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VR Bangers Black Friday $250 For Life

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Hi friends, Happy Thanksgiving.

I see the good folks at the VR Bangers studio are offering perhaps the most interesting Black Friday VR porn special that I’ve seen.

In short: $250 gets you a lifetime membership. Limited time offer, of course…

What are your thoughts on lifetime memberships to VR porn studios?

What are your thoughts on lifetime memberships to VR porn studios?

So, this novel offer got my brain slightly-steaming as I sorta did the math on it.

A year sub at most studios will cost you..kind of averaging…let’s say around $80.

So, at that rate, after 3 years of this deal, you’re about even…and every other year until you’re buried is…um…gravy.

So, if you’re 30 and you live to be 50…that means each year of Bangers only costs you $12.50.

If you’re 25 and you live to be 85, each Bangers year costs you $4.16.

That’s hard to beat.

But—no offense to Bangers or anyone else—but, what if Bangers goes under a year from now?

That means a year cost you $250.

I’m not suggesting Bangers is going under!

I’m just saying…I’m just doing the somewhat-Internet-unusual thing of providing a candid assessment.

As I said, it only takes 3 years before you’re in the clear.

Now, apropos to my speculation, the Bangers boys have addressed my thoughts already:

“We are not going anywhere:) this is our life work and we will keep pushing our work on it and improve in every aspect!”

All right, my friends, there you have it.

Thank you VR Bangers and have a good Thanksgiving everybody.

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