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VR porn and MGTOW

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Update on February 20, 2021: I see this message at the MGTOW subreddit:

“Community Quarantined

This community is quarantined:

It is dedicated to shocking or highly offensive content.

Click to return home.”

In the article below…I’ll keep the article there for historical purposes…but, I really would have been better off if I didn’t reference anything about this men going their own way stuff. As a general rule, I don’t like being connected to a movement….and, I mean I don’t like being connected to ANY MOVEMENT whatsoever…because, then you somehow get connected to the sentiments of any asshole out there who’s associated with said movement!
I really should have kept it simple.
Because my basic premise is that…I guess I have two basic premises: 1. There are a number of good, rational reasons why a guy may not want to be involved in the dating/relationship world. And, you can feel that way…that there are good reasons to avoid marriage/relationships WITHOUT being hateful towards anyone! Being a dude that doesn’t want to be a part of the dating/meat market bullshit DOES NOT MAKE YOU A BAD MAN! 2. For a guy who’s taking a break from the dating world (temporary or long-term), VR porn is a fantastic solution to provide some sexual/masturbation fun time.
That’s it! ain’t negative towards anybody!
Okay, here’s—-more or less—the original article below. And, then let me forget all this men coming/going bullshit!

Original article below published October 25, 2018:

Hi friends, today I want to talk about two communities that I can’t resist putting together into a single article.

Which two communities?

1. VR porn

Samsung Gear VR Oculus picture

The gateway to 3D boobie bouncers

What’s VR porn?

VR porn stands for virtual reality pornography.

Using a special headset and video files, the viewer observes a three-dimensional porn scene that is quite realistic.

Realism, in this medium, is the selling point.

Without a doubt.

European female porn stars

A 3D porn example

The viewer, in most cases, then proceeds to have a rather enhanced wack session.

So, today I also want to talk a bit about MGTOW: which I know will interest at least some of our visitors…

I’m going to argue that—contrary to the porn-shaming floating around—using a realistic porn to satisfy sexual urges can be in a man’s best interest.

What’s MGTOW?

MGTOW is an acronym for Men Going Their Own Way.

Oh, shit! Isn’t that the incel, redpill stuff? That stuff’s toxic, man!

Um, no.

Within any group you can find a few who espouse beliefs in an ugly way. For instance, you can call me a simp, cuck, or blue-pilled fuckface; but, I don’t go for the whole women are terrible sort of stuff!

Repeat, I absolutely DO NOT go for that type of sentiment!

I’m much more for the GYOW nature pics; Nietzsche quotations; thoughtful and honest, societal critiques and the men’s success stories that are also found there…along with the general philosophy encouraging a man to…um…go his own way…find himself…be too cool for skool, man!

Christie Stevens moaning

Oh, Christie baby!

Additionally, I agree that romantic relationships have a lot of implicit dangers for men, but…I ain’t gonna lie…

…Ain’t nothing gonna make this fella not want to pound a gorgeous gal Goddess like Ms. Christie Stevens!

I ain’t here to lie to you fellas!

I noticed today that Redditor ChenzaAtCourt said, “Men use porn when love is ripped away from them.” Ouch. That hurts. I think there’s something to that…

I ain’t saying it’s the whole picture! Ain’t nothing the whole picture of anything! But, I do think he’s on to something there…

Anyway… when dealing with the many fellas who got a raw deal in divorce, custody, adultery, alimony, relationships, mothers, etc…heck, it’s hard to not have some bitterness. It’s all very human and understandable.

I’ve seen a bit of that with these fellas.

But, with the majority…

Detached Neutrality

… it often seems the MGTOW philosophy helps men gain a more positive and productive life outlook while shifting negativity to a much more detached neutrality.

MGTOW differs significantly from incel. Incel stands for involuntarily celibate. The basic idea is these incels want pussy…as in, they want pussy bad! But, they can’t get it and thus proceed into getting weird, angry, bitter…

good looking guys more funny

Humor and handsomeness. How do they connect?

The MGTOW gang seems to generally feel that it just ain’t worth it.

For instance, in a red pill posting, a fella might muse about “how to successfully maneuver ambiguous women.” A MGTOW, I suspect, might handle the same situation by suggesting avoidance is the best solution.

What I Feel Are 3 Components of MGTOW

So, these days…I’m editing this in February 2021…I’m feeling less sympathetic to all this going your own way stuff. I don’t know…in many ways…I’m feeling less sympathetic to anything divisive these days.

But, below is what I think these going their own way guys would say are possibly three meaningful propositions of their philosophy. I don’t know. I’m not saying I’m the final word here!

