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Introducing RealVR – The Netflix of VR Porn

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February 20, 2018

Hi friends, RealVR isn’t exactly a studio.

It’s more a brand-new, umbrella web organization that provides a fella access to multiple studios.

What the hell does that mean?

Well, you pay either a monthly fee (currently 50% off @ $19.95) or yearly (currently $90) and get “unlimited streaming and unlimited downloads” from the “top 20 VR porn studios.” They’ll toss in a free cardboard, also, if you need one.

Subscription pricing model of

Subscription pricing model of

So, at first glance this sounds like a pretty damn good deal.

I ain’t going to lie, though. I’m a skeptical consumer. Not necessarily by choice. Life makes you that way. I’m just telling it straight.

So, let’s read on

I’m wondering who are the top 20 VR porn studios. Right?

RealVR gives the horny 3D porn seeking consumer access to movies from 20 different studios

RealVR gives the horny 3D porn seeking consumer access to movies from 20 different studios

So, the RealVR gang lists BaDoinkVR, Virtual Real Porn, 18VR, VRcosplayX, VRbangers, Reality lovers, Mature reality, TSVirtualLovers, RealJamVR, VirtualXporn, VRbangers, YanksVR, VRHush, LezVR, SexBabesVR, Reality Pussy and VR3000.

All right. This part gets subjective, but that list is looking pretty good to me.

My immediate observation?

No CzechVR, Wankz or MilfVR. If I’m just going to be fully honest with you…well, if you read this site you already have figured out…Czech and Milf are two of my favorite studios.

That doesn’t mean they’re the best VR porn studios.

If you read here, you also know I don’t believe there is a best studio. I believe that there’s a studio that best corresponds to the desires of a particular consumer.

So, for this particular VR porn consumer—namely, me—two fave studios aren’t included. So, that would factor in for me.

But, I already have subscriptions to those two studios (along with Wankz and VRP). However, at this time, I don’t have subscriptions to BaDoinkVR, 18VR, CosplayX, Reality, Bangers, Hush, etc. So, the truth is…I’m a pretty good match for this offer.

See, this VR porn consumer stuff gets complicated! Hell man, consumerism is sort of inherently complicated.

I’ll tell you: this stuff has changed a lot since 2015.


So, as mentioned, there’s a few excellent studios not included. But, you do get BaDoinkVR, Virtual Real Porn, 18VR and VRcosplayX…and, that is A LOT of damn fine VR porn right there…

I ain’t just saying that. I’ve been praising the work of those four studios for some time now: BaDoinkVR and VRP in particular…

Once again, I’m just telling it straight from my POV and very personal preferences.

I’ve enjoyed a tremendous amount of VR from BaDoinkVR and Virtual Real Porn. I’ve found VRcosplayX to be a bit hit-and-miss; but, when they hit the mark, they fucking nail it (I’m looking at you Taylor Sands!) And, I don’t really imagine any time soon when I won’t personally have a Virtual Real Porn sub.

RealVR is an interesting idea

RealVR is an interesting idea

Then, my other question is what does this statement mean: “Unlimited stream and download of all our videos.”

I imagine this means RealVR doesn’t offer the entire catalogs from the “top 20 VR porn studios.” And, you know…fair enough. I mean…that would be insane and a lot of independent studios would essentially be going under.

Basically, the model used here makes RealVR the Netflix of VR porn.

And, that’s fine. I’ve had a Netflix sub for a decade. Netflix, of course, doesn’t have Real Time with Bill Maher or Room 104 (really cool show by the way). So, in addition to Netflix I also pay HBO their monthly dues.

RealVR strikes me much the same way: as a subscription you have in addition to your others. Either that or a “dip your weenie into the VR porn pool for the first time” sorta thing…

So, the videos page at the RealVR website presently has 25 videos from a variety of studios. And, honestly… taking a month at $20 is a fantastic way to survey/sample the broader VR porn scene. I do find this appealing. And, the RealVR website says, “4 New VR Releases Every Week.”

As a side note, I don’t like it that a click of the button which says “Start Exploring” takes you to the JOIN page, but…you know…I guess I’m a Goddamn idealist, man. Click this to see the actual movies offered for download by RealVR.


So, you know…this could potentially be a fantastic deal for the right person.

Good luck, RealVR…interesting concept.

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