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Quinn Wilde Sumo Cowgirl For WankzVR

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Quinn Wilde Wilde Storm WankzVR

WankzVR Wilde Storm

Rather than discussing the latest WankzVR effort…

…gotta say a bit about the January 29 feature, Wilde Storm, featuring Quinn Wilde.

We must mention a particular something that was…particularly horny!

Check out what Quinn’s doing in the video below:

Let’s call it Sumo Cowgirl.


Well, it sorta reminds me of how I squat down when pulling a 500+ pound Sumo Deadlift. Not the arched back, of course, but the wide stance.


We don’t see this wide-stance cowgirling much. It works very well in the VR viewer. Very damn well. I added it to the positioning checklist.

It has a wonderful animalistic quality to it. Oh, yes. Animalistic in the best possible way. Primal. Visceral sparks. Gut-level compulsions. Reality’s fundamental layers…it’s all in the Sumo cowgirl…

Hey, I never said I was Ernie Hemingway.

Anyway, the awesomeness magnitude here demands a download link to the free five minute preview of Ms. Wilde in this very horny config!

What’s so cool about that preview is it ain’t some quickie lil, low-quality freebie! It’s five minutes and thirty seconds weighing 558 MB. Good thing I upgraded servers recently, man!

There you go. Enjoy.

Very well done Quinn Wilde and WankzVR.

WankzVR has a $1.99 trial.

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