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Fapp3D Gets Creative

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Hi friends, let’s take our first look at a brand-new, little outfit: Fapp3D.

Now, I’ve previously noticed interesting, unusual VR porn releases originating from one-man-show sort of operations.

And, observing the successful work from the bigger, established studios, you’ll see something of a conventional template.

Chances are you’ll have a little backstory: quickly followed by a BJ, some cowgirling and some combo of posing, doggy and perhaps missionary…

…generally executed from a 1st person POV with pretty straightforward camera techniques.

It’s quite unlikely you’ll get slo-mo; camera filters; strange, visual backgrounds; ethereal, musical audio; much switching of camera positions or perspectives, etc.

I’m explaining this briefly, but I think the readers here already understand this. If we’re just being honest with each other: there’s a VR porn formula.

Now, I ain’t saying the mainstream techniques and conventions are a bad thing.

That method has produced some very erotic and horny 3D pornography. No doubt about that.

And, I also understand the pressure for a business to stay on that formulaic path.

The company must be profitable. And, the unfortunate truth is that experimentation is often punished in the marketplace.

It’s a Goddamn shame that our culture works that way. But, we just try to discuss things honestly as they exist.

That’s why it’s the small—sometimes one-man-operations—that are more likely to emerge with some unusual, convention-busting work.

For one, it can set them apart. Because, at this point, they aren’t going to out-horny the big players at their game. They won’t be able to do that. Let’s just be honest about it…

And, the little guys just don’t burden the same risk as an established, profitable company.

That brings us to Fapp3D and their free, 3 minute Lily Rader release.

Lily Rader Fapp 3D

In perhaps the most creative VR porn video I’ve seen, Lily Rader, pictured above, is superimposed over a strange background as sorta trance-like tunes play

This video is damn hard to describe. In the reddit post I called it beautifully odd: which I think is accurate.

I’d actually encourage you to just download this freebie and watch it for yourself before you read further. Update 1/6/21: Unfortunately it appears the freebie is no longer available. Sorry. You know how the Internet is an ephemeral sort of thing often times.

To my surprise, the producer, ultimatenerd, tells us that this trailer doesn’t represent the full-length Lily Rader release and he was “just experimenting with the colors, music, and slow motion in post, and I figured it would be cool to test it out on the trailer.”

He continues, “fapp3d is a pet project of mine. I’ve been trying to start a vr site since 2015 but funding has always been an issue. The only way I can afford to shoot content on my own is to film solo girl content on my homemade green screen.”

Well, ultimatenerd…I think you just had a real-life brush with my friend Mr. Serendipity.

FindVRporn recommends that you try a full-length release filmed in the same style as the Lily Rader preview.

And, let’s see what happens.

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