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Violet Rain Bye Bye Babysitter Pics and Thoughts

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Bye Bye Babysitter by WankzVR
Starring Violet Rain
50 minutes

The merits of this Violet Rain WankzVR scene

Hi friends, I didn’t want to let Violet Rain’s VR release come-and-go without saying a few words.


Missionary segment

Mainly because of the well-executed missionary segment (37:41 to 43:20).

Why was it well-executed?

1. Proper camera proximity/framing.
2. Violet exuded emotional intensity through facial expression, eye artistry, vocalization and movement.

What the hell is eye artistry?

In many ways, it’s what can make-or-break these VR releases.

Positioning a high-quality camera rig near a beauty who’s gaze-projecting genuine libido-energy: that’s the foundation.

A while back I wrote The Authenticity Component to explain subtle (and even intangible) factors that contribute to the perceived realness of a porn actress’ performance.

And, I’m presently writing something about porn energy.

Ms. Rain measures quite well in both of these categories.

Violet Rain WankzVR picture galleries

So, here are some pictures from the missionary segment. In my view, this alone justifies the admission price.

Here are some additional Violet Rain Bye Bye Babysitter pictures:

WankzVR Hit Factory

There’s a clear template employed, and the truth is…it succeeds: commercially, industry-wise, and by my standards.

So, if something’s working, why change?

Well, the babysitter porn trope will always work: as will many popularly used in porn movies.

However, with VR porn, the trope maps to the actual camera positioning sequences that the trope inherently demands: or, at least, it should work this way!

Within this, of course, is the potential to create wholly different and more powerful effect far outside 2D porn’s range. Why? …Because 3D is experienced differently which, by its nature, demands a new playbook if its horny is to be completely leveraged.

In many ways, VR studios are still caught in the 2D (sort of) Gestalt conceptualization. If all this seems a bit wordy, see this article about the face fetish idea I floated that was subsequently executed by CVR to rave review.

WankzVR is producing great VR porn

So, WankzVR presently provides a premiere VR experience.

I want to see them break VR terrain this year by finding ways (with mass appeal) to narrate new, more original scenarios that naturally spawn previously unseen camera positioning sequences and technique.

I have high expectations of this studio

My expectations for WankzVR/Milf are so high simply because they’ve demonstrated the ability to deliver world-class quality VR.

Concerning mainstream porn consumers…that’s to say, guys who like to watch beautiful women teasing and fucking…recommending a year’s subscription to WankzVR is a no-brainer.

If you’re a fella fancying Milfs, watching the free previews over at MilfVR is mandatory.

Unsurprisingly, another excellent WankzVR movie. Job well done Violet Rain. And, Violet, in answer to your question: Yes, I like your big, fat ass! A LOT!

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