Richelle’s doggy achieved VR Goddess width and a headset nerd had a proprioceptive sense that if he stuck his hands out they’d make contact with a real-live Goddess backside.

And, those tanlines don’t hurt matters either!

But, horny tanline analysis is getting off track. Then again, there really ain’t a track…

So, to recap: I’m looking for a correct sense of spatial correctness that feels properly wide. It’s now clear where I’m coming from…

Okay, of the earlier 2017 releases, for me, it’s Aidra Fox—in Aidra’s Secret—and Cassidy Banks—in The Big Deposit—that optically nailed it.

In contrast, Chloe Scott’s After School Special and Whitney Wright’s Afternoon Anal Affair—while worthwhile releases—didn’t quite achieve that little extra je ne sais quoi optical horny.

So, again…this stuff gets difficult to talk about. The best I can do, again, is the very broad sense of spatial correctness metric.

And I feel the word “metric” lends a scientific gravity to this discussion.

Moving along

Let’s talk about plot quickly.

… releases tend to rapidly expose a sexually transgressive scenario. In other words, a fella will be pushing his pudwacker in a pootanannie he shouldn’t.

It might be a friend’s mom (as in the many Julia Ann releases), a wife’s friend (as in Aidra’s release), your girlfriend’s friend (as in Aubrey Sinclair’s recent movie)…or some financial, cunt coercion as in Cassidy’s VR.

We’re less interested today in plot…and focused upon realism levels and how things have changed in 2017.

The short and unsurprising answer is that VR porn’s technical competence/verisimilitude has come a long way.

Technical Aspects of Sound, Light, Color Saturation Levels, etc.

They have been shooting porn for a long time. And, unsurprisingly they get those aspects correct consistently. Where we’ve seen progression/evolution is their rendering of accurate scale, positioning of cameras and such…

I believe we can say that … displayed a consistent VR competence throughout 2017. In previous years, we saw all the studios struggling sometimes with optical realism.

2017 was a good year for VR porn.

The Best Aspects

The front-facing cowgirl in all the releases worked. Throughout 2017, we can presume that VR will recreating an immersive, forward-facing cowgirl experience.

One good development this year is we’ve seen much tighter cowgirl footage (as seen in the Aidra screenshot below).

With that said, I’ve been advocating for a release that abandons the immersive ideal and will include additional, moving camera segments with a tight close camera. From what I’ve seen, the CzechVR boys have most embraced this type of experimentation: and, they jumped into it earlier, which is pretty cool.

Kara Cherry coming upstairs in a VR porn movie

In a VR porn first, Kara Cherry ascends the stairs with a CzechVR moving VR camera recording the action back in April 2016,

Doggy Style and Missionary Position have proven more challenging for all studios as evidenced by the last few year’s output.

Lately I see the Naughty boys pulling the gal lower in the frame during these segments. Keep doing it that way! That’s how it’s done.

Additionally, that’s also consistent with the immersive ideal. In real life, the man’s chest is generally vertical in those positions: so, it makes sense.

Also, I feel the fella should always keep his gut sucked-in during those segments.

Okay, for me, Aidra and Cassidy releases looked optically great. The scaling, color, lighting and the like was fine. The 2017 output was horny. We’ll be discussing that in much more comprehensive detail soon.

All right, this post kind of sucked, but at least there are some nice pictures. But, this one had to be gotten out of the way in preparation for the end of 2017 special features and other reviews.

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