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A VR Porn Plot With Some Power

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I Got Fucked By My Probation Officer
Starring Tiffany Watson
44 minutes
By LethalHardcore VR

I’ve discussed LHCVR’s camera methods in great depth here. Today, we’re going to consider other things.

Tiffany Watson review I got fucked by my probation officer lethalhardcorevr

Another interesting release from LHCVR

Normally, you may have noticed, I don’t much discuss the actual plot of these releases.

I mostly focus on the optical experience.

Why is that?

I generally find these pornographic plots don’t successfully cross the worthy-for-analysis threshold.

That ain’t a dig at anybody. Or, it’s a dig at everybody. Whatever it is…it’s my honest thought on the topic.

Now, to be completely fair…and, I don’t believe there’s any other valid approach…there are market/consumer pressures which create this situation.

Everybody needs to make Goddamn money. And, when something works, you leave it alone.

Who thinks I don’t understand that?

I understand that. The reason why this very website doesn’t generate more natural links/RTs  is because when being straight, somebody’s bound to prefer unstraight. And, in this ADHD age, many want brevity.

Here’s the thing: I don’t give a fuck.

All cultural output’s got endless pressures upon it.

Now, you may ask yourself:

Sometimes is too fine-of-a-point being put on things here?

Well, fuck yes…of course! It doesn’t get fun until the point starts reaching the excessively fine level, man!

That brings us to the recent LethalHardcore VR release, I Got Fucked By My Probation Officer, starring Ms. Tiffany Watson.

Bad girl Tiffany uses her twat to placate the probation pervert

Bad girl Tiffany uses her twat to placate the probation perv

In this outing, Stoney Curtis’ perverse mind couples with Tiffany’s noteworthy dramatic skills to produce pure, pornographic gold. The simple, little plot perfectly pits youthful vulnerability against an old man’s amoral libido.

Granted, truant Tiffany coquettes her cunt to the old guy’s console: delivering gems along the way, like, “I’m pretty sure you don’t want to see these nice little titties get locked up, do you?” Oh, man…pure gold.

But, she still represents the dyad’s vulnerable position.

And, society’s mores demand the old bastard keep his pistol holstered. Right?

Little Tiffany's in a jam with the lawman

Little Tiffany’s in a jam with the lawman

So, let’s back up. LHCVR summarizes their plot (lightly edited):

You’re a probation officer searching Tiffany’s room: when you find she’s in violation. It’s off to the slammer for Tiffany. Until she begs you to nail her tight pink holes in lieu of jail time. Slammer or take the 10 inch hammer Tiffany!!

Oh, great stuff.

Young Tiff knows those nice titties don't belong behind bars

Young Tiff knows those nice titties don’t belong behind bars

And, here’s the thing about plot. It works best when it’s the means to set-up a horny context.

It’s not really the plot that jars the horny meter…it’s the contextual (generally transgressive) relationship it establishes between participants.

In this specific case, it’s the power (and age) imbalance between Tiffany and the lecherous, probation bastard.

That’s all you need.

So, you may be thinking, don’t other porns sorta do that sometimes?

Yes. The difference here is that Tiffany really sells it in the first four minutes.

All the, “I’ve been really good!” and how there’s “Nothing in my bag but girly stuff” and the “Please! Please! Please!” and “there’s got to be something I can do,” and “Please!” and “I’ve been soooooooo good,” and ankle bracelets, house arrest…you get the idea.

And, it ain’t long before Tiffany panty-pulls her way to freedom.

Tiffany Watson bends over with panties pulled down

Okay, I accept your offer!

And, Johnny Law, of course, gives her a memorable pounding: as seen in the very effective truncated missionary pictured below.

Tiffany Watson truncated missionary with probation officer for LCHVR

Tiffany Watson truncated missionary with probation officer for LCHVR

So, LHCVR set-up the transgressive, power-imbalance and Tiffany provided the complementary dramatic delivery to convey it…and, that simply works.

Well done.

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