1. An analysis of hypergamy.

graphic critical of marriage

Who does marriage favor? (Click for larger image)

2. An analysis of the ways the modern institutional/legal world disadvantages men (e.g. divorce laws; family court/child custody/child support determinations along with other reproductive matters and sexual decisions; sexual harassment laws; false rape and domestic violence accusations, etc.). Personally, I feel that this second point is the easiest to defend.

sarcastic thanks feminism graphic

What does this graphic say to you?

3. An analysis of specific male-female relations in  Western culture and, in particular through pop culture representations (TV, movies, social media, etc.) and in the context of Western Feminism (as depicted to the right).

It Just Ain’t Worth It

dangerous time for sons

If you have a son…

And, all of that leads to a conclusion that it just ain’t worth it…that it just ain’t in a fella’s best interest to pursue these heterosexual, romantic relationships.

Now, I want to emphasize that a man can reach that conclusion without simultaneously nursing any underlying misogyny.

And, you can sure as hell believe that relationships aren’t worth it while simultaneously being very polite and friendly with the women you encounter in life.

It’s my impression—could be wrong—but, it’s my impression that this is the approach followed by many fellas going their own way. Friendly…but, they ain’t dropping to a knee and pulling out a shiny ring.

So, we’re quickly cruising through some ideas here.

Now, there’s more to it, certainly, but I feel that explanation is a fair abbreviation of the MGTOW philosophy.

I’m just aiming to briefly throw some ideas out there…perhaps some introductory food for thought… in a way that’s easy to digest.

If anybody feels I’m misrepresenting anything, feel free to say so in the comment section. Statement

The site has an interesting statement that they use to summarize this approach to life.

M.G.T.O.W – Men Going Their Own Way is a statement of self-ownership, where the modern man preserves and protects his own sovereignty above all else. It is the manifestation of one word: “No”. Ejecting silly preconceptions and cultural definitions of what a “man” is. Looking to no one else for social cues. Refusing to bow, serve and kneel for the opportunity to be treated like a disposable utility. And, living according to his own best interests in a world which would rather he didn’t.

Porn Is For Losers?

So, it’s my feeling, as mentioned, that there’s a natural affinity between adult VR and MGTOW. And, it surprises me that I don’t see their respective communities reference each other much more.

Now, it’s been my impression that there is a substantial group of people who think that porn is for losers. If you do a simple Google search for something like “women feel porn is for losers,” you’ll see that there’s some substantiation for my impression.

Baywatch bathing suit

Anti-porn Pam

Interestingly, Pam Anderson—who produced quite the oeuvre of softcore, swimsuit porn for a generation of zit-faced, teenage wackers—appears to be a great proponent of the whole porn-shaming.

But, I want to propose something that the mainstream chatterbox don’t give much play…

Porn is also for a substantial number of men who view actual relationships with women to be perilous.

I mean…you can see the crowds yelling, “Believe all survivors!

And, while crimes, undoubtedly, are committed by men against women… Also undoubtedly, men have been falsely accused of domestic violence and rape. I mean…the truth is the truth.

And, if you’re a fella falsely accused of either, prepare to have your life get seriously fucked-up. And, that’s not to mention a wide-range of other things that often destroy men like child custody/”timesharing” battles; alimony; a bogus, workplace sexual harassment complaint; having no say in whether your child is aborted; etc. etc. etc.

So, for my part, I have no trouble at all understanding why many men are opting out of marriage and relationships.

But, Dudes Want To Fuck Pussy

little picture adriana chechik cowgirl pussy hairYes, indeed.

It appears we can make a strong, rational argument for why it can be in a man’s best interest to avoid relationships with women.

But, the perennial problem: da pussy.

Dudes are programmed to want to fuck pussy. There just ain’t no way around the heart’s rapid pitter-patter stirred by the hirsute hole.

Ssindy Rako face

Oh, Ms. Rako!

And, that’s where VR porn enters the scene.

Let’s say you’re a guy and you ain’t really got nothing against women in general…but, you just don’t think the juice is worth the squeeze when it comes to all the things (and expense!) that accompanies relationships…

But, you’re still horny, man! There just ain’t no killing horny!

Well, know this: things have gotten to the point where with a Fleshlight jammed under your mattress…and, a VR headset strapped to your cabeza…and, a high-quality VR porn movie playing that frames it all up just so…

You’ll be saying, “Viva technology” because…I’m just going to be honest with you…a 3D VR Ssindy Rako makes it a lot easier for this fella to go his own way.

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