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Hey, StasyQVR…

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Check out this little clip of Harley Jade gliding about in an Evil Angel release.

So, you may agree that this 2D set-up above—the camera positioning, technique, outfit, everything about it—would be a fantastic thing to see in 3D.

What studio do I consider best-suited for this?


It could be done by any studio; but, it seems to be particularly in the Stasy wheelhouse.

And, speaking of Evil Angel 2D studio…do you think they’ll bring their brand of pornographic rough-and-tumble to our VR headsets any time soon?

As the years have passed, I’ve felt surprised by how few major players (Brazzers, et al.) have joined the 3D game.

Why do you think that is?

Just basic common sense suggests to me that the anticipated profit level wouldn’t be worth the expense and effort…but, I really don’t know the explanation. After all, other studios are clearly profitable in this space.

Anyway… That’s it.

 I also did a StasyQ VR studio review a little while ago.

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