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12 Days Of Wankzmas Special Offer

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WankzMas 2023 not yet announced – stay tuned

One thing I’m looking forward to is the announcement of WankzVR’s 12 Days of Wankzmas Special offer 2023.

Why am I looking forward to it?

This is one of my favorite Christmas holiday VR porn promotions. The truth is…it’s the most creative and fun one out of all of them. If you look below, you can see the discussion of WanzVR’s Wankzmas in years past. That will give you a good idea of what it’s all about. But, the short answer is the whole thing involves the release of special Christmas-themed VR porn movies along with the give-aways of all kinds of cool shit.

In the past, I described WankzMas in this way: “WankzVR WankzMas – Promotion, Discounts, Prizes, Free VR Porn Movies.” And, I think there was also some NFT stuff in the mix along with autographed memorabilia.

As mentioned, if you look below and see what was done in years past, you’ll get a good idea.

I’ll update this page as soon as the 2022 Wankzmas special is announced, which I imagine should be quite soon.

So, below are a few old ones that, of course, aren’t presently active. I’m keeping them here for historical purposes.

This is the 2017 WankzVR Christmas special

So, what’s the Goddamn deal already?

Holy fuck me, WankzVR. Game used gear! Is that what I think it means? What does this mean fellas?

Holy fuck me, WankzVR. Game used gear! Is that what I think it means? What does this mean fellas?

Well, first I should mention, by taking part in this deal, you’ve got a chance of winning autographed WankzVR cardboard headsets, brand-new Oculus Rift & Samsung HMD Odysseys, signed WankzVR schwag (I think schwag means stuff/items), a custom shot solo scene from one of the WankzVR contract models, and game-used signed dildos (game-used is a compound adjective, which is why it needs a hyphen, but, more to the point, I think game-used means that the dildo was actually in a famous porn hoo-ha, man! HOLY HELL, FELLAS!)


That has my attention. But… What’s the Goddamn deal already?

Unlimited ONE MONTH ACCESS to both WankzVR and MilfVR for $14.95.

MilfVR? You didn’t say anything about… about… MilfVR.

Still not funny

Personally, very much digging the Christiana Cinn cosplay

Personally, very much digging the Christiana Cinn cosplay

MilfVR is quite similar to WankzVR in many way: except rather than the young, cute, skinny white thing…you get young, but not quite as young; gorgeous, in most cases, to my eyes; generally speaking, I’d say a bit more shapely, which, in the realm of porn actually means healthy, female body weight; and, mostly white, but not quite as white.

Again, your MilfVR feelings will come down to whether you like the MILFS.

The last twelve MILFS: Alena Croft, Ryder Skye, Rachael Cavalli, Laura Bentley, Danielle Derek, Carmen Valentina, Silvia Saige, Tia Cyrus, Lily Lane, Anna Kelly, Misty Stone, Alura Jenson and horny Katie Morgan.

So, honestly…the price is there, the horny-quality is there…so, the way to decide is whether you like the women.

Let me end this on the aformentioned Christiana Cinn… she starred in the June 2, 2017 WankzVR release, Woman of Wonder. 57 minutes long. And, yea…she’s one of my all-time faves, and everybody has different faves, but if she ain’t in your top 10…why not, man!

Let’s be honest, here. 15 bucks ain’t shit. Personally, I’d spend $15 just for the Christiana cosplay. And, in addition, you can download a ton of other VRs.

So, that’s it friends.

Merry Christmas and enjoy.

wankz graphic

Here’s another old one from 2021

Let’s talk for a minute about…The VR Porn Advent Calendar.

The VR Porn Advent Calendar…lol, I love this shit!

Look, I’m not just saying that…

…this stuff just cracks me up……  love it!

WANKZMAS 2021!!! VR Porn Advent Calendar

So, basically, this is just a beautiful time to go stream free, full-length WankzVR scenes. WankzVR clearly has the Christmas spirit and are spreading Wankzmas Cheer. HAHA ahhh, great stuff, man!

So, the way this works is like this:

How to experience VR free WankzVR streaming scenes:

To enter VR, use a WebVR-compatible browser or a WebGL-compatible mobile phone by scanning the code that’s on the scene’s page (when you click the little goggles icon) over at WankzVR.

To be completely honest with you good folks, I don’t have any experience watching VR porn this way with that type of browser and scanning a code. You can be sure that this is legit stuff, I just haven’t actually fiddled around with that.

Truth be told: I’m going to give you my opinion here because this isn’t a newspaper…this is a 3D porn review site, and it’s all opinion, really…

…my opinion is that this is a cool promotion with the free streaming scenes, but honestly…I’d skip that and pull out a ten spot for a month which gives download access to the entire WankzVR library that’s comprised of 596 full-length fucking scenes, man!

Let’s return, though, to the Christmas promotion…

Okay, so right now they’ve got 7 free, full-length scenes available streaming. They’re all good stuff. But, one of them is the very noteworthy Zombie Slayers which pointed the way to what was possible with VR porn if there was the will and necessary budget to pull off a rather genuine cinematic 3D effort.

It’s evident that a release like that is difficult and expensive as hell. But, the results have that quality that I love…it’s the quality that says: No, I’m not looking to just get by doing the minimum amount necessary that will let me get by!

Zombie Slayers WankzVR

WankzVR Zombie Slayers was an exceptional release.
I don’t even know how to succinctly caption this movie. Just join and watch it.
This one has held up very well over the years and is one of the coolest VR porn features I’ve ever seen. Still.

The Zombie Slayers release from Wankz VR

The Zombie Slayers release from Wankz VR features some major gal kissing

Wankz offers up an apocalyptic cowgirl

Wankz offers Adriana in an apocalyptic cowgirl for their Halloween, Zombie Slayers, VR release

Another stand-out free scene available so far this season, in my opinion, is the very horny Better Late Than Wetter starring Lena Anderson.

Lena Anerson standing missionary WankzVR

Very nicely executed standing missionary by Lena Anderson and WankzVR – summer 2019

Lena Anerson standing missionary WankzVR

Lena Anerson standing missionary WankzVR – this is rendered in a realistic… “immersive” … way in the VR headset

Lena Anderson Better Late Than Wetter WankzVR

Lena Anderson Better Late Than Wetter WankzVR: this has recently been digitally remastered by VRporn Netflix

Lena Anderson Better Late Than Wetter WankzVR

Lena Anderson looks good in a tank top…
Let’s face it, Lena would look good in anything…

So, stream some free scenes. And, check-out the very well-conceived WankzVR promotion and giveaway. It’s clear that a lot of creative planning went into this. Make some noise for this type of HIGH EFFORT stuff!

And, you can get 50% OFF of your first month of WankzVR – It’s very important that you support studios like this that do cool shit like this!

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