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First Look At Sins VR

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How to decide if SinsVR is for you?

The question: Should I subscribe to SinsVR?

$15 for a month.

How will I decide?

I’ll watch some previews: (Nathaly Cherie, Florane Russel, Tiffany Tatum, et. al.) Free previews are a very good idea. If SinsVR didn’t have them, I wouldn’t even consider subscribing.

Tiffany Tatum looks stunning in her SinVR release

Tiffany Tatum looks stunning in her SinsVR release

The women of SinsVR

The women?: Based in Prague, Czech Republic, unsurprisingly, Sins has some of the same gals you see at CVR and VRP.

Now, I don’t know what floats your Fleshlight, but…I like those gals. A lot! Nat Cherie, Florane, Tiffany…I mean …what the hell’s not to like there?

Nathaly Cheire boob grab for the Sins 3D gang

Nathaly Cherie boob grab for the Sins 3D gang

Now, their special launch offer’s a very competitive $15/month. However, if the work sucks, no price is low enough.

But, given their gal selection, if the optics rock, Sins can slide 15 out of my pocket like a greased eel on a banana peel. Hey, I never said I was Ernie Hemingway, man!

What am I looking for in these releases?

Short answer: a general optical competence. Long answer is here.

I watched.

Gorgeous Veronica Leal stars in Hot Fingers

Gorgeous Veronica Leal stars in Hot Fingers

So, do I think a SinsVR sub is worth it?



Well, the previews cross the necessary threshold for me: (enough sweetspot distance indication, good scale/SOSC, fine lighting, color and the general, overall visual quality I must see.)

Tera Link dildo

Tera Link stars in Remote Control

And, hell… they have five Nathalie Cherie videos; three Tiffany Tatum; two Lovita Fate; two Florane Russel; three Stacy Cruz; two Rachel Evans… I mean…that definitely works for me.

Additionally, although the website fails to clearly convey the SinsVR identity (and, that should be corrected ASAP), this studio appears to have a European solo gal focus. And…

…I mean…if you read this blog, then you know this isn’t really an agonizing sort of decision for me.

Florane Russel legs spread

Oh, Florane baby!

Florane Russel doggy style naked posing SinsVR

Florane Russel shows her doggy

SinsVR conclusion

The video quality looks pretty good. Is there room for improvement? Sure. This is a fairly new studio. But, I see enough checked boxes from watching the previews.

The models are these same slinky, Euro starlets I’ve already…um…appreciated. The solo gal genre is a favorite… Only fifteen bucks. I mean…that’s the extent of my thought process.

2019’s shaping up to be a big VR porn year.

In the meantime, if you’re on my VR wavelength, most definitely peep the free previews.

Download Sins VR HERE

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