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What’s Virt-A-Mate?

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Thoughts April 2021: Virt-a-mate appears to be a project that’s very much alive and wacking. I just looked at their Twitter page and yea…they appear to be rolling with frequent daily updates and new models and animes and BJs and the whole deal.

March 3, 2019

I was struggling to understand Twitter’s Virt-A-Mate. (Link removed because I see the account is suspended.Fuck Twitter X by the way… asshole idiotic site).

His comments were sometimes funny. And, his posts featured artwork of women: with an attribution and statement of how the artwork was created in Virt-A-Mate. See the two images below as an example.

Elegant lady, awaiting a drink pool side...Created by Zombie_Siris

Elegant lady, awaiting a drink pool side…Created by Zombie_Siris using the Virt-A-Mate software.
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Cloth simulation at its finest. This great screenshot was created by the developer himself! #VAM #VirtAMate

Cloth simulation at its finest. This great screenshot was created by the developer himself! #VAM #VirtAMate

I found myself wondering, “What the hell is Virt-A-Mate?

So, I asked @VirtAMate. And, he explained (lightly-edited):

In essence, it’s an adult simulation sandbox.

You start out with a female character, which can be fully customized, breast size, hair, clothes, etc.

She can be animated. Environments can be imported. Scenes created. Sex positions set. Male characters imported. Like an erotic sandbox.

You can basically do anything: as you can see from the massive breadth of variety on the stream.

It’s cutting edge software, physics based simulation giving you full, unfettered creative control to bring forth and create your wildest fantasies.

Sexy model by user NoStage3

Sexy model by user NoStage3

Users can use it artistically, erotically, to pose females, or create sex scenes, etc. There are really no limits! It works in desktop mode also.

The software uses the Unity engine, and as far as a platform for VR adult entertainment, it is cutting edge. Physics simulation, clothing simulation, hair simulation, asset import, texture import, robust morph suite, morph import, motion capture & media import as just a few of the features available and at the disposal of creator backers.

A Virt-a-mate collage

A Virt-a-mate collage
Click for bigger imate

The community is passionate and incredibly talented. Many of community member supporters have been with the project since inception on Patreon, circa July 2017. Patreon is the official home for the Virt-A-Mate project, and the community primarily engages through our discord channel and the Virt-A-Mate reddit sub.”

Virtamate blonde cropped pic

Beautiful model by creator hashasq. #VAM #VirtAMate

So, if you find the information above interesting, you’ll probably want to read this..

Virt-A-Mate Press Release

Leap Motion support will be arriving with the 1.16 update.

“We are incredibly excited to announce that Leap Motion support is coming to Virt-A-Mate!

With Leap Motion, users will enjoy a whole new level of added presence and interaction. Because Leap Motion did not provide full physics hands, the ones showcased in the demonstration video had to be build from scratch and specifically designed to work with VAM (Virt-A-Mate) and thus are physically based, capable of interacting with other objects within the scene.

In the coming 1.16 release, users will be able to select from a number of hand models and skins, with more functionality such as gesture recognition added with future updates. For those without Leap Motion, the hands-only models will work regular VR motion controllers, with the trigger button functioning to control grip. Stay tuned as more updates will arrive in the very near future!”

All right, everybody. I think that’s at least a good introduction to this Virt-A-Mate project. If you’d like to learn more or get involved, I imagine a good starting point would be connecting with these folks on Twitter.

If you’d like to support this project, you can do so by visiting their Patreon page. By the way, I know people are looking to use the Virt-A-Mate with The Handy. I’ll have to look into that. But, I also invite you to look at other VR porn games too.

Good luck.

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