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Fresh Prince of Belle Claire

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All righty then: get wacking, men!

Um, first read this review, though!

Fresh Prince Belle Claire bigger pic

Great concept!

So, friends, major props to the 18VR gang for the clever title.

I remember our funny Fresh Prince of Bel Air and his catchy theme song.

Mr. Smith went on to star in a bunch of lousy movies, of course…

Okay, so this is about, Belle Claire and her new release: the 36 minute Fresh Prince of Belle Claire, which was released yesterday, November 28, 2017 and available in all expected formats.

As discussed, the 18VR releases are done by the BaDoinkVR boys, so it’s a safe presumption that important technicalities (sound, color, lighting, etc.) will be handled competently. And, unsurprisingly, that’s the case here.

And, the scale here looks fantastic to my eyeballs. No bologna, man. We’ve discussed on here ad nauseum about how people can perceive scale a bit differently, so I just report what my eyes see.

Beauty’s also subjective. However, I do believe most fellas with vision will like the looks of Ms. Claire.

Additionally, she worked the eye contact, VR connection and breathless-whispering quite well.

Lately we’ve been extensively discussing VR porn’s sweet spot zone. The basic idea is that there’s a small—almost seemingly fragile—region close (though, not too close) to the camera where the virtuality has max magicality.

Belle Claire teasing

Tease me, Fresh Princess!

And, we’ve recently praised both CzechVR and WankzVR for their skillful camera positioning. And, I want to discuss that in a bit.

The tldr; on this, for me, is that the 18VR Gang also does a fine job with positioning, the zone, etc.; however, there are a few position-techniques that I’d like to see them incorporate.

As far as genre, there’s not much to say. If legal teen stuff is your thing… Then, here you go. If youthful yaya doesn’t yank your yoyo, then this niche studio might not be the most effective crank for your wank bank because these gals are young.

Okay, so

Positioning in Fresh Prince of Belle Claire

The two major and interrelated aspects of virtual porn positioning:

  1. How is the woman (or people) physically configured? and…
  2. …where is the camera?

And, as mentioned, those two factors are intertwined. And, not to get excessive here, but when the positioning is skillfully framed and you add the actual performance (passion, hair-pulling, moaning, eye contact, dialogue, whispers, etc.) into the mix, there really is a sort of VR porn Gestalt: meaning, the end result exceeds the individual, named components.

Lollypop lapdance

Lollypop lapdance

Yet, there’s no way around discussing the individual pieces.

It’s difficult for me to be precise here, but I think the sweet spot distance is a zone ranging between perhaps 15-30 inches from the camera. So, note that while it’s

VR gold with the Fresh Princess' gorgeous gal face kissing, but why not extend this?

VR gold with the Fresh Princess’ gorgeous gal face kissing, but why not extend this?

certainly possible to be too distant, it’s also possible to be too close.

Let me reiterate, this is all one man’s opinion. Another viewer might feel differently. But, a frequent complaint in forums and such is excessive camera distance, which corresponds with decreased intimacy/immersion.

So, with that said, after a while, you can watch the 2d file on your big monitor and visualize how the VR would appear. I did that with this one. Then, I watched the VR. And, here are my thoughts:

1. The opening lollypop tease from 2:36 to 2:50 in particular looks good.

2. The panty-lollypop lapdance from 4:10 to 4:37 also quite good, though I would have had Ms. Claire lower her face closer to the camera.

Now, look…I ain’t saying I’m Stevie Spielberg, folks. One man’s opinion…

3. The lollypop-pootanannie playtime from 5:46 to 8:46 works and hovers about at a nice distance.

Bent over blowjob at its best

Bent over blowjob at its best

4. Kissing from 8:56 to 9:02 is VR gold. So delightful to have that gorgeous gal face in your face… But, why not have at least 90 seconds of that?

5. I think blowjob footage in VR will generally feel too distant if POV is maintained unless it’s shot with man seated upright and sort of gazing down or bent-over blowjob (pictured below 17:26 to 18:27), which does, in my opinion, work exceptionally well in virtual porn movies. And, it was highly-horny in this outing.

6. The cowgirl segment was fine, but I would have liked if it included some squatting cowgirl hoverface.

Optically, I felt the missionary-cowgirl hybrid had a more immediate sense.

Concluding About Fresh Prince of Belle Claire

So, if you’re seeking legal teen VR porn, here you go. There’s plenty done right to scratch that itch.

Truncated missionary

Patty Michova in a Czech VR release shows off a truncated missionary technique that is horny!

And, that’s my general observation about BaDoinkVR efforts. You’ll always get a professional production with a competent pornstar(s). And, the technical aspects will be fine. And, there will be some horny moments/positioning, as seen in this movie highlighted above.

I’ve been a fan of their efforts for a while now, and I stand behind the positive critiques I’ve written since 2015. Week-after-week they give you something which ranges from good to fantastic.

However, as we head into 2018, I see it this way. I ain’t saying that I understand what the average consumer wants. But, I am sure of what I want. So, take it for what it’s worth.

Zoey Monroe in a beautifully shot missionary segment

Zoey Monroe in a beautifully shot missionary segment from Worth The Wait by WankzVR

Heading into 2018, I’d say to BadoinkVR/18VR, look, you guys have been getting everything right for a while now. But, it’s time to adopt some of the camera techniques/positioning being used by CzechVR and the Wankz gang.

The tight-footage missionary and truncated missionary those studios are shooting (pictured below) is blowing the top off the horny meter.

Zoey Monroe with erotic stand-up, head pull back segment

Zoey Monroe with erotic stand-up, head pull back segment

And, the stand-up, tight-footage head-pulling/hair-pulling stuff as seen, for instance, performed by Zoey Monroe in WankzVR’s Worth The Wait (pictured below), is an insanely erotic positioning that I’d like to see 18VR include.

Basically, I’d have BaDoinkVR/18VR keep doing what they’re doing: but, I’d have them add in a bit of the tight missionary, truncated missionary, tight stand-up hair pull, and hell…why not try a little moving camera?

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