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Lauren Phillips Does WhoreCraftVR

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The Subjugation of Alexabia
Released by WhoreCraftVR
Starring: Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips has a special VR vibrancy: the expressions, emotions, things you can’t put into words.

Lauren Phillips Alexabia

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I was glad to see her slated for a WhoreCraft VR release: the fantasy worlds, the cosplay, the Lauren in orange panties three-sizes-too-small.

If you’d like to read more thoughts about this studio, see First Look At WhoreCraftVR.

Now, as we’ve been discussing, 2019 seems VR porn promising.

And, personally: each week the latest WhoreCraftVR movie probably more poignantly piques my curiosity region with a greater…um…poignancy than anybody else.


Because they’re the most difficult to predict.

So, in this The Subjugation of Alexabia release, let’s start with the criticisms:

The blowjob footage could be better (tighter perspective); the push-forward missionary should have been longer (ideal positioning was at 37:32); the cosplay aspect should receive more general emphasis (meaning, truncated cosplay scans)… after all: cosplay’s the studio’s selling point; and, I also wonder if we’ll see some movement around the fantasy background world (is that even possible?) and perhaps even a venturing between different worlds in an individual release…maybe I’m asking for something outside the project’s scope…

Lauren Phillips cosplay doggy style picture

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On the plus side: gal-gorgeous, ginger Lauren Phillips (she’s a beauty with dramatic skills and also a really good sorta pornographic intuition); face close-ups provided… damn nice!; mountainous background complete with flying carpet… damn, damn nice; a good scale, SOSC, 3D, etc.; some fine, tight footage of Lauren posing…horny!; the VR kissing was well-executed; and, the sexual sequences were  framed-up nicely.

And, I just love the all-around look of things…the color saturation levels so rich like a slice of cheesecake on a pile of money. Hey, I never said I was Ernie Hemingway, man.

For me, WCVR and Lauren Phillips created and captured some VR magic with the fantasy realm and character in this movie.

Here’s a photo gallery of Lauren in The Subjugation of Alexabia.

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