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Emma Hix In Another Bangers Breakthrough With Sample Video Embedded

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It’s difficult for me to explain the wonderful moving camera work in the Emma Hix VR Bangers video. So, here’s a video example embedded below. (Click the little rectangle on the right to full-screen expand.)

VR Bangers
Bad Date
Starring: Emma Hix
Length: 55 minutes

I felt Christiana Cinn’s recent Bangers movie exhibited the required skill to be considered top-tier VR porn work.

Bad Date

Bad Date

And, this latest Emma Hix outing actually continues where Christy’s release left off…and improves upon it.

How so?

The positioning variety. But, more particularly: a wonderfully executed moving camera technique.

So, if we can manage to forget Emma’s beautiful ass for a sec: you’ll notice a smooth camera motion with a damn interesting trajectory pattern.

Notice the forward-back type movements on the z-axis. I like this. Honestly. A lot. This is damn good stuff.

Additionally, there’s a lot of fine positioning (camera/body) in this near hour-long outing: too much to discuss.

I’ll just post some screencaps and official pics that will provide a good idea of what you get with this release. Click for bigger image.

Emma Hix in a cage

Bad date!

Emma Hix mouth magic

Emma Hix mouth magic

Emma Hix fucked from behind

Horny action

Emma's close-up pussy posing should work for.... everybody!

Emma’s close-up pussy posing should work for…. everybody!

Emma Hix getting fucked from behind VR Bangers

Rough stuff on a Bad Date

Emma Hix face

Love this up-close sideways action.
Click for bigger image

And, here’s an additional Bad Date picture gallery.

So, I’ve been saying for a while that I thought 2019 was going to be a big year for the Banger boys…and, it’s sure looking that way. It happened fast.

You can visit VR Bangers and download the Bad Date free preview. Additionally, that link activates a very special FindVRporn VR Bangers subscription discount.


